Monday, 31 December 2018

Happy New Year

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Wishing you all the best for the year ahead!
There is plenty planned for 2019 om the blog including a new weekly quiz, a podcast of questions and some more quiz based content!

Monday, 24 December 2018

Merry Christmas

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I hope 2018 has been a kind one to you and that you all have a great Christmas!

Saturday, 22 December 2018

End of Year Quizzes

This time of year I always keep an eye out for the End of the Year/Xmas Quizzes that appear in the paper. Ill try and keep this post updated with the days in which the quizzes are appearing and if anyone wants to add any to the comments section please do!

Maybe something will come along this year that will match the genius of the Indepedents Boxing Day quiz!

Thursday, 20 December 2018

Christmas University Challenge

The annual tradition of Christmas University Challenge returns on Christmas Eve on BBC 2. Seems to be a bit of confusion (if Twitter is anything to go by) as BBC 4 began airing the 2017 series last week.
However, fear not, the 2018 run begins Christmas Eve at 8.30pm with the final airing 4th January!

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

Books of the Year #15

Bit of a cheat here as I am going to include 2 books. Probably both books you have heard of, if not in fact read, and both very useful in their own rights. This marks the end of the series but if I suddenly think of anymore I will do some additional posts!

Essential reads packed with useful information, and aside from the facts and good question ideas that can be picked up, they are just darn good books to read!

Monday, 17 December 2018

4 Nights of Only Connect....(plus more!)

Fans of the BBC Two Quiz show Only Connect are in for a treat this week, as starting tonight we have 4 back to back episodes to enjoy! Tonight's edition is the regular series followed by three nights of special including a Champion of Champions, Sports Special and an all family affair!
Not only that but Xmas Eve will see the show retain its usual slot for the regular series before a special on Xmas Day itself!
Ive always thought TV stations are missing a trick by not having more quiz shows on TV on Xmas Day and nice to BBC 2 giving Only Connect a slot!
Roll on Xmas....

The Albert Quiz

Image may contain: 4 people, including Galvatron Cartman, Adam Wheatley and Daniel Fullard, people smiling, people standing
The final quiz of the year took place last night at the Albert in Sunderland, with our all sparkling Xmas Quiz. A fun crowd took part in a very close quiz won by the team above!
They also managed to take home almost £150 in our guaranteed Jackpot payout!
Thanks to all who have played this year and see you when The albert Quiz returns in Sunderland on Sunday 13th January at 7.30pm!

Sunday, 16 December 2018

Books of the Year #14

The DK Books are essential for quizzers as they contain so much information, in a clear image filled format that they are handy to work with and digest. Whether learning or setting! Animals have always been an area I struggle with, even at a basic level, information on Animals just doesn't seem to stick but this book has helped me along the way. Of all the DK books in my collection, this must rank up there with the very finest and most useful for quiz.

Friday, 14 December 2018

Books of the Year #13

Although general I am pretty okay at music, I do have a couple of blind spots, but this book as helped me out no end! Presented in a nice easy to read list form, it covers a wider period of music giving useful facts and introducing some of the bands and acts who come up time and time again in quizzes but I never seem to get right.

Available for pennies on Amazon second hand, well worth a look

Wednesday, 12 December 2018

Books of the Year #12

Sticking with Science.....

Genius of Britain was a channel 4 series from a number of years ago, not that I realised at the time of buying this book. The book talks about great scientific achievements over the decades and as I have mentioned before, I tend to learn things better when presented in prose like this rather than lists, and there are some fascinating tales included in this text. Worth a look

Tuesday, 11 December 2018

Books of the Year #11

As Science was one of the areas I was trying to improve on this year, the next few posts in the series will look at books on this subject that were useful. The Periodic Table is without doubt the most "quizzed about" subject in Science and as a good refresher/source for setting this has proved to be very valuable indeed. Presented in a fun, vibrant way....a great book to get started on/revise your science knowledge!

Monday, 10 December 2018

Big Christmas Quiz - This Sunday

The Albert
Sunderland City Centre
Sunday 16th December

It has been a great year at the Albert Quiz (Sunderland City Centre) and we cap it off on Sunday with the Big Xmas Quiz. Ive been working on the quiz for weeks now and think I have crafted a unique Christmas quiz that will be fun for all!
We start at 7.30pm and I would hope to see you there!

