Friday, 31 May 2013

World Quizzing Championships

Tomorrow is the 2013 World Quizzing Championships which I have mentioned a few times on the site in the last month!

It was this time last year that I headed up to Edinburgh to take part in my first "serious" quiz so to speak and it was really the quiz that increased my determination to take part in the British Quizzing GP circuit.

Since then I have attended 6 GP's, joined the Quiz League, travelled around the country at various events and filmed an Episode of Eggheads. Its been a busy year!

The English leg of the event is in Masham, North Yorkshire and registration is still open. Head over  HERE for all the details. I know little about the venue as it is new to the circuit but I trust the BQA have chosen another good one! There is also an event at the fabulous Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh which is where I went for the WQC last year. In fact there are over a 100 venues across the globe taking part so its not too late to join in! I would certainly recommend it. All the information is on that site above.

I am hoping to do better than last year. Because of the global nature of the quiz I did much worse at the event last year than I have done at some GP's since and I imagine this year will be the same but as long as I beat my score from last year (preferably by at least 10 points) then at least its an upwards spiral!

York Quiz Challenge (Sunderland vs York)

Every year players from the Sunderland Quiz League and the York Quiz League seemingly meet in an inter-league contest of sorts. This has been my first year in the league so this was my first year at York. We headed down to York on Wednesday night for the event and it turned out to be one of the most enjoyable quizzes I have ever been to!

(I am three from the right!)

The format was something I am not very used to. Individual questions! A few years ago this would have put me right off but this time around I was quite looking forward to it. The quiz worked with two teams of 4 competing. Each player got 4 questions each in turn and had to answer individually on the microphone. A correct answer scored two, an incorrect answer would allow the team to have a chance for one. Each match pitted a Sunderland team against a York Team and at the end of 4 games the highest scoring team from each league would go head to head.

I was hoping to see a few games before my turn was up but I happened to be in the first game! In my four questions I got one wrong that not many people knew (a Scottish Dance that I have forgotten the name of already) and followed it up by getting a Chestnut wrong regarding the first stretch of UK Motorway. As someone said to me afterwards a) its only a chestnut if you have heard it before and b) Ill never forget Preston now!

The final two questions saw me miss one I knew which I was very disappointed about (author of Tarzan). I must have answered it a dozen times watching tv, in pub quizzes and flicking through quiz books but in the 30 seconds on the stage it just wouldn't come. I managed to contribute something to the team with an answer on the Wizard of Oz and got a few on passover. We didn't make the final but I really enjoyed watching the other games.

Given the average age was, sorry fellas, closer to triple my own I was surprised at the amount of pop culture questions. In some other seats in other games I would have managed a few full houses but I am not complaining as I loved the whole event.

Looking forward to next year and my opinion has certainly changed regarding the use of individual questions...I think I have moved from not wanting them to be part of the league I play in to perhaps wanting a round or two!

Congratulations to the winning York team and I look forward to the return match next year!

As promised here is a video, the first game of the Lightspeed Buzzer Quiz event I attended in Newcastle last weekend. As you can see from the video this was a very tough way to compete in my first buzzer quiz. I had not quite got used to the whole Buzzer Quiz thing at this time. some fantastic quizzing from my opponents in this though as well as some very good questions to see. Worth a watch but just ignore my incompetence!

First Taste of Buzzer Quizzing

Last Sunday Afternoon, I attended my first buzzer quiz at the Lightspeed Event in Newcastle. I had been eager to try buzzer quizzing for some time but very few opportunities have arisen in my local area so I jumped at the chance of attending this event. A few quizzing friends attended too in what turned out to be a good little venue (Head of Steam opposite Central Station for those that are local).

I suddenly realised how different a discipline Buzzer quizzing is but also how darn right enjoyable it is!

I had not quite gathered how sharp you actually need to be here. There were numerous times were I knew an answer, hesitated for a split second or waited for an extra word to confirm my suspicion, and buzz.....someone else jumped in. There was also the odd case where I buzzed hoping that in the second between buzzing and having to give an answer it would fly into my head.

