Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Sunderland Echo Quiz League

Are you a keen quizzer in the Sunderland area or indeed a bar owner looking to boost business on a Wednesday night?

Then perhaps you may want to consider entering a team in the Sunderland Echo Quiz League. All you need is a venue and a team of up to 6!

If you want any more information please pop me an email to daniel@thequizaddict.com

This Weeks Jackpot Question...

The Jackpot in my pub quiz on a Sunday at The Albert, Sunderland remains in tact after another week on no one taking the big prize. Could you have done better? Here are the questions you would have had to answer...(1 correct answer would have won you close to £160)

Pop Music
What was Robbie Williams first UK Number 1 single as a solo artist?
The European Union
Which country is the Southernmost member of the EU?

Reality TV
Who was the first act, who appeared on the X Factor, to have 5 UK Number 1 singles?

Royal Weddings
Which British female singer performed the song for which Prince William and Catherine Middleton had their first dance at their wedding reception?



Monday, 2 July 2018

Sunday Night Quiz - The Albert, Sunderland

We are into Week 8 now of the Pub Quiz at The Albert in Sunderland city centre. The Quiz keeps to build week on week, with new teams coming in all the time. Once I get round to it I will begin posting up the full sets I am writing for the quiz week.
If you are in the Sunderland area, and are looking for a Sunday Night Pub Quiz, then get down to the Albert for 7.30pm! £175 up for grabs this week on the Jackpot

Sunday, 1 July 2018

World Cup Fever

It has been a while since I managed to post anything up on the blog, and have a back log of content to add so apologies....but like many people reading this, I have developed a bit of World Cup Fever....

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Jackpot still rolling...

The main jackpot still was not won this week at the Albert, so looking at around £130 next week. It was good to see some new teams in the quiz on Sunday, and it continues to grow and grow. Hope to see you there Sunday from 7.30pm!

Jackpot questions this week - (Answering one of these right could have won you £120)
As featured on every book published in the UK, how many digits are there in an ISBN number?

Which actor is also a member of the band “Hollywood Vampires”?
Which country voted to remove the Union Jack from their flag in 2015
The Peace of Westphalia ended which war?
Which fashion designer was responsible for Liz Hurleys infamous “safety pin dress”?

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

Hosting at The Albert, Sunderland

I am now in my third week of hosting a weekly Pub Quiz in the centre of Sunderland at the Albert pub. Prior to the last month or so, I have never taken a fancy to hosting quizzes but when the opportunity arose I jumped at the chance and find myself really enjoying it.

The pub itself is in a superb location right in the heart of Sunderland City Centre, and having only opened in December, is great on the inside too. There is a nice crowd building in there now and each week we are adding new teams. The Jackpot has rolled over for 3 weeks, and is over £100 next week, which is kind of what I wanted and the bar are very supportive with Prize Money and Beer Tokens to help get the night launched well.

If you are in the Sunderland area, let me know and I can reserve a table for you as we are starting to get busy!

Lightspeed Quiz - Football Special

Last month, I began to attend Lightspeed Quiz events once again after a few months off. The Lightspeed events themselves have developed into a fun day of quizzing with the main event, a QU12 qualifier for the end of season £500 game as well as a special set by one the players. I particularly enjoyed Brenda Curtis' Football themed set below....