Monday, 1 September 2014

Week in Quizzing

This week marks the return of Only Connect (Monday Evening) in its new slot on BBC 2. With some familiar faces also returning as contestants and a mammoth 27 episodes we are being spoiled....lets just hope the series does not suffer because of the move to a more mainstream channel! No reason why it should.


Over at Jack Bennett's Quiz Musings blog he has began a great new monthly feature in which he is posting up 100 questions and asking readers to submit answers. Missed this months just but looking forward to having a go at next months. The link to Quiz Musings is HERE


After one of my best ever quiz performances in the Sunderland Quiz League last week it will probably be back to earth with a bump this coming Wednesday as we take on Hastings Hill. Check out the previous post on the league for full details of the current standings and upcoming fixtures


This weeks reading has mainly revolved around...

Graham Stewart's Bang is a great all round history of the 1980s in Britain. Entertaining, full of facts and a one of the best books of its kind on the decade.

Sunday, 31 August 2014

This Week I Didn't Know....

Again, I little selection of some the of my failings in various quizzes this week. The Picture round was again a bit of a damp squib with most teams scoring 18/20 (as always there were a couple of totally obscure ones). We scored 15/20 and it will have been the three below that most people would have picked up that I missed....

Picture Round


Well this was a funny one.......Without giving too much way if you are trying to get this one yourself, I always struggle telling these new "reality stars" apart. The day after the quiz I would have indeed got this however as this guy became something of a humorous news story this week!


Should have got this! Sport is usually my strongest subject whatever the type of quiz.....but the picture we saw was only a face so didn't even have the badge, or a shirt colour to go off.


Apparently, in the realms of daytime TV, the guy who fronts this show is all the rage. Never seen him,never heard of the show until last week and couldn't even muster a sensible guess.


1. James Argent
2. Peter Osgood
3. Judge Rinder


1. Who played opposite Twiggy in the film The Boy Friend?

Now....even though I consider myself to be rather okay on films, I had not even heard of this movie so was in purely guessing terms. Not even close. Should I have heard of this film? Only one team of 14 got it right.

2. Which female artist is currently at No.7 in the UK album charts with an album called A Perfect Contradiction?

Shame I hadn't paid attention to that weeks charts as this was by a singer I quite like.

3. Actor Benedict Cumberbatch is to voice which popular character in one of the two Jungle Book films entering production?

Totally passed me by this news story and although guessable, my guess was wrong.

4. The port of Ullapool, in the Scottish highlands, lies on which loch?

British Geography is one of my weakest areas. Couldn't come up with a sensible guess that sounded right.


1. Christopher Gable
2. Paloma Faith
3. Shere Khan
4. Loch Broom

Saturday, 30 August 2014

Mastermind Heat 3

Another close heat this week. After last week's tie break there was little again to choose between the contestant. Former Finalist Les Morrell was a face I recognised straight away. Susan Sworn was a familiar face too having reached the Semi Final on a previous occasion. Indeed she bossed the specialist subject and left herself very little to do in the GK round to progress but just couldn't make it.

The GK sets were nicely balanced this week in my view. Always a subjective issue, but I found I scored evenly across them.

Final Placings

Chris Grandison - 26
Susan Sworn - 25
Jeremy Renals - 25
Les Morrell-24

So congratulations to Chris Grandison on a fine win. Could well be a name to watch in the Semi's! Les Morrell mentions on Facebook his whole round was disturbed due to a mess up on the Yoga question by Humprheys which threw his round off. Edit: See Dsvid Clark's comment in the box below.

 Either way, it was a good enjoyable heat.

Friday, 29 August 2014

Mastermind Standings

Prior to tomorrow nights episode here is a quick look at how this series is shaping up. Still not confirmed whether or not to qualify as a high scoring runner up you need to finish second hence the inclusion of the (2nd).

Mark Eaves - 30 (Q)
Paula Keaveney - 21 (Q)
Gareth Kingston - 28 (2nd)
Alice Mennel - 26
Howard Towner - 23
Cliff Morgan - 21 (2nd)
Tim Allison - 19
Stephen Peter - 17

Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sunderland Echo Quiz League - Gowan Scott Knockout Week 4

Results for this week -

A much needed win this week. Sometimes, as a quizzer, you just have one of those nights and this week happened to be mine. A great selection of questions, more modern than usual, with Greek Mythology, 1990s political scandals and other such areas in which I am usually strong resulted in a great win for Museum Vaults. Hopefully we can build on that next week.

The other results panned in such a way that it leaves the league very open indeed. Each team plays 7 matches with the top 4 qualifying and as you can see from the below table every team has a chance of making it to the Semi Finals.

Next Week the Fixtures are -

Newbottle vs The Isis
Museum Vaults vs Hastings Hill
Penshaw vs Chaplins

Monday, 25 August 2014

Week in Quizzing

Mastermind, Univeristy Challenge, Only Connect back on the 1st September...a nice time of year for TV quizzing. It was good to see The Link given a second series this week with applications now open via the BBC website. In the array of new shows that have been thrown at us this year not a great deal has impressed, but The Link was pretty enjoyable when it aired earlier in the year and it will be good to see it back (my mission now is it find a partner before the 12th to make an application)

Speaking of TV quiz shoes, Two Tribes, fronted by Richard Osman, began on BBC One this week. After 5 episodes I have found this to be quite enjoyable. Fast paced, good range of questions and, more importantly, it isn't dragged out! See review earlier in the week for more information, or perhaps better, head over to Iplayer now and catch up on the weeks worth of episodes.


A new quiz blog has began HERE. Seemingly produced by a quizmaster it contains various questions and discussion points on quizzing. Well worth a read!


Revision time this week has been spent with a few books I picked up over the weekend. Both are going to feature in an extended post I am going to make next week but for now here are the links if you want to check them out yourself....

The Penguin Book of Fights, Feuds and Heartfelt Hatreds: An Anthology of Antipathy is a cracking collection of tales of fall outs and rivalries between famous people. Ranging from politicians to writers to celebrities it has some great question-setting material but above all else is such an enjoyable read. Particularity at the price you can get it for on Amazon (see link above)

These 1001 series of books are great material for learning and picking up key quizzing information. This book, which I am almost finished working through, has paid dividends over the past year. Whether its been quiz leagues, World Championships or Pub Quizzes, working my way through this title has resulted in a heck of a lot of extra points. £20 is pricey but it is worth every single penny!

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Mastermind 2014/2015 - Episode 2

Mastermind 2014/2015  - Heat 2

I found this week's episode of Mastermind to a very odd one indeed. Congratulations to Paula Keaveney on winning via a Tiebreak and making it to the next round.
I found the GK in this episode to be much tougher than last week. Of course it is all based on personal opinion but the fact that the winning score this week is lower than the 4th place score last week may testify this.
I had a feeling when the third contestant came to the seat for the GK round that we were heading to a tiebreak due to timings and sure enough we got one! I really enjoy the Mastermind tiebreaks and they are quite rare things. The last one I remember was 2 series ago (involving last weeks runner up Gareth Kingston). With 2 correct answers to 1 Paula Keaveney sailed through.
A lot of familiar faces this week.....leads to the question (as raised by David Clark on LAM)...just what is the reapplication policy now. I was under the impression it was a 2 year wait?
Anyway here were the final scores from Heat 2.

Paula Keaveney - 21 (Q)
Cliff Morgan - 21 (2nd)
Tim Allison - 19
Stephen Peter - 17