Thursday, 17 April 2014

Fifteen to One

Recent shows have seen tremendous runs from Gary Grant and Mark Grant to reach the final which is shaping up to be something of a battle of quizzing heavyweights. You may remember Mark Grant as this years Brain of Britain and Gary Grant of course won Mastermind a few years back. Through into the mix former Brain of Britain Iwan Thomas and you have something of a formidable line up with plenty still to come.

Fast becoming one of the best quizzes on TV I hope to see this run for a long time all over again!

Thursday, 10 April 2014


Just a quick reminder that the Twitter feed is now up and running under the name @quizaddictblog. Daily questions being posted at present include some samples from the upcoming Quiz Addict Quizzers Book which I am hoping to have out soon!

Old Fifteen to One/New Fifteen to One

As the new series is now in full flow, Challenge TV have picked up the old series and are promising to start broadcasting from Episode 1 "Very Soon". I very much look forward to this. With The Chase also currently being repeated on Challenge there is a richness of TV quizzing around at present to get stuck into!

Pub Quiz Machine Guide: The Chase

Pub Quiz Machine Guide: The Chase

It was only a matter of time before ITV's tea time hit quiz show The Chase started to emerge on Pub Quiz Machines in one form or another. Sure enough in the past year The Chase has cropped up on the machines adorning pubs across the land and it happens to be rather good!

The premise of the game is pretty much the same as the show. 25p is awarded for each cash builder question (obviously multiple choice on the machines) with time speeded up when you get one wrong. Typically a good player will earn between £1.75-£2.50 max in this round, perhaps a little more if the "stoppers" don't crop up.

The game then carries on to the chase itself. You are pitted against a Chaser from the show (complete with a range of an almighty 3 facial expressions each!) and when you have decided on your offer its go go go! The offers tend to be fair with it not unknown that £10.00 or more crops up as the higher offer.

The major difference from the show is the final round in which The Chaser answers first and you chase the target with the chaser pushing you back. You can earn boosts and such like but usually the target is fair and the questions pitched at a level that always ensure you are close even without winning.

In all I found the Pub Quiz Machine Version of The Chase to be one of the better games around. Its much fairer, diverse with a range of games involved and you also get more bang for you buck as you are guaranteed a good number of questions. There seem to be a lot less "stoppers" too. I have also found it much more profitable with a good few wins near the £10 mark and my profit margin on this must be much higher than some of the other games. In fact this may be the only of the Pub Quiz Machine games I may be in profit in!

Worth a look next time you are in the pub!

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Only Connect is back!

Only Connect returns on Monday night for its final series on BBC 4 before it moves across to BBC 2. A familiar face may indeed crop up on this series...(I was in Cardiff back in November last year :) ). I'll post a recap of my day filming the show nearer the time. Regardless, its good to have this back!

Fifteen to One- Show 2

Congratulations to Dave McBryan on victory in last nights episode of the revamped Fifteen to One. A very tight contest throughout but a much deserved win. I attended Dave's superb pub quiz in The Barony pub in Edinburgh last year which I would highly recommend and quizzed against him the Brunton Shield Event last year too so I was rooting for the familiar-ish face.

Nice to see Nick Reed pop up too, a TQA reader. Hopefully he will fair better in one of his other attempts!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Fifteen to One

Fifteen to One returned to our screens on Saturday. Despite being advertised for a Monday return I assume that Channel 4 were hoping for a mass carry on audience from the Grand National as Sandy Toksvig fronted the first episode of the rebirth of Fifteen to One in that slot. The show now runs for 60 minutes and is run in the same format as the William G Stewart Era.

So is it good to have Fifteen to One back?

I think the main idea here is that it was very unlikely that the remake was ever going to recapture the original. It was more of a case of how close could it get to being a top notch tea time quiz show. The answer? Pretty close!

It will take time to settle in but the over riding impression I got from the firs episode of Fifteen to One was it was too long. The first 25 minutes, including 2 add breaks, dragged with 90% of the questions being chestnuts. The other 10% were "stoppers"...hard questions thrown into the mix which made you feel a tad sorry for the contestants lumbered with the toughies.

The show certainly became more engrossing in the second half and the final battle between the three contestants was very fun indeed. Fifteen to One in the 60 minute format suddenly shoots to life after 30 minutes. That is not to say there aren't plenty of questions as there are and the talk with contestants isn't overly long. You still could easily chop another 15 minutes off this without loosing any questions or quality.

In all I was fairly happy with the show and will stick with Fifteen to One of course as there were plenty of questions I didn't know and also gained some new areas to explore in my revision. My one worry is that this will be lost when running against the current big hitters of The Chase and Pointless but hopefully not! Where else could it be scheduled though? 6-7pm to run against a ratings-falling Eggheads? That would make more sense to me!

Finally, one of the plus points of this show is going to be seeing the masses of folk from the quiz world who have applied. Already one show one Nic Mortimer stormed to an impressive victory showing not only great knowledge but also great game playing. Anthony Fish was a little hard done by but the game is there to be won and Nic very much deserved his Fifteen to One to win. Fingers cross that he makes the final!

Let's see what the next few weeks brings.....