If I was to reflect on how I actually played I would have to say that simply I was not fast enough. The consolation is the fact that I did quite a lot of the questions but was just beaten to it on numerous occasions. I believe there will be some videos posted at some point, so even though my performance on paper was poor, when you see the performance of the others you will realise how tough it was! That did not take away from the fun though and I certainly am keen to Buzzer Quiz again!

There will be some videos up later in the week I hope!

Monday, 27 May 2013

Quiz Book Recommendation

I think I may have recommended the Bumper Pub Quiz League before but having been using it again over recent weeks I am reminded of what a great little book this is! All the questions are set out in a league style format on a vast range of topics pitched at a good level. Tons of questions and no filler. Well worth a look.

Sunday, 19 May 2013

University Challenge Documentary

I am not sure where or when this was first broadcast but I found "I won University Challenge" on Youtube by accident. It is in three parts and once I started watching the first part I was hooked.

Saturday, 18 May 2013


Well, a few months back I recommended the excellent City Challenge game on Facebook that I was hooked on for a while, but Triviador is my latest obsessions and a quality example of a multiplayer online quiz game.

Head over to Facebook and try it for yourself but to cut a long story short each Triviador battle consists of 3 players, all actual human players played over the Internet. Its a very popular game so you never have trouble finding people to play with. You start off with one base on a map of the world and by answering questions correctly you can build your presence on the map. This is the first round and the game then moves on to a second round in which you "invade" and "defend" sections of the map to acquire points and places. should your base fall you are out of the game. Whoever is top of the points table after 5 rounds wins. It only takes 10 minutes or so per game is is really fun.

There are other things like leaderboards, rankings, xp and perks to help you but the best idea I would suggest is to simply head over and play it. Before you are allowed online you have to have a game against computer opponents anyway to get used to it!

Hopefully I will see some of you on there and feel free to add me to Facebook Daniel Fullard (!

Eurovision Quiz Book - Out Now

Other than quizzing of course, one of my other keen interests is the Eurovision Song Contest (Yes, I know) but every since I was a kid I have loved watching it. Due to the success of my first Quiz Book I have decided to release a more themed book for my second title and what better subject to choose than the Eurovision.

I was hesitant to put it on here as it is designed for keen fans mainly, so on of the off chance anyone is as mad about Eurovision as me then have a try on the link below and tell me what you think. You don't need a Kindle to view it as you can read it on laptops and most phones.

Light Speed Quiz event - Newcastle 26th May 2013

Taken directly from the Lightspeed Quizzing site (a new organisation launching monthly buzzer quizzers around the country). Check out Lightspeed quiz on Youtube to see videos of the last two events

Here is the blurb taken from the site

Light Speed Individual Open Buzzer Quiz: 26th May 2013

Next Event: The Head of Steam, Newcastle upon Tyne

On Sunday 26th May the third event of the 2013 series will be at
The Head of Steam, 2 Neville Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 5EN
There will be quizzing from one in the afternoon to six in the evening. I'm dead excited 'cos Chris, The boss, is a quizzer and is proper up for it. I can't wait to meet Daniel Fullard, who has the best quiz blog on the web, plus all me old marrers from the Sunderland Quiz League.
There are more trains here than you can shake a stick at, even on Sundays
Pub phone number: 01912 304 236 * My phone number: 07859 403 790


£5 to enter in advance £10 on the day All monies into prize kitty


Friday, 17 May 2013

Pub Quiz Machine #1

Feeding on from the introduction I mentioned that the Pub Quiz Machine tends to be something to which I am drawn to every time I happen to around one. I know they are fixed and know that they should be approached the way you would approach a fruit machine and although I have had minor wins in the past I know a trip to the quiz machine, whilst fun, will also end up being costly.

Over the next few weeks I am just going to be looking at some of the most popular quiz based games on the systems in and around your local pubs and have a chat about the various games on there.

Starting with my favourite.....


Based on the TV game show, Wipeout, Eliminator is a simple concept.... presented with a theme and 16 (I think) possible answers you are given the task to find the correct 8. Its a simple and fun touch screen game that works better played in large groups. You are of course on a testing timer that allows little time for serious debate and encourages mistakes. You have lifelines including 2 lives per board meaning you are allowed to make mistakes, a lifeline to eliminate a random number of wrong answers and also two "find 1" chances to aid you on your way.

