Friday, 21 April 2017

Sunderland Echo Quiz League

This post is mainly intended for people in the Sunderland area, keen on taking part in some tougher quizzes!

The current season of the Sunderland Echo Quiz League is coming to an end in the next few weeks and after another fun and enjoyable season I just wanted to mention that the league is more than open to new players and teams from the area.

Ever since joining the league, around  years ago now at least, I have met some great people, taken part in some great quizzes and thoroughly enjoyed my participation. It's a team based league with up to 6 players per team and you get a chance to answer every questions (so no individual questions which can often put people off). Everyone is welcoming and the venues are dotted around the city and surrounding area.

Take a look at the site here which has examples of recent sets.

If you are in the area and are able to play games on Wednesday nights, please get in touch ( and I'll put you in touch with the relevant people to get on board. Whether you are an individual, or even better think you can muster up a team, to compete in the league, we are always on the lookout for new faces. 

Thursday, 20 April 2017

QU12 2017 - Heat 3

Here is the latest Heat from QU12 2017. A good standard of questions, some cracking answers and a very high standard of play. I somehow fluked the final but the less said about that the better!

There are several more heats at Lightspeed Quiz Events across the country over the next few months and you can find details Here or pop me an email at and I'll point you in the right direction of who to speak to to join.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Suggested Book

I am assuming many people reading this will already know about, and many will have several versions of this title, but just a quick reminder based on a few emails I have received this week but in terms of reference works for aiding in setting and improving knowledge, Trevor Montague's long running series is second to none... saying that whenever I get the chance, I mention that this is also a good starting point to cover the basics. This has certainly contributed to many many of my correct answers since I started quizzing and although some parts are now out of date, the key elements are here to start building your quiz knowledge...

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Redfest 2017!

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The poster above says it all! Redfest 2016 was easily my favourite event of the year, and perhaps the most fun I have had quizzing since I started out. This year it's back and with a new venue and after the success of last year, hopefully an even bigger turnout I am looking forward to it already.

If you only go to one quiz event all year, I highly recommend this!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Football Grounds Special

Only just realised my set from last year, for Light Speed Quiz, has been uploaded. Enjoy....all the answers have a link (sometimes distant) to a English League Ground and the standard of answering, as always at these events, is frighteningly high.

Sunday, 16 April 2017

Quiz in the North XI

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The Holbeck Working Mens Club, Leeds

To my shame, I think I have only ever briefly mentioned Quiz in the North events on the blog. The event advertised above is the 11th such event which continues to go from strength to strength.
In a nutshell, Quiz in the North is a day of quizzing for people who enjoy their quizzes. With some of the countries top quizzers taking part, including Eggheads and Chasers, it is a perfect introduction for people who are keen to quizzes more seriously. I hate using the word "serious" regarding these event as I don't want to put people off playing as they are always a fun day! The events have attracted experience veterans of the quizzing world and newer players keen to test themselves. The atmosphere is friendly and welcoming and even if you plan to come along alone without knowing anybody, you will soon be made to feel right at home.
When I first starting quizzing seriously I made the mistake of delaying attending a GP for years as I was a ) worried about not knowing people and b)scared of showing myself up  and I wish these events had been around when I was starting out.
The day itself tends to vary from venue to venue, and with a different setter each time, you never quite know what it expect. Usually the morning begins with a  150 questions or so written quiz with team events in the afternoon (where you will find yourself sorted into teams to ensure a fair playing field).
Full details of the event can be found on the facebook and the Eventbrite page

Saturday, 15 April 2017

Sunderland Echo Quiz League Questions - Set B

As promised, here is set B for the Sunderland Echo Quiz League questions used this week...

Set B

Round 1 - B

1.       Two Booker Prize winning novels were the basis for movies that won Best Picture Oscars in the 1990s. Schindler’s List was one, what was the other?
The English Patient
2.       In which city would you find the Eden Gardens cricket ground?
Calcutta, India
3.       Sir James Clark Ross, whose name was given to the Ross Sea, commanded which ship on the 1839 expedition to the Antarctic?
HMS Erebus
4.       The name of which Alpine Goat is included in the name of the Spanish Stock Market Index ?


Round 2- B

1.       Declared First Citizen of Athens, which statesman, orator and general was leader in its Golden Age, between the Persian and Peloponnesian Wars in the 5th Century BC ?
2.       The following is a definition of which scientific term “A compound whose molecule is formed from a large number of repeated units of one or more compounds of low molecular weight.”?
3.       Which building in Moscow started life as an insurance office and later became the headquarters of the KGB ?
The Lubyanka
4.       What historical 'First' is attributed to the assassination of the Scottish Regent James Stewart, Earl of Moray, in Linlithgow in 1570?
First by Firearm/Gun


Round 3 - B

1.       Poundbury is an experimental New Town in England developed on land owned by The Prince of Wales, according to his architectural principles, started in 1987. In which county is Poundbury?
2.       Donald McLeod is the presenter of which classical music programme, claimed to be the oldest of its type in British broadcasting and first aired in 1943?
Composer of the Week
3.       The plinth of the statue of which Labour politician, standing in Buchanan Street, Glasgow, is inscribed with the opening words of the Scotland Act: “There Shall Be a Scottish Parliament”?
Donald DEWAR
4.       Sir Joseph Swan, who is known as an independent developer of an incandescent light bulb, shares his middle name with the surname of a 20th century Labour Prime Minister. What name?




