Tuesday 28 May 2024

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Monday 6 May 2024

Buzzer Question

 Over the next few weeks I'll post up more and more of my buzzer questions that I have written for various reasons over the last year. Starting with this one (answers whited out - highlight then answer box to reveal)


Early film roles for this woman included playing a high schooler forced to enrol at a military Academy, the teenage love interest of a titular spy and the third oldest child of the Baker family. Her acting career evolved into more adult roles including playing a real life murder victim in a 2019 movie for which she won a Razzie for Worst Actress. Her music career perhaps peaked in 2003 with the released of her US Number 1 album ‘Metamorphosis’ which included her first UK Top Ten Single ‘So Yesterday’. Between 2015 and 2012 she played Kelsey Peters in ‘Younger’ and between 2022 and 2023 played Sophie Tomkins in ‘How I Met Your Father’. In 2003, this woman starred in a movie version of her most famous TV role, which was the first theatrical film to be based on a Disney Channel series. For ten points, name this American Actress and singer who began her acting career at a young age playing the title character in the Disney Channel comedy series ‘Lizzie McGuire’?



Hilary Duff


Bonus – Singing Actors


Bonus 1

For which movie did Mariah Carey win the Razzie for Worst Actress in 2001? In the movie she plays Billie Frank, an aspiring singer and the accompanying soundtrack album contained the single “Loverboy”


Bonus 2

Which world famous popstar made her theatrical debut in the 2002 movie “Austin Powers: Goldmember”?


Bonus 3

Which 2011 movie, starring  Justin Timberlake and Amanda Seyfried, is set within a society in which individuals possess a clock on their arm which counts down how long they have left to live?

In Time

Friday 9 February 2024

Buzzer Questions #4

 The final set of Buzzer quiz questions. Hope you have enjoyed!



One of this mans films, a sequel, was nominated for the Best Picture award at this years Oscars. He co founded the production companies Light Storm Entertainment and Earthship Productions.  This director was the first person to carry out a solo descent to the bottom of the Mariana Trench, the deepest part of the Earths Ocean. As well as his fictional work, he has produced documentaries including Ghosts of the Abyss and Aliens of the Deep, the titles of which reflect movies he has been involved in. His movie debut as director was the un-notable  ‘Piranha II: The Spawning’, but his second movie spawned a franchise which now includes 6 movies and TV spin off.  In 1994, he directed Arnold Schwarzenegger for the third time in the movie ‘True Lies’  and has directed only 3 movies since, two of which are from the same series.  Despite this he still remains the second highest grossing movie director of all time, as those three films lie 2nd 3rd and 4th on the all time box office list. Mvoies set in Pandora, and for ten points, a movie about a famous 20th century disaster are the most commercially successful works of which Director?

James Cameron


Bonus – Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies


Bonus 1

In 1987, Arnie played the role of “Dutch” in which sci fi action movie, the first instalment of a Franchise? In the movie he plays the leader of an elite paramilitary rescue team sent to a Central American rainforest where they encounter a deadly character


Bonus 2

6 years after they starred together in Twins, Arnie stars alongside Danny Devito as well as Emma Thompson in which 1994 Comedy in which he plays a scientist who agrees to undergo a male pregnancy?


Bonus 3

Which 1990 action movie starring Arnie was remade in 2012 with Colin Farrell in the lead role? The movie is based on the Philip K Dick novel “We Can Remember It For You Wholesale”

`Total Recall



This Greek god turned Battus into a rock to protect him from Crice’s sorcery. Various myths describe how this god carried a ram on his shoulders around a city to avert a plague. Abderus, a song of this god, helped Heracles during his eighth labour. This god had a song with Aphrodite who was so besotted with Salamanca’s that the gods made them one body. One of this deity’s symbols is a pair of winged sandals and he earned his spot on Mount Olympus after capturing Apollo’s cattle. In one myth this God lulled the 100-eyed Argus to sleep. Caducues was the name of this god’s staff. For ten points, name this Greek Messenger God?



Bonus – Greek Goddess


Bonus 1

Which Greek Goddess, the counterpart of Juno, was is the Goddess of childbirth and marriage as well as being both the sister and wife of Zeus?


