Thursday, 30 June 2022

Sports Quiz - Podcast Episode

 As I have done a few times in the past, please see a 15 question Sport quiz below that is taken from an episode of the Podcast. The questions lean on the side of "current affairs" in this particular round but hopefully there is something in there you will enjoy!

Episode 248 - Sport



In 2022, which New Zealander was appointed as head coach of the England Men’s Cricket Test Team?

Brendon McCullum


….and which Australian was appointed as the head coach of the England’s Men’s limited over team?

Matthew Mott


By winning the men’s Road Race at the 2020 Olympics, which cyclist became the first man to have Olympic Gold, and to have finished on the podium of all three Grand Tours?

Richard Carapaz


…and sticking with Cycling, which Australian cyclist won the 2022 Giro D Italia? This was his second win having won in 2020

Jai Hindley


Which Norwegian did Rafael Nadal defeat in the final of the 2022 Men’s French Open?

Casper Ruud


In May 2022, which English bowler took four wickets for just 13 runs in his first innings on his Test debut against New Zealand?

Matthew Potts


…and in the same test match, which spin bowler made his England debut as a concussion substitute for Jack Leach?

Matt Parkinson


Trained by Michael Stoute which horse won the 2022 Epsom Derby?

Desert Crown


What is the nickname of the Hampshire one day cricket team?

Hampshire Hawks


Which former Derby, Coventry and Everton midfielder is the current manager of the England’s Men’s Under 21 international football team?

Lee Carsley


The first LIV Golf event took place in June 2022 at which course in London?

Centurion Club


Which footballer is perhaps best remembered for missing a penalty in Wales decisive 1-1 draw with Romania in 1994 in which the Welsh team narrowly missed qualification for the World Cup?

Paul Bodin


Awarded and OBE in 1996, which Northern Irish Motorcyclist has won three hat tricks at the Isle of Mann TT in 1985, 1988 and 2000 and won a record 26 races n total? He has a curve named after him on the track

Joe Dunlop



Which team won the Rugby Women’s Premiership in 2022 with previous wins also in 2018 and 2019?



Which French team defeated Leinster in the final to win the Men’s Rugby Union Champions Cup?

La Rochelle

Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Maccesfield Quiz League


Several quiz leagues across the country offer previous sets on the league websites, but one of the best I have found in terms of "play-along-ability" is the Maccesfield Quiz League site. I have been using this for some months now, and we have even began to use it in online team quiz session as well, as the site is set up in a nifty way whereby it hides the answer to each question. Meaning you can play along without having to whiteout answers/cover screen etc. The sets are packed, diverse and there is a great archive on there so be sure to check it out HERE

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Eggheads Contestant Call


Eggheads, now at home on Channel 5, are looking for new teams for the upcoming season. Its been almost a decade since I appeared on the show but at the time it was certainly a fun experience and something I would recommend giving a go! The contact info is on the poster above

Monday, 27 June 2022

OQL Pop Culture Challenge - Sign Up Opens


Season 4 of the Online Quiz Leagues Pop Culture Challenge begins on the 29th August and sign up is now open. The competition is based on the MIMIR format and is an individual contest. As long as you have access to zoom, you can sign up! The structure of the contest means that by a mid-way point you will be playing opponents with a similar record making it an open and accessible quiz!

All info to sign up can be found HERE

The below Youtube video will give you a good idea of the format, style and range of questions!

Sunday, 26 June 2022

Rugby Quiz Book

I had a hand in writing the majority of the content for a Rugby Quiz book that has recently been released. It covers a wide range of domestic and international rugby, from all eras and a nice range (I hope) of difficulty too! The link to buy is below and of course any feedback is much welcomed!

Friday, 24 June 2022

Interview with the World Quizzing Champion

 Over on his fantastic All Things Quiz Channel, Gareth Kingston has upload and interview the the 2022 World Quizzing Champion Didier Bruyere. Well worth a watch!

Thursday, 23 June 2022

Podcast Questions - Film

Another set taken directly from the podcast to give you a flavour of what its all about! This time a film episode...let me know how you get on!

Episode 245 – Film



Nicolas Cage plays Benjamin Gates in which Disney action-adventure film series that first emerged in 2004?

National Treasure


Who plays the role of Elvis Presley in the 2022 Baz Luhrmann movie….”Elvis”?

Austin Butler


Which 1999 movie starring George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg,and Ice Cube centres on a group of American soldiers on a gold heist during the 1991 Iraq uprisings?

Three Kings


Who plays the title character in the 2004 movie “Vera Drake”?

Imelda Staunton


Which 2022 animated movie follows the plot of Georgia Nolan, a 16 year old who dreams of becoming the world’s first female firefighter?



Who plays the character of Jack Ryan in the 1994 Thriller “Clear and Present Danger?”

Harrison Ford


Which 1995 film, the second in Robert Rodriguez Mexico Trilogy, starred Antonio Banderas as El Mariachi who seeks revenge of a murderous drug lord?