The game has a series of rounds and usually the top prize is £10 but I am yet to see a £10 board on Eliminator. £3 is the most I have managed and that was because the machine obviously was in a paying out mode and gave me an easy run.

Typically the categories that come up include Names of Banks, Shops etc, Things found in a handbag, kitchen garden etc, names of football players for certain teams, Eurovision winners, capital cities etc etc.

It starts off always fairly easy with the wrong answers being often humorous spelling mistakes to try and catch you out...for instance instead of HSBC it may say HBCS and the name Ryan Giggs will be changed to Ryan Gliggs.

However when the money starts to draw near the answers become tougher. Music based rounds become obscure asking you to identify songs from particular bands with obscure b-sides on there, rare animal breeds and such like.

Its tough and of course when there is money on the line becomes unfair but its one of the most fun of the normal games to play and certainly the one I have won the most on.

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Sunderland Echo Quiz League

Well, my first season in the Sunderland Echo Quiz League is almost at an end with only a weeks worth of matches to play.

I joined the league for the first time since moving to the local area and indeed this has been the first league I have played it. Its been a really enjoyable season all round, I have met some great people, sampled some fine beer and of course enjoyed some great quizzing. I have learnt so much from the one season alone! Setting questions has been more enjoyable than I would have imagined and of course dealing with great quiz questions week in week out has improved my own quizzing vastly!

If there is anyone in the local area who fancies joining then please feel free to email me at and I will pass your details on.

The new season will be starting soon!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Only Connect Returns

Tonight sees the return of one of my favourite quiz shows "Only Connect". After a brief outing earlier this month  on BBC2 the show airs on BBC Four tonight. Well worth watching if you have never seen it before!

World Quizzing Championships

The World Quizzing Championships take place on June 1st. This time last year I was attending my first major quizzing event and the WQC was definitely a great way to start!

This year events are taking place at Masham, Yorkshire and in Edinburgh again. Full details can be found on

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Book Suggestion - Penguin TV Companion

For some time I knew that I needed to improve my TV knowledge. I am not a massive TV viewer and tend to miss out on a lot of questions I should be lapping up. So recently I treated myself to The Penguin TV Companion Fourth Edition which is put together by Jeff Evans it has proved invaluable already.

This is a fine reference book and easily one of the best on TV I have seen, in fact it is the best. Its presented in an A-Z way with key shows being given full cast lists, interesting trivia, air dates, number of episodes and so much information quizzers will love it. Other entries include profiles of major actors, producers and influential figures, tv network information and bits of TV history. Its all here. I know its an old cliche but this book is very hard to put down.

I would say no matter what your level of TV knowledge this is an essential book on an quizzers self and anyone setting quizzers will find plenty too! There is a lot of coverage of major US shows which seems to becoming more important in a lot of quizzes so that has boosted me a lot!

Here is a link to check out the book on Amazon -

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Charity Quiz Night with Kevin Ashman and Anne Hegarty

I will be mentioning Quiz Britain in a post later this week but just whilst I remember the company have a fantastic sounding Charity Night this weekend in Lymington.

The event is open to anyone and kicks off at 7.30pm at The Masonic Hall, High Street, Lymington for teams of up to 10 people. Each team will get the chance to have Kevin or Anne quiz in their team and there are plenty of events planned for the whole night.

Sounds like a great night of quizzing!

For information click HERE

To book a place at the event click HERE

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Rolleston GP

It was off to Rolleston this week for the latest Grand Prix monthly meeting of the British Quiz Association. It was another excellent turnout and as usual the standard of quizzing was very high. I managed to rack in my highest ever score in both the overall total and the individual round. Proof that my strict revision/learning routine is working!!!

I would have secured my first ever medal if it was not for not knowing about Harry Potter. This has been a constant blind spot of mine ever since I started quizzing and I have ignored my own advice several times by not swotting up on the subject. 