Bonus 2

Which Goddess have Perseus the cap of invisibility and a mirrored shield that helped him slay Medusa? Mythology claims that she sprung fully formed from the head Zeus


Bonus 3

In Greek Mythology, who was the goddess primarily  of witchcraft, but also the goddess of magic, the night, moon and ghosts? She is often displayed holding two keys and is said to have heard the screams of Persephone as she was being abducted






This Baroque artist began his career copying the works of earlier artists such as Hans Holbein the Younger and Caravaggio. He was inspired by a trip to Italy in 1600 by the works of Veronese and Tintoretto. Shortly after this trip he completed his first Altarpiece ‘St Helena with the True Cross’ before heading to Spain to study the extensive collection of Phillip II.  He returned to Antwerp in 1609 after a Peace Treaty brought stability to the city and amongst many other duties, acted as tutored to Anthony Van Dyck.  Major works followed including ‘The Raising of the Cross’ ‘ The Descent from the Cross’ and a cycle of significant works commissioned by Marie De ‘Medici to celebrate her life. In the 1630, after the death of his first wife, this man married her niece Helene Fourment who was the subject of many works in that decade including ‘The Feast of Venus’ ‘The Three Graces’ and ‘The Judgement of Paris’.  In 2002 this mans work ‘Massacre of the Innocents, sold for £50 million at auction, a then record for a pre-1800 European painter. For ten points, can you identify this painter who, In addition to his art work, was a humanist scholar and diplomat who was knighted by both Philip IV of Spain and Charles I of England?

Peter Paul Rubens




Bonus – Artists Alive At the Time of Rubens




Bonus 1

Peter Paul Rubens lived from 1577 – 1640. The answer to your three bonuses will be an artist who was alive at some point in that period.


Which Italian Baroque artist painted works such as ‘Judith and her Maidservant’ and ‘Judith Slaying Holofernes’? She was the first woman to become a member of the Academy of Arts of Drawing in Florence?


Artemisia Gentileschi




Bonus 2

‘The Ecstasy of Saint Tereas’ is a sculpture by which Italian who also produced ‘Apollo and Daphne’ and ‘The Rape of Proserpina’?




Bonus 3

‘The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp’ and ‘Belshazzar’s Feast’ are among the works of which Dutch Golden Age Painter whose most famous work hangs in the Rijksmuseum and depicts a scene involved the civic guard?







The author of the series of books ‘The Last Descendants’ shares her surname with a member of this group. The American singer who UK Number 1’s in 1997 and 1979 also shares a surname with a member of this group. The house reigning house of Imperial Russia between 1613 and 1917 shares its name with a member of this group. The ring name of professional wrestler Terry Boella references a character from this group. Whilst his alias contains the element found at Number 26 on the periodic able, another character of this group shares his  name with a family from the Game of Thrones series. The Director of this group share’s his name with the boxer who has defeated both KSI and Jake Paul in his last two fights. For ten points, can you name this team of Superheroes created by Marvel?


The Avengers


Bonsu - MCU


Bonus 1

In the name of the fictional organisation SHIELD that appears in the MCU, what does the H and I stand for?

(Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division)

Bonus 2

Which Academy Award winning actress plays the role of Captain Marvel in the MCU?

Brie Larson

Bonus 3

Considered the first movie of Phase five of the MCU, what is the one word subtitle 2023 movie “Antman and the Wasp”?





Thursday 8 February 2024

Buzzer Questions #3

 Questions 11-15 from the Buzzer set. See the first post for full details!



The activity linked to this brand is banned in Iran for being un-Islamic and arrests have been made for being who have tried to carry it out.  In 2007 this brand launched its own range of clothing under the banner Wear. Its first video game was released in 2010 with several follow ups subtitled ‘Core’ and ‘Rush’. In 2005, this brand launched an Academy to licence instructors. This brands founder moved from his native Cali, to the USA in 1999 to pursue  his dream of launching this brand. The core of this brand involves eleven types of program with names including Step, Toning, Senato, Gold and Auqa. With the original name of ‘Rumbacize’ for ten points, name this fitness program and brand involving cardio and Latin-inspired Dance that was founded by the Colombian Beto Perez in 2001?