Crimson Tide, True Romance, Man on Fire and Days of Thunder are all amongst the film of which director who passed away in 2012?

Tony Scott


Which 2011 movie centres on a group of teenagers in 1979 who, whilst filming their own movie, witness a train derailment?

Super 8


Which actress made her directorial debut in 1991 with the movie Little Man Tate? She plays a lead character in the movie who is a working-class mother raising her genius son Fred

Jodie Foster


Which 1995 Paul Verhoeven film stars Elizabeth Berkley as heading to Las Vegas to find work in the title profession?



Taron Egerton plays which British Olympian in a 2015 movie of the same name?

Eddie the Eagle


Which 2018 movie is based on a novel by Kevin Kwan and follows a Chinese-American professor who travels to meet her boyfriend’s wealthy family in Singapore?

Crazy Rich Asians


Which 2017 film by Boog Joon-Ho is about a young girl who raised a genetically modified super pig?



Which 2014 movie was the directorial debut of Alex Garland and starred Domnhall Gleeson as a programmer working for the search engine Blue Book?

Ex Machina

Tuesday, 21 June 2022


The Liverpool Quiz League have recently uploaded a video of the 2022 MIMIR final. Featuring 4 top quizzers and a great set of questions this is well worth 30 minutes of your time!

Friday, 10 June 2022

Podcast - 250th Episode!!!!!

 Latest episodes of the podcast are now live and we have reached episode 250! With the specials it is slightly more than that but 250 is a nice little milestone. Over the coming period, podcasts will be uploaded daily throughout the week, with nothing new added at a weekend to give everyone the chance to catch up!

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Tuesday, 7 June 2022

World Quizzing Champion


The results are in and it has been confirmed that Didier Bruyere has been crowned the 2022 World Quizzing Champion! Huge congratulations to Didier on a storming win, and certainly one that has proven popular in the quizzing community. 

Saturday, 4 June 2022

Irish Quiz League


The latest season of the Online Irish Quiz League came to an end last week and the team I am lucky to be part of 'Risky Quizness' gained a promotion to Division 1 with a solid victory in the final week. The league is in its second season and is open to anyone who can commit to playing the games via Zoom on Monday evenings. The format is unique, with both no-free guess individual questions and conferring subject-choice team questions and its certainly a highlight of my recent online quizzing.

If you are keen to know more, take part next season or see recent sets then head over to for more.

Friday, 3 June 2022

World Quizzing Championship


Good luck to everyone competing in the World Quizzing Championships tomorrow! Can anyone depose last years winner Ronny Swiggers? With two seasons outside of the top 3 will the Brits storm back? Could we see our first female winner? We will find out tomorrow....

Sports Quiz

 As promised more content taken from my podcast. Hope the questions prove useful and don't forget to check the podcast out at the links in the previous blog entry!


Which striker scored twice for Chelsea as they defeated Manchester City 3-2 in the final of the 2022 Womens FA Cup?

Sam Kerr


Who is the only driver to have won the Indianapolis 500, Daytona 500 and the Formula 1 World Championship? The latter of which came in 1978

Mario Andretti


Sticking with Motoracing, which British female driver won the first W Series season in 2019 and retained the title in 2021? She is also a development driver for the Williams Formula 1 team

Jamie Chadwick


Which Australian batswoman scored a leading 509 runs at the Women’s Cricket World Cup in 2022 including 170 in the final against England?

Alyssa Healy


Which city hosted the 2022 Invictus Games?

The Hague


Ridden by Sam Waley Cohen, which horse won the 2022 Grand National?

Noble Yeats


The event now known as The Billie Jean King Cup, was launched in 1963 under what name?

The Federation Cup


Who is the only snooker player from outside the UK to have completed the Triple Crown – winning the World Championship in 2010, The Masters in 2012 for the first time and the UK Championship for the first time in 2013?

Neil Robertson


Who were the first English team to win Rugby Unions European Cup?



Which current St Helens Rugby League player, won the Golden Boot Award at the 2018 Rugby League World Cup?

Tommy Makinson


Which 19 year old became the youngest ever winner of a senior darts world championship when she won the women’s event of the WDF  World Darts Championships in 2022?

Beau Greaves


The NBA star Joel Embiid was born in which African country?



Which South African batsmen is the only man to have had six sixes in a single over in a world cup game and was the first to do so in an international match?

Herschelle Gibbs


In which English county is The famous golf course “The Belfry”?



Which Eritrean cyclist became the first black African winner of a Grand Tour Stage in 2022 when he won Stage 10 of the Giro D’Italia?

Biniam Girmay


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Latest Episodes of the podcast which are l available as well on all major platforms and hosted via Podbean (HERE)


Thursday, 2 June 2022

3 Person MIMIR Quiz

I recently wrote a MIMIR style Lowbrow quiz suitable for 3 players. All in the usual MIMIR format, 5 rounds and pitched at an accessible level. If anybody would like a copy please email me at and Ill get one straight over to you!