Overall all thought that is 6 events I have attended in a row now and I am still thoroughly enjoying it. Anyone interested in taking part have a look at Its a very welcoming and friendly community and attending these events has improved my quizzing immensely!

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

CJ De Mooi (Eggheads) Interview

Earlier in the week I mentioned CJ De Mooi (formerly of Eggheads) has recently released a quiz related book. CJ has kindly answered a few questions on the subject of the

 What made you decide to write a book giving advice on how to succeed at TV quiz shows?

The problem was so many people I knew wanted to go on a quiz shows but had no idea how to even start. Looking for the shows and trying to apply seemed so daunting, they wouldn't even try.
Finding the casting calls is only the first step of what can be a long and arduous journey so I wanted to try and use my experience to ease the ordeal.


There are some great tips in the book. If you were wanting to make your first TV appearance at present, which show would you choose? 

 It all depends on how you gauge your individual talents. Although I think it's an awful idea terribly formatted, purely from a quiz viewpoint, Tipping Point could be a useful start. The questions aren't too tough and there's a mild combative component to the gameplay. It's a relatively gentle introduction to several common quiz show themes. 

 What do you think are the most important ingredients in creating a successful TV quiz show format? 

In the modern environment, I think there's a move away from more overtly competitive and aggressive formats. Most current popular ideas tend to be solitary displays of knowledge whether it's against a quiz champion (such as The Chase) the clock or others' scores.
The Weakest Link was justifiably successful but played too much on the stress of the environment rather than pure quiz ability. 

In terms of increasing knowledge are there any particular reference books you would recommend? 

 Reference books are always tricky as information quickly becomes obsolete. One of the reasons I chose to publish How To Win TV Quiz Shows electronically was to save time (occasionally up to a year) between completion and release.
However, it's hard to go wrong with The Times Atlas of the World. My best advice would be to subscribe to a magazine such as The Week which covers all the major news stories across the world. Current affairs are essentially to stay abreast of. 

In terms of your quizzing achievements what are you most proud of?

I think this would have to be being a loud mouthed yob. I would never have got my career had I been a typically English shrinking violet. I saw my chance and took it. I wasn't afraid of the slings and arrows and, although my quizzing knowledge expanded massively, to give me the opportunity I had to get noticed in the first place. With my now infamous Weakest Link tirade, I did just that. 

What have you been up to since leaving Eggheads? 

I'm now an actor and recently opened in 'Geek! A New Musical' at the Tristan Bates Theatre in London's west end. I'm also producing this piece and a week into our month's run, we're lucky to be playing to sell out houses.
Later this year I'll be producing and appearing in two Harvey Fierstein plays and will be taking the lead in a feature film at the start of 2014. 
Acting was really the only thing I ever wanted to do and, despite my best efforts, it seems I've got myself a career. 

You mention in the book the amount of death threats and hate mail the BBC used to receive about you. Did this have an impact on your decision to leave Eggheads?

 Oh not in the slightest. I found it hilarious and can't believe the people who take the trouble to physically write these things think they'll have any impact. I've been on Twitter a couple of years and get the most disgusting abuse (even had a couple of people arrested because of it) but it doesn't bother me in the slightest.
The only concern I have is when others don't take this situation seriously enough. A few people tweeted I was a child abuser and even included a couple of mocked up photos. Twitter did nothing and neither did Charing Cross police station which I found shocking. Fortunately a radio and TV personality had s campaign against so called trolling which I became involved with and action was taken.

 Is your competitive quizzing career over or may we see you returning to Grand Prixs or a serious quiz tv show any time in the future? 

 Never say never! ;-)

Here is a link to CJ's book on the Amazon Kindle Store. (Just a note that you don't need to a Kindle to read it, it can be browsed on any PC/Laptop)

CJ De Mooi - New Book!

Former Egghead, and now stage actor, CJ De Mooi has recently published a book on the Amazon Kindle score. The main idea behind the book is to advise potential game/quiz show applicants on good practice and to give tips on every stage from the application to the tv studio itself. It contains anecdotes and information about CJ's career in TV land and is a very useful book for anyone who is looking at, or struggling to, get on a TV Quiz.

I should have an interview with CJ later in the week.