Thursday, 4 February 2016

Sunderland Echo Quiz League Set - 2/4

Following on from a post a few days ago here is the second half of Set A from my Sunderland Echo Quiz League Questions.

Round 4

1.       Who was the first (and only) tennis player born in the 1990s to have won a Grand Slam, a feat she achieved for the first time in 2011?
Petra Kvitova
2.       Frank Blackmore introduced which specific features to UK roads in 1969. They were so confusing to drivers that he initially stood by the side of the road with a loudspeaker to direct traffic?
Mini Roundabouts
(Do not accept roundabout)
3.       Who is the only person to win 2 unshared Nobel prizes in 2 different fields?
Linus Pauling
4.       Which band, formed in the 1980s in Sheffield, took their name from a fictional band in the novel “A Clockwork Orange”?
Heaven 17

 Set A - Round 5

1.       Name EITHER of the two countries that joined the EEC at the same time as the UK in 1973
Denmark or Republic of Ireland
2.       Which composer’s 1st Symphony is nicknamed “Winter Daydreams”?
3.       The top Test wicket takers are Mutiah Muralitharan with 800 and Shane Warne on 708. Which Indian leg spinner is third with 619 wickets in 132 test matches?
Anil Kumble
4.       The answer is not sausages. In the 1980s, a national newspaper launched the “Save our Sizzlers” campaign to prevent a ban on what?
Page Three (The Sun)
Accept: Topless Models


Round 6

1.       Which former Soviet state is the only European country in which capital punishment is still practised with more than 250 executions since 1992?
2.       Which Ayrshire golf course has both the longest and shortest holes on the Open Championship roster and will stage the event this year?
Royal Troon
3.       Which is the largest island in the Outer Hebrides?
Lewis and Harris
4.       Which Queen of England married Louis VII, King of France in 1137 before marrying Henry II of England in 1152?
Eleanor of Aquitaine





Lightspeed Quiz 2016 - Halfiax

Another excellent day on Saturday at the first Lightspeed Quiz event of the season. 16 players descended on Dirty Dicks in Halifax Town Centre, the largest gathering I have played in on the buzzer, and the standard was incredibly high. Over the next few days I will post up the videos taken from the event.

Here are the first two tilts with a question that stumped us all and some incredibly quick buzzing!


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

League Sets - Sunderland Echo Quiz League

A few weeks ago it was my turn to set the questions for the Sunderland Echo Quiz League. Something I always enjoy doing!

Over the next few days Ill post up the content of the sets of you to have a read through and hopefully enjoy. The quiz itself runs on a team basis so all these questions will have had six brains working on them so there had to be some degree of challenge.

This is the first half of Set A

Round 1                                                                                                                        Answers

1.       The title of which Beach Boys song is also the title of the autobiography of Jacqueline Gold, the founder of Ann Summers?
Good Vibrations
2.       Which Government organisation is housed in a building known as the “Doughnut”?
GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters)
3.       Lady Isobel Barnett, considered one of the first TV celebrities,  became a household name on which show?
What’s My Line?
4.       Which landlocked country lies between Ukraine to the North and Romania to the South?


Round 2

1.       Which daily newspaper was launched in 1986 by Andreas Whittam Smith?
The Independent
2.       When Walter Raleigh introduced tobacco to England in the early 1600s, which King wrote a pamphlet arguing against its use?
James I
3.       There are only two British Female Solo Artists to have 5 number 1 hit singles in the UK. Name either?
Jess Glynn
Cheryl Fernandez Versini (Accept Cheryl on its own, Cheryl Cole or Cheryl Tweedy)
4.       Flowing through France, Germany and Luxembourg which river joins the Rhine at Koblenz?


Set A - Round 3

1.       In 1982, who went missing for 6 days during the Paris/Dakar rally?
Mark Thatcher
2.       Much in the news in January 2016, which famous model and actress appeared on the cover of Roxy Music’s album “Sirens” dressed as a mermaid?
Jerry Hall
3.       Since the addition of Italy, which team have won the 6 nations title on the most occasions?
         Which current Labour MP is married to the former Danish Prime Minister Helle Thronging Schmidt?
Stephen Kinnock


Saturday, 16 January 2016

Quiz Review - The New Crown, South Shields

Image result for the new crown south shields

Wednesday - 8pm - New Crown, South Shields

It has been a while since I attended a new quiz as such. For the past year or so I have been sticking to established quizzes I know, but given that I had a free night this Wednesday whilst the Sunderland Quiz League continues its winter break, I thought I would pop along to the New Crown in South Shields for their quiz night.