Friday, 7 December 2018

Books of the Year #10

As promised, more mythology......This has actually been on my shelf since it was first released and having just got round to reading it I would certainly recommend it for cementing the knowledge of mythology. I find it much better learning in this manner, with stories, than lists etc so this works for me, and again, even if you don't ever get a chance to use the knowledge on offer here....its still a darn good read!

Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Books of the Year #9

Mythology is one of those subjects that comes up time and time again in quizzes. No matter if it is down at your local pub or indeed at the highest level of GP's. So the next 2 posts included books on the that subject. I will start with Norse mythology, one of the lesser covered subjects, but still something well worth knowing. And even if you don't ever answer one question on Norse mythology, this is a cracking read....

Monday, 3 December 2018

Books of the Year #8

Every year one books gets a mention in this list.....and this year is no exception. The Pears Quiz Companion is, in my view, one of THE essential primer books in any quizzing collection. Over the years this has won me more points than any other.

Sunday, 2 December 2018

Quiz presented by Quiztastic 4 Podcast

A few days ago I mentioned Quiztastic 4 in my rundown of some of the years best podcasts. Alan, who runs and organises the show has kindly submitted a quiz for readers of the blog to have a go at. See how you get on and information about the podcast can be found HERE

1. Television - What is the only television show that has Adam Sandler, Terry Crews and Neil deGrasse Tyson appear in it?
2. Business - Scotland is often thought to be the only country in the world where Coca-Cola is not the top selling soft drink,however there are three countries, can you name the other 2?
3. Music - What do the songs 'In the Air Tonight', 'Fat Bottomed Girls', 'Fuk da Police' and 'Deep in the Heart of Texas' all have in common? 
4. Current Affairs - A woman was arrested this year (November 2018) under the Unexplained Wealth Order, this was the first time this had ever happened in the UK. What shop was she in when it happened?
5. Geography - In what city would you see the Cloud Gate?
6. Science - What day in 2018 was the Earth Overshoot Day?
7. History - Who was the Prime Minister of the UK at the beginning of the 2nd World War?
8. Literature - Which book is famous for the following quote - “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—for ever.”?
9. Geography - Which mountain is known as the savage mountain?
10. Science/ History - What is the highest that any part of the Wright Brothers plane ever reached?

Saturday, 1 December 2018

Books of the Year #7

Not only would this work be the top contender for my "Book of the Year" but it is also certainly a contender for one of the most useful reference books in my collection. Released this year, this is a treasure trove of information that guides you through classics of world literature, authors, storylines and seminal works. I can't do it justice in explaining just how useful and ideal for quizzing setting and revision it is.

Essential! I can't think of a better guide to Literature on the market

My Pub Quizzes this month

If you are in the Sunderland are this month and looking for a Pub Quiz then I just wanted to make you aware of the quizzes Ill be running. All involve big money jackpots, a unique format and plenty of prizes to win! For more information please pop me an email at and I can answer any questions you have.

The Albert (Fawcett Street, Sunderland City Centre)
My longest running quiz will run as normal tomorrow night (2nd December) and next week (9th December) before our Bumper Xmas Quiz Night on 16th December which I am hoping will be a superb night! We will then take a break for a few weeks before starting back up in January!

The Pickle (Vine Place, Sunderland City Centre)
Growing week by week we are on a similar time scale at The Pickle with the quiz running o Thursday Nights as normal on December 6th but then the bumper Xmas Quiz Night on December before a Xmas break.

I am also in the process of planning a Xmas Quiz Night at Yates which is looking likely for 17th December.

Would love to see you there!

Friday, 30 November 2018

Guardian Article on Eggheads

The Guardian contained a little article on the TV show Eggheads at the weekend. I don't think I need to mention what I think of it but you can make your own mind up HERE

Side Note...

Not really quiz related (or quiz related enough to be in my end of year lists) but the GCHQ Puzzle book is absolutely superb! Kept me busy for hours, unique puzzles and the ideal gift for anyone interested in testing their mind power!

And on a similar theme....the Bletchley Park book is equally as good!

Thursday, 29 November 2018

Sunderland Echo Quiz League

Last night marked the final set of fixtures for the year in the Sunderland Echo Quiz League. The season resumes on January 9th and we are always looking for new players and teams. Whether you are an owner of a venue in the area wanting to submit a team or indeed an individual seeking to take your quizzing to the next level.....its well worth a look. You will find all the information HERE and from this season I have been acting as Chairman for the league, so if you need any more information please get in touch!

