Tuesday, 26 May 2020

Quizzing in Lockdown #9 - Daveys Smartphone Quiz

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Davey’s Smartphone Quiz

Current format I use is SpeedQuizzing Smartphone quiz. I was the first person in Glasgow to use this software almost 9 years ago. I’ve been hosting quizzes for over 15 years now and I’m a full time DJ, radio presenter And quiz host.

Thanks to SpeedQuizzing I have adapted my pub quiz very easily to online, I’ve actually been busier since we went online. It’s brought my brand to more people and improved how I host.

I host quizzes in bars in and around glasgow on Mon, Tues, Weds, Thurs and Sunday. Well I did before coronavirus!

Current Quizzes online:
Mon- General Knowledge 7pm start

Tues- Themed (different topics each week) 7pm start

Weds- Themed (different topics each week) 7pm start

Thurs- General Knowledge 7pm start

Fri and sat I do private quizzes, neighbourhood/family type quiz with some other bits added.

Can find me on Instagram @daveyssmartphonequiz

I’m on Facebook Davey’s smartphone quiz

And twitter but haven’t used it for a while

And my website is:

Monday, 25 May 2020

Quizzing in Lockdown #8 - Wayne Shapiro - Trivia Madness

The next in our Quizzing in Lockdown series comes from Down Under with a post from Wayne Shapiro from Trivia Madness.....

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I started running online quizzes for family and friends on a Sunday night, but have transferred to running online quizzes for companies whose staff are working from home. It has been extremely successful with 38 bookings for May alone, sometimes running 4 in a day!!


The format I am using is whatever video platform is used by the client. The best is Zoom, but I have also used Microsoft Teams, Webex, Google Meets and GoTo Webinar. The attendees go on to the video platform to watch mem but the quiz is run using the website crowdpurr.com. I write my quizzes on there, multiple choice and timed. It works really smooth for what I need it for. The quiz runs for about 35-40 minutes.


Adapting wasn’t too hard, but certainly helped when I was recommended to the website I now use. Unfortunately I don’t have a lot of interaction with my pub quizzers, but from a financial standpoint, it is better for me to do what I am doing. I have a very strong list of clients now and at least 50% of my clients are new ones, so 2021 hopefully will be a great year.


My normal quiz nights in Sydney were Tuesday nights at the Royal Hotel in Paddington. I also had staff running quizzes at 3 venues on Wednesday nights.


YouTube Corporate Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FcfRNjwFv0




Sunday, 24 May 2020

Quizzing in Lockdown #7 - CapCaud's Virtual Pub Quiz

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Can you tell us the times and dates of the quiz you run online?
CapCaud's Virtual Pub Quiz runs every Saturday night, we go live at 8pm on Youtube Livestream.

What is the current format?
We have 6 rounds of different themes, each with 5 questions. Participants submit their answers to the quiz via an online survey, which is sent out during the stream. We then use that survey to check your answers at the end. There are also extra quiz point available:
- Caption the image (best image caption for the weeks photo get's an extra quiz point)
- Recreate the image (best recreation of the week's photo wins an extra quiz point)
- Higher or lower (we have a giant set of playing cards and play higher or lower live, we pick a team at random and they send their decisions via social media)
Generally people can send their shoutouts on social media and we feature them live on the stream. All in all it's a great experience for all involved.

How have you found adapting to hosting Online?
Hosting online actually has a lot of benefits if you know how to work streaming software. It's fun to integrate videos and images into the feed. We've had some good music rounds which work well via a livestream. If you have a webcam, there are a lot more eyes on you than a standard pub quiz. With a stream, you aren't limited to the size of a venue, there is no limit to the number of people who can join in.

Where and when are normal quiz nights held?
I don't actually host a pub quiz outside of quarantine. CapCaud's Virtual Pub Quiz started as something to do with a few of my friends and has kind of snowballed through word of mouth. I love how the people joining in engage with everything, and it's a lot of fun to host.

How can people get in touch if they want to know more?
Contact us via our social media profiles:
- Instagram / @CapsQuiz
- Twitter / @capcaud
- Facebook / CapCaud's Virtual Pub Quiz

You can see all of our previous episodes on our youtube channel:

Saturday, 23 May 2020

Quizzing in Lockdown - #6 - Premier SpeedQuizzing

Hope you are having a nice weekend and here is another online option for you with some information from Premier Speedquizzing.....

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--Can you tell us the times and dates of the quiz you run online?--

I started running two quizzes a week, on a Saturday and a Monday evening. I found that most people didn't want that so reduced it to a Saturday only at 8pm. I have since introduced a Music Bingo night, incorporating mini gameshows on Mondays at 8 and a Gameshow night on Tuesdays at 8.

The gameshow night is currently called Quizzy Fortune, similar to family Fortunes but I am also developing other games including Catchphrase, Wheel Of Fortune, Letterbox and The Price Is Right.