Round 4 – B

1.       Who published "A Treatise on Make-up and Jam" one of the world's first cook books in 1555 and wrongly predicted it would be a big success?
2.       Who was voted last month as the best player of the Six Nations for the second year running?
Stuart HOGG
3.       Cape St Vincent lies at the southwestern most point of which European Country?
4.       On 3rd April 1967 (50 years ago) British publishers Calder and Boyars were sent for trial for publishing which novel by Hubert Selby jnr?
Last Exit to Brooklyn


Round 5 - B

1.       The 1st Earl of Beaconsfield and cricketer Jason Gillespie share which nickname with the band leader and trumpeter most famous for “A Night in Tunisia.”?
Dizzy (Disraeli, Dizzy Gillespie)
2.       The Scottish actor descended from Kirkpatrick Macmillan, the blacksmith who invented the bicycle,  uses which  stage name in tribute to the saxophonist who recorded “A Love Supreme”?
Robbie COLTRANE (born Anthony Robert Macmillan)
3.       Which current quiz show was originally going to be called "Obviously"?
4.       Which North East brewery has beers called Extinction Ale, Galapagos Stout and Beagle Blonde?


Round 6 - B

1.       Which Harry, normally thought of as a comic actor, was Len Deighton's choice to play his unnamed spy in the Ipcress File?
2.       Ridley Scott directed the 1973 advert voted Britain's favourite advertisement of all time. It was shot at Golden Hill at Shaftesbury in Dorset. Which foodstuff was being advertised?
Hovis (accept Bread ) 
3.       What was the title of the only UK No. 1 hit for Dusty Springfield ?
You Don’t Have To Say You Love Me
4.       Two European capitals lie on the same latitude (48ยบ__´N) as Paris. One is Bratislava, name the other?


Friday, 14 April 2017

The Joy of Quiz

Just a further plug, for those of you who may have missed it, for the excellent book Alan Connor released at the back end of last year entitled "The Joy of Quiz". It covers quizzing in all aspects from trivial pursuit to TV shows. Well worth a look...

Thursday, 13 April 2017

Sunderland Echo Quiz League Set A

It was our team's turn to set in the Sunderland Echo Quiz League this week. The league, as I have mentioned before, is team based questions of up to six players. I will post Set A up today and Set B up in a few days. The set was just over 50% of my questions and with contributions from the team!

Round 1 - A

1.       In which city would you find Eden Park cricket ground?
Auckland, New Zealand
2.       Banco is the sequel to which book, made into an Oscar nominated film starring Steve McQueen in 1973 ?
3.       In 2002, which Secretary of Defence explained about "known knowns", "known unknowns" and "unknown unknowns" in a speech referring to terrorism?
Donald Rumsfeld
4.       What is the name of BBC Radio 3’s flagship arts and ideas programme that is usually broadcast every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday?
Night Waves


Round 2- A

1.       David Copperfield and Ali Bongo have been recent winners of the David Devant Award, named after the first President of which society?
The Magic Circle
2.       Which town in England which was designated a New Town in 1968,  was the first to field a candidate for the new Social Democratic Party in 1981, but lost to Labour?
3.       The collapse of the Republic of Biafra in 1970, effectively ended the civil war in which African Country?
4.       Who was elected Prime Minister in the year that 18 year olds were allowed to vote for the first time in Britain?
Edward Heath


Round 3 - A

1.       Which  musical film made in colour during the 1960s had the working title "Eight Arms to Hold You"?
Help!  (A Hard Day's Night was in black and white)
2.       Which brewery has beers called Iceberg, Steerage and Captain Smith's?
3.       The footballing term Route one is derived from which defunct TV quiz?
Quiz Ball
4.       Which international engineering company, the fourth largest manufacturer of escalators and elevators in the world, shares its name with the surname of a current SAFC defender?


Round 4 – A

1.       Welsh rugby player Clive Sullivan has a road named after him in which Northern city? 
(Kingston upon) HULL
2.       In 1970 which club defeated Celtic in the European Cup final and became the first club from their nation to win the trophy?
3.       Which thriller writer published a cook book aimed at men in the 1960s which contained the suggestion, popular with students, that a portion of liver could sustain you for a whole fortnight?
4.       The following is a definition of which Scientific term “A Substance that aids a chemical change in other substances, without itself changing.”?  


Round 5 - A

1.       A coffee shop near the headquarters of a haulage company outside Carlisle shares its name with which South Shields-born jazz saxophonist?
Kathy (or Cafe) STOBART
2.       The most northerly point on New Zealand’s South Island, what name is given to the headland in New Zealand which was named by James Cook in 1770 and named due to it being the last land seen as his crew began their homeward voyage?
3.       Which American blacksmith used steel from a Scottish saw to invent the first steel plough in 1842 and went on to found the world's largest manufacturer of agricultural machinery? 
4.       Which current Hollywood film director founded Percy Main Productions with his brother? 
Ridley SCOTT (now called Scott Free Productions)


Round 6 - A

1.       Which island in the Indian Ocean has the highest population of any French island and sends five deputies to the National Assembly in Paris?
2.       Which present day capital city was the capital of Hungary from 1536 to 1784 because of the Ottoman occupation?
3.       Now the site of an airport, which former English racecourse staged the Grand National from 1916 to 1918 after Aintree was taken into use by the War Office ?
GATWICK Racecourse
4.       To which actress was Groucho Marx referring when he reportedly said “I knew her before she was a virgin”?
Doris DAY