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Podcasts of the Year - Quiz Related

Podcasts take up a lot of my time. As a big fan of radio in general, I am often spoilt for choice when looking for a new podcast series to indulge in so I will try and post a few suggestions over the next month of the ones I have found useful this year. Starting with the podcasts that are focused on asking quiz questions.....

Quiztastic 4
This podcast would just about line up to be "Best Quiz Podcast of 2018" if forced to choose. Carefully crafted, each episode lasts around 15-20 minutes and includes various rounds, which change each series, but always ending with a Specialist Subject round. The series builds to the Quiztastic 4.....Semi Finals and Final to determine the winner.

Information and links to episodes can be found HERE

Honroable mentions must go to -

Pod Quiz Again another strong year in the weekly series of probing questions. Official site HERE

Trivial Warfare Goes from strength to strength with superb guests, questions and always unique. Details HERE

Something Something Birds is also an excellent music based quiz podcast. Information HERE

Quiz Books of the Year #3

The next post in the series looks at a Quiz Book I am sure many of the readers of this blog may have....the Only Connect Official Quiz Book. There is very little I need to say about this book really, other than the fact that it contains all the fun of the TV show with a range of specially crafted questions and hours of fun!

Well worth a look!

Saturday, 24 November 2018

Quiz Books of the Year #2

I think I was half way through this book when I made this series of posts last year. I managed to get it finished in 2018 and it was very useful indeed.

I know some quizzers tend to avoid books with titles like "Mammoth" and I do agree that Books of this side, advertising this many questions, tend to suffer from filler and boredom. That doesn't happen here. This book is finely crafted, superbly put together and researched well, breaking down quizzes into subjects with a  vast range of questions to keep everyone happy!

Highly recommended and will keep you busy for a long time..

Friday, 23 November 2018

Books of the Year #7

Thanks for the feedback on the posts so far on the series looking at the most useful books that I have used for quizzing purposes this year....Many more to come but without further a do, I move on to the next one...

Today's book, is on the oft-quizzed subject of Classical Music. On area that is sure to come up in Quiz Leagues and competitive quizzes on a regular basis. Of all the books in my collection when it comes to Classical music this is by far the most readable and most useful. The core of the book is a countdown of the 50 greatest composers, in the opinion of the writer, with biographies, lists of key works etc and its quizzing gold!

Included is also information about orchestras, instruments and musical terms...all the sort of subjects that emerge!

Well worth a look!

Saturday, 17 November 2018

Books of the Year #6

You will have noticed several of the "1001...." style books on shelves across stores over the past decade or so. They tend to vary in style, usefulness and quality as each is written by a different author. Of the most recent ones, and certainly of a heck of a lot of the entertainment based ones, the most useful by some distance is the 1001 TV Shows to see before you die. Full of facts and interesting information this has been an absolute treasure trove for both quizzing and quiz setting this year....

Friday, 16 November 2018

Contestant Call - Impossibe

The BBC are looking for contestants for their ever popular day time quiz show Impossible. It did take me a few episodes to really get into this but now, its essential viewing. Click HERE for the link to take you to the application

Thursday, 15 November 2018

The Pickle Quiz - Sunderland - Tonight

After a great first week at the Pickle Quiz in the heart of Sunderland City Centre, we are back tonight from 8.30pm. If you are in the Sunderland area and looking for a pub quiz, look no further than the Pickle!

Rollover jackpot, plenty of prizes and more!

Wednesday, 14 November 2018

Books of the Year #5

To continue the series on of the books I have felt have been useful quizzing wise in 2018,  I turn to a book I think I have suggested before. Science has long been a subject of mine that I have struggled with having no real background in it from education (other than GCSE of course). I have tried several books over the years and only a few have proven useful.

However, one stands out above all else and has grown to easily book one of the most used, and most useful, books on my shelf this year. A goldmine of information and simply put, the perfect book to suit my needs of giving me a basic quizzing guide to Sciences....

European Quiz Championships

Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor
Massive congratulations to Pat Gibson (Eggheads) who was victorious in this weekend European Quiz Championships held in Venice. The event is held annually and it has been announced that next year it will take place in Vienna. Keep an eye on THIS WEBSITE for all the updates and the chance to buy the sets and test yourself against the very best

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Quiz Books of the Year #1

Don't worry, the series of general books of the year will continue, but just interlaced with that I am going to give an overview of some of the finest Quiz Books of the Year!

I will start with one I worked through at the start of 2018. The BBC released this superb quiz book of tough questions under the Brain of Britain banner. The sets are highly original and ease you in with a few rounds of medium level questions before bringing on the testers thick and fast. No filler, very few chestnuts and a whole host of brain punishing questions!