--What is the current format?--

I use SpeedQuizzing for the quiz right now. I started running quizzes many years ago on pen and paper but found there was a lot of cheating and debating answers so about 15 years ago I removed myself from quizzing.
About 6 years ago I discovered SpeedQuizzing and it was like a revelation, the one thing I had been needing all those years. Fully researched questions reduce the risk of having any wrong or debatable answers and the interaction with quizzers brings it into its own. It also cuts out cheating completely, well almost.
I have also developed other side games and quiz rounds to enhance the already amazing product.

--How have you found adapting to hosting Online?--

I've been about a while and although I have no formal training on computers I am proficient in using them and troubleshooting.

When the lockdown came into place and my business was crippled because all venues closed suddenly I wasn't sure what to do. I read via the Facebook group that SpeedQuizzing were developing an online version of their quiz.

At first I thought this wouldn't go anywhere since the whole concept is about banter and direct contact with quizzers but I decided to give it a go.
To my surprise, the SQ team churned out a basic online quiz platform pretty quickly and they have developed it at a fast rate. It could well soon be as good as the pub version. This left my only concern to be how the internet would perform since SQ is all about fastest fingers etc.
I am seeing the real possibilities of what can be achieved and am continually striving to introduce new ideas and games to the mix. Keep it fresh and keep your gamers.

I use Zoom to present my quizzes and games. For me, even though I have heard a lot of issues, it has been incredibly stable. Using the SQ web software, OBS, XSplit Cam and Touch Portal I think I have a great product which is improving every day.

--Where and when are normal quiz nights held?--

I have quizzed at a number of different venues in and around Edinburgh. Generally in the evenings at about 8pm. My main venue is The Cuddie Brae at Newcraighall, every Thursday, where I regularly have about 50 quizzers join me. I also Quiz at The Old Colliery near Danderhall and The Coalgate in Ormiston. All of these venues are currently on hold because of the lockdown but I hope to get them all up and running as soon as I am allowed to do so.

--How can people get in touch if they want to know more?--

I can be contacted in the following ways - By phone 07967 695 284. By email info@premiersq.co.uk
Website premiersq.co.uk. Facebook facebook.com/premiersq

Friday, 22 May 2020

Quizzing in Lockdown - #5 - Robbies Quarantine Quiz

The series is proving popular, so will continue as long as there are quizzes to mention! The latest comes from Robert Ford

Can you tell us the times and dates of the quiz you run online?

Robbie's Weekly Quintessential Quarantine Quiz runs every Wednesday at 8pm over Zoom video conferencing.

What is the current format?

The quiz is free to join but we do suggest a voluntary charity donation to our charity of the week; each week’s charity is chosen by last week’s quiz winner. The quiz is a pen & paper honesty quiz; no multiple choice questions ever! It can be quite challenging difficulty wise as I try to cater to a broad range of ages.

We use Zoom video conferencing for the quiz, everyone finds it more interactive as they can see 

each other and also ask questions and make the odd well timed quip as the quiz goes along.

Each week's format is as follows:

🖼️ Picture Round (always a random theme)

📰 Have I Got News For You (Current Affairs from the last 7 days)

👎 Loser's Round (A topic selected by last week's losers; questions are written by myself)

🧀 The Trivial Pursuit Round (12 questions, two from each trivial pursuit topic so each week’s quiz covers as much ground as possible. The questions are not actually taken from the game!)

🙏 The Charity Round (Bonus points are rewarded to any team that has donated to that week’s chosen charity. I spin the Wheel of Good Karma to find out how many points are rewarded)

👻 Robbie's Random Round (a mystery topic of my choosing. Some examples are conspiracy theories and name the comedian.)

🎵 The Music Round (the structure changes, often intros can also be song lyrics plus a connection. Always 2 songs from each of the last 6 decades of music.)

🔗 The Connection Round (a classic connection round)

How have you found adapting to hosting Online?

I’d never hosted a quiz in my life before so this is all new to me. I love going to pub quizzes so I thought I would put one on for my friends; I enjoyed it and they enjoyed it so I continued. Nine weeks later we are up to 84 quiz teams from all over the place participating through a Zoom meeting.

We’ve raised over £1200 for charity in that time period which is quite surreal!

Practise makes perfect and I finally feel like I know what I’m doing now! I’m always trying to improve the quiz and add as much humour as possible.

Where and when are normal quiz nights held?

If there is enough support I will continue to do an online quiz even after lockdown is over. I certainly have a newfound respect for quiz masters as it is not an easy job pulling a quiz together. If this becomes a future career I will let you know where the in person quizzes take place!

How can people get in touch if they want to know more?

Subscribe to the quiz @ www.rwqqquiz.com (You will be sent an email with details on how to join the quiz each week.)