Bonus – Fitness Brands


Bonus 1

‘Unlock Your Potential’ is the advertising tagline used by which wearable American technology company, founded in 2012 by Will Ahmed, which has been endorsed by the likes of Michael Phelps, Lebron James and Tiger Woods? The device is notable for having no screen or buttons with all information viewed via a smartphone


Bonus 2

What apparel retailer, founded in 1998, has a name which the founder admits means nothing, but deliberately contains so many “l’s” so it sounded western to Japanese buyers? It was originally founded as a retailer of yoga wear but has expanded its range since


Bonus 3

Which womens activewear and fitness brand founded in London in 1998 was named after a song by the band Macc Lads? Its estimated that one pair of their signature Power Leggings are sold every 60 seconds

Sweaty Betty




A character called Antonio is both a gardener and the uncle of a maid ion this Opera. Another Tenor role in this opera is Don Curzio the judge whilst the key bass roles are the title character and Bartolo, a doctor. English translations of the arias in this Opera including “If you want to dance” and “You shall go no more” “. This opera is set largely over the course of one day and the particular event that is taking place. Count Almaviva, a central character in the opera, tries to prevent Susanna and the title character from doing something they desire. This Mozart Opera is based on a trilogy of plays which also includes the inspiration for another famous opera entitled ‘The Barber of Seville’. For ten points, name this Mozart Opera whose title reflects the pending nuptials of the title character?

The Marriage of Figaro


Bonus – One Opera Wonders


Bonus 1

Beethovens only opera, ‘Fidelio’, is largely set in what kind of establishment? The name Fidelio is the name Leonore uses when she dresses herself up to rescue her husband from such an establishment


Bonus 2

Prince Igor was the only full opera by which Russian composer who was a member of ‘The Five’ and both a Doctor and chemist by profession?

Alexander Borodin

Bonus 3

Based on a folk legend, ‘Bluebeards Castle’ is the only opera by which activity named  Hungarian composer?

Bela Bartok




This countries Arabic name name translates as ‘The Kingdom of the Western Palace’ and this country has the 11th highest population in Africa with the 5th Biggest economy.  Arabic, French and Berber are the official language in this country with the Draa being the longest River. This country is one of only three kingdoms left on the continent of Africa. Sharing land borders with Algeria and the disputed territory of Western Sahara, this country has been ruled by the Alwai Dynasty since 1631 and was decolonised by Spain in 1975. Mount Toubkal is the highest peak in both this country and North Africa as a whole  With a flag containing a green 5 pointed star on a red background,  for ten points, name this North African country that has its capital at Rabat and its largest city at Casablanca?



Bonus – African Peaks


Bonus 1

The aforementioned Mount Toubkal lies in which mountain range?

Atlas Mountains

Bonus 2

Named after the country in which you would find it, what is the second highest mountain on the continent of Africa?

Mount Kenya

Bonus 3

What is the name he third tallest mountain in Africa, which  lies on the border of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo and is named after an explorer who is famous for his exploration of Centra Africa?

Mount Stanley




No writings from this man owns hand exist and everything we know about him is from the dialogues with his most famous student. He spent his time engaging in question and answer session around Athens.  This man runs ‘The Thinkery’ in the Aristophanes Play ‘The Clouds’ and in art his most famous depictions include a Jacques Louis David painting showing his death. Plato’s works Apology, Crito and Phadeo recount the trial, imprionsment and death of this man. For ten points, name this man who was sentenced to death by drinking hemlock?



Bonus – Ancient Philosophers


Bonus 1

Now a word commonly used across the world, what name was given to the Philosophical school founded by Plato?


Bonus 2

Which thinker from Miletus is considered to be the “first Philosopher”? He broke tradition and uses natural philosophy to explain the world rather than mythology and believed that the Earth floated on a bed of water?


Bonus 3

Which ancient philosopher gave his name to a school of thought who believed that the only thing of value was ones own pleasure and everything else only has value if it’s a means to securing that pleasure?





A political agreement named after the city of Paris was intended to put an end to this conflict, but fighting raged on for two more years after its signing.  More than 3 million people are estimated to have died in this conflict with over half of those estimated to be civilians from one involved nation.  Roots of the conflict can be traced back to the Geneva Conference which intended to ease the troubles but an incident involving the USS Maddox escalated tensions. This preceded the launch of Operating Rolling Thunder. The Gulf of Tonkin Bay Incident, the Tet offensive and the May Lai Massacre are all notable events that happened in, for ten points, which conflict in Asia is dates as running from November 1955 until the fall of Saigon in 1975?

Vietnam War


Bonus – An Asian Country


Bonus 1

Syngman Rhee was the first President of which modern day nation serving from 1948-1960 following the division of the former united country?

South Korea

Bonus 2

Which city, founded in 2007, is the planned future capital of South Korea? Various elements of the government have already been moved here from Seoul

Sejong City

Bonus 3

Which companies factory in Ulsan South Korea is the largest automobile manufacturing facility in the world? They own 33.8% of Kia as well as their own lucury division Genesis.