Saturday, 10 November 2018

Books of the Year #4

The next in my series of the my favourite books of 2018, certainly comes under the banner "useful for quizzing". Although  fan of cricket, there are way too many weak spots in my knowledge for my liking and its been catching me out on sport quizzes a lot this year. So when I saw this was released, I thought the timing was perfect! A detailed, hefty well written biography about the sport, with plenty of facts and figures as well as stats about the team.

Friday, 9 November 2018

Books of the Year #3

Next in the series, is actually the first book I read this year and remains one of the best. This biography of Muhammd Ali by Jonathan Eig is not just one of the best sports biographies I have read, but one of the best biographies full stop. A weighty tome, and even though many sports fan will know the career of Ali, the style, detail and approach by Eig makes this an absolute joy!

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Books of the Year #2

The next in the series on the books I have enjoyed most, or found the most useful this year. Adam Kays "This is Going to Hurt" is a diary of his years spent as a junior doctor. Informative whilst at the same time very shocking, the book has plenty of useful terminology on the world of medicine, but quizzing facts aside....this is a superb read!

New Pub Quiz in Sunderland - Launches Tonight!

Image result for the pickle sunderland
Quiz Night Launch in Sunderland - Tonight and every Thursday from 8.30pm!
My latest quiz venture kicks off tonight at the Pickle in Sunderland. Located right in the heart of the city centre, the quiz night each Thursday is set to be a fun packed evening with plenty of prizes! Hope to see you there one week!

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Books of the Year 2018

Towards the end of the year on the blog, I tend to put together a list of the most useful books of the year, podcasts, apps etc and I have feedback in the past that its also served people as a good guide of what to buy for Christmas for their quizzing obsessed relatives. Today marks the first such post with a Book that has only just been released, but given its quality, is likely to make the list every year...

From the creators of the rather excellent podcast "No Such Thing as Fish" comes The Book of the Year 2018. This is a summary of the first 10 months of 2018 including a raft of major news stories, odd stories and fact and figures, all presented in a fun way. I first got the book in 2017 and it proved a goldmine for those typical "events of the year" rounds that litter quizzes this time of year. Hard to think of a new release book that has been as useful as this....

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Quiz in the North - Wakefield

This Saturday, November 10th, the latest Quiz in the North is taking place in Wakefield. With a set devised by one of the finest setters in the country, a team quiz and more, this should be one of the highlights of the quizzing calendar.

It is open to all, and you can find more details on the links below.

More details HERE and HERE

Monday, 5 November 2018

Fifteen to One is back!

Image result for fifteen to one
Series 9 on Fifteen to One returns to Channel 4 today! There are two series in the can, so hopefully they will air pretty much back to back. Look out in season 10 for a familiar face....

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

New Sunderland Quiz Night launches 8th November...

My next pub quiz venture in Sunderland is kicking off soon! The Pickle is a superb bar in the centre of Sunderland, and I will be starting to host a quiz there on Thursday 8th November. All my usual format with a wide range of prizes and plenty of rounds to test your brain. All starts at 7.30pm.
If you are looking for a pub quiz in Sunderland on Thursday Nights...give it a try. Be sure to say hi!

Monday, 22 October 2018

Mark Mason's latest book...

It is getting to that time of year again when I will soon be posting my annual countdown of the most useful and interesting books I have used for quizzing this year, but there was one book released this week that I must mention. Mark Mason has written several interesting books, and this one is no exception. Packed full of trivia, looking at the people who didn't quite manage to be the first person to achieve landmark achievements….

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Finger on Buzzers

Image result for fingers  on buzzers podcast lucy porterSee the source image
Fingers on Buzzers Podcast
As quite a fan of podcasts, I was very interested to hear of the launch of a new podcast all about quizzing at the back end of the summer called Fingers on Buzzers. The podcast is hosted by the comedian Lucy Porter, a keen pub quizzer and the Chase's own Jenny Ryan.
There have been about 8 episodes so far with a wide range of sections including guests from the world of quizzing, both contestants and producers, tips on quizzing, teasing questions on common quiz themes and general chit chat about quizzing itself.
Always worth a lesson and a fun 40-45 minutes each week. Available on all pod casting services (I happen to like Pod Bean!)….

Saturday, 20 October 2018

Pub Quizzes in Sunderland...hosted by me!