The New Crown itself is based just of the Coast Road (opposite the finish of the Great North Run). The quiz night has been running since June and starts each Wednesday at 8pm. They did advise me to get there early to secure a seat, but that wasn't an issue as there were only around 5-6 teams involved. I got the impression that due to it being January and the weather, this is usually better attended.

In fact, there seems to have been a lot of new quiz nights in South Shields launched recently so it could be the case of increased competition.

Anyway, the quiz itself is the Redtooth "Its Your Round" style quiz. I am sure many of you reading this have taken part in Redtooth of this style previously (connections, wipeout,  Top 5). Rather than review or comment on that format, I am going to post up a little separate entry on Redtooth next week. 

The quiz is ran well and despite the pub being full of little nooks and crannies, and rather large at that, there was no cheating from what I gathered which is always a good sign. The quiz started 8pm prompt and was all done and dusted by around 9.20pm. You will be all too familiar with quiz nights which start late and finish late, the norm rather than the exception, so it was refreshing to have a quiz that was delivered in a timely manner.

As with many Redtooth events, the host is one of the bar staff, He does a great job of keeping the quiz running smoothly and has a good rapport with the players. Entry is £1 per player.

The night ends with a raffle/open the envelope style game with the jackpot standing at £150 next week.

Friday, 15 January 2016

Quiz Tix Apps

You may have seen various QuizTix apps floating around the app stores. I have been playing them for a while and would highly recommend giving them a try. Largely, based around themes there are constantly new versions being brought out, and above all else, they are free so you have nothing to loose.

Rather than me telling you about it, these are the words of Ian Masters, the developer of the project...

Can you tell us a little bit about QuizTix?
Sure. We're a super small team based in and around London - although one of the artists is in Tokyo. As a start-up it has been important to be as lean as possible so we have no office yet but that should change in the coming months as we prepare for our biggest year yet.

How does QuizTix differ from the many thousands of Quiz Apps available?
QuizTix is a series of games all using the same connected engine. We've released 7 versions so far and this year we plan to hit monthly releases. If you're playing the Movies version and a friend is playing the Football version you'll be able to see each others scores, achievements and progress. Play the same game and it's even more social.

Another big differentiator is the fundamental game mechanic. It's original but has collection elements that people tell us are very rewarding.

Personally I like that if you get a question wrong that you can come back later and try again, eventually getting it right and learning some trivia you didn't know in the process.

What makes people keep coming back to Quiz Tix?
I think the collection element is actually key to that. Certainly, what we've managed to prove is that if people discover and like one game that they will go on to download another and another. For us this is the most exciting part as it means we can build a sustainable business, continually improving the games and creating more content for fans.

Who is Quix Tix aimed at?
Each version is aimed at the fans of that subject. Our questions are not easy so you do need some knowledge. Plus we do try to make the game as accessible to 'non-gamers' as possible. The player is dropped straight into the game and given a simple tutorial. No menus to navigate just great quizzing.

Tell us a little bit about your own quizzing experience.
I'm afraid you wouldn't want me one your team. Apart from some limited video games and musicals knowledge I struggle. Luckily we have great question writers.

If you were on Mastermind, what would your specialist subject be.
Probably something to do with sci-fi, a subject we want to tackle this year.

Finally, if anyone has enjoyed the QuizTix games and would like to see specific subjects in the future please let us know via Twitter @quizbo or via email:

Thursday, 14 January 2016

Charity Quiz Night - Sunday 7pm - South Shields

Image result for new crown south shields

I don't often post up information on individual quiz nights, other than in the reviews etc, but as its for a good cause, I thought I would make a quick mention for those of you in the North East, of the Charity quiz taking place this Sunday the New Crown, South Shields. All kicks off at 7pm in aid of the Charlie Cookson Foundation. 

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Site of the Week - Kens Quiz Site

One of my favourite sites to visit on a regular basis is Kens Quiz Site. I have been using this site for at least 2 years or so now making sure to check back every time it is updated. There is already a wealth of good questions on there to get stuck into so great for revision, passing the time, or brushing up on weaker subjects. It jas helped a lot, particularity in pub quizzes and bringing me up to speed with all the "chestnuts".

Take a look yourself by clicking HERE