Email me @ robwilliamford@gmail.com

Follow our social media:

Youtube: shorturl.at/hosEW

Instagram: @RWQQQuiz

Facebook: @RWQQQuiz

Twitter: @RWQQQuiz

Thursday, 21 May 2020

Quizzing in Lockdown #4 - Pub Quiz Chester

The next in the series looks at quizzes being ran by 'Pub Quiz Chester', which again are using the superb SpeedQuizzing Live format and take place twice weekly. Simon, the host, tells us more about these quizzes below....

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Can you tell us the times and dates of the quiz you run online?
We're live on Zoom at 8pm on Thursdays and Sundays.

What is the current format?
The current format is using the Speedquizzing Live App for submitting
the answers within a 10 second time limit. We have three rounds of
twenty general knowledge questions, an observation round and a music
round (proper music knowledge, not just recognising tracks / artists
etc). At the end of the official quiz, after we've given out the prizes
(Just Eat vouchers etc) we have a late night lock-in with a few bonus

How have you found adapting to hosting Online?
It was important that the online version was as close to the quiz in the
venues as possible. Everything from the incidental music, the lighting,
the styling and the timings of breaks has been carefully recreated. We
steered clear of vouchers etc in the physical version of the quiz,
giving winners something tangible that they can handle instead, anything
from cash for the main prizes to boxes of Chocolate Fingers for spot
prizes throughout the night. In the online version, we send out
takeaways and Cadbury Twirls (their packs are 7mm thinner and therefore
cheaper to post). We're at the mercy of the tech, which in fairness to
the developers who have done their best in a very short space of time,
so there's a backup system in place for when things get a bit hairy that
are outside of my control. For example, when Zoom wobbled recently (the
Downing Street briefings were affected), we had our Youtube Channel
ready to go instead.

Where and when are normal quiz nights held?
Thursdays at the Acorn in Bebington / Bromborough and Sundays at The
Wheatsheaf in Upton, Chester.

How can people get in touch if they want to know more?
Everything you need to know is on our website, www.pubquizchester.co.uk
or do a search on Facebook for Pub Quiz Chester or Pub Quiz Wirral.

Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Quizzing in Lockdown - #3 - King of the Castle Entertainment

The series continues with a look at King of the Castle Entertainments....

Can you tell us the times and dates of the quiz you run online?
Friday night general knowledge 8-30pm Free to play but tips to the host much appreciated 
Wednesday night theme night 8-30pm this week Harry Potter £5 to play for theme night.

What is the current format?
The current format is generally 4 rounds and we try to include an observation round where we can. 
Friday nights include a music round to within the 4 rounds. 
We are looking at including a wheel/wall of doom to our Friday night quizzes I haven’t decided yet. Which on certain questions people will have then option to steal points lose points or win points. 

How have you found adapting to hosting Online?
I’m online quite a bit so that’s nothing new but the first time hosting online was a bit daunting as you are used to having people talk back to you on a pub and it’s not quite the same online! Nothing beats hosting in a pub but they have done a damn good job at getting the software online where it is today! 

Where and when are normal quiz nights held?
I do a lot of cover work for hosts aswell well as regular Tuesday nights for another. My own quizzes that I run is a fortnightly themed at revolution Cambridge on a Wednesday and then one of theme quizzes in St Neots 

How can people get in touch if they want to know more?
People can get in touch Via Facebook page at www.facebook.com/kotcentertainments or ticket page http://buytickets.at/Kotcentertainments 

Tuesday, 19 May 2020

Quizzing in Lockdown #2 - Dwayne Anthonys Smartphone SpeedQuizzing

The second in the series of 'Quizzing in Lockdown' posts looking at some of the fantastic online quizzes being held for players across the world during these times.

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1. Can you tell us the times and dates of the quiz you run online?
Every Monday & Friday at 5pm (UK) Hosted Live from Dubai.

2. What is the current format?
Run over the zoom platform with questions answered by your smartphone with an app. 3 x general knowledge rounds, 10 x catchphrase questions and 10 x musical montages to "guess the year". We also show 3 x comedy horse races for bonus points and sometimes set a creative photo challenge for the players to send in.

3.How have you found adapting to hosting Online?
It's been a huge learning curve but thankfully I'm not a complete tech novice so whilst I've learnt a lot fairly quickly it hasn't been that daunting. Obviously we all need to adjust to the current situation and its nice to bring people together socially with a bit of banter and some light hearted quizzing.
Dubai - Longs Bar @ Rotana Towers Hotel at 8pm.
4. Where and when are normal quiz nights held?
Dubai - Reform Social & Grill at 1pm

5. How can people get in touch if they want to know more?
Follow the Facebook page www.facebook.com/DwayneAnthonySmartphoneQuiz for all info on upcoming quizzes both live and online.