As mentioned earlier in he year, I never really saw myself as a quiz host but having jumped at the chance to host a quiz night back in May I have never looked back. I am currently running two quiz nights with a further two set to come. Here are the details of the current nights. If you are in the Sunderland area looking for a quiz.....then I'd love to see you there!

See the source image
The Albert, Sunderland
Running since May, we have a good team of regulars now at the Albert with different winners most weeks. The quiz starts at 7.30pm with a picture round, leading into a News, Entertainment, Music, Connectons, Themed Rounds, Gamble questions, Top 5s and General Knowledge rounds! In addition we have a jackpot which is growing by the week and up to around £170 this week. At the end of the month we also do a Last Team Standing game which is another chance to win!
See the source image
The Peacock
A slightly newer venture is the Peacock in the heart of Sunderland City Centre. A unique pub which is a superb setting for a quiz. Same format as above and growing every week!

Friday, 19 October 2018

Sunderland Echo Quiz League

The 2018-2019 season of the Sunderland Echo Quiz League gets underway next week. Ashbrooke claimed the title last season, and almost did the double, narrowly missing out to Penshaw in the cup final last week.

If you are in the local area and would like to take part in the league, please let me know and we can arrange for you to come down to one of the games and see how the league works,

The fixtures for the first rounds are below

Sunderland Echo Quiz League 2018-2019


Round 1 – 24th October

Prior v Ashbrooke
Penshaw v Chaplins
Newbottle v Navy Club

Setters:  Ship Isis


Round 2 – 31st October 2018

Ship Isis v Chaplins
Prior v Navy Club
Penshaw v Newbottle

Setters: Ashbrooke


Round 3 – 7th November 2018

Newbottle v Prior
Navy Club v Ship Isis
Chaplins v Ashbrooke

Setters: Penshaw


Round 4 –14th  November 2018

Navy Club v Penshaw
Chaplins v Prior
Ashbrooke v Ship Isis

Setters: Newbottle




Round 5 – 21st November 2018

Ashbrooke v Navy Club
Ship Isis v Newbottle
Prior v Penshaw

Setters: Chaplins


Round 6  - 28th  November 2018

Chaplins v Newbottle
Ashbrooke v Penshaw
Ship Isis v Prior

Setters: Navy Club


Round 7 – 9th January 2018

Penshaw v Ship Isis
Newbottle v Ashbrooke
Navy Club v Chaplins

Setters:  Prior


Thursday, 18 October 2018

Only Connect Returns This Monday

Fans of Only Connect will be pleased to know that the series returns this Monday on BBC 2 for another mammoth series. 

Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Quiz Books of the Year #4

With only a few more to mention on the Quiz Books of the Year list we move onto the Cryptic Quiz Book which is a unique collection of questions. The title did put me off a little bit, but once I got stuck into the book I realised it was a well written, carefully researched title that is well worth a place on our book shelves and a perfect gift for quizzers at Christmas!

Friday, 28 September 2018

The Albert Quiz- This Sunday - Sunderland City Centre

20 weeks in and the Albert quiz remains strong with a great cohort of teams and different winners all the time! With rounds including pictures, news, connections, entertainment, music, alphabet rounds, Top 5's and General knowledge, in addition to our Jackpot which is now £140 ish, its a fun quiz night.

The Albert itself is a great bar in the heart of Sunderland City Centre on Fawcett Street. Ideal for transport links, great drinks and a friendly atmosphere...what more can you need?

The quiz kicks off at 7.30pm with the picture round and with a rolling jackpot, cash prizes and beer tokens to give away, you are in for a treat!

This Sunday is also the last of the month, meaning we do our special last team standing game to win a £20 beer token!

Hope to see you there one week....if you are looking for a Pub Quiz Sunderland, then The Albert is your best Sunday choice!

See the source imageSee the source image

Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Pub Quiz in Sunderland

At the time of writing I am currently running 2 quiz nights in Sunderland City Centre with a 3rd to be added very soon. For anyone in the Sunderland area and keen on a pub quiz, here are the details...

See the source image

Sunday Nights - 7.30pm - The Albert - Fawcett Street, Sunderland City Centre

If you are looking of a pub quiz on a Sunday night in Sunderland look no further than the Albert. Only opened in December 2017, The Albert is a fabulous new bar which is perfect for the quiz. A great group get in every week, good regular competition and most teams usually end up with a prize!

See the source image

Tuesday Nights - 7.30pm - The Peacock, Sunderland City Centre

The Peacock Tuesday Night Quiz is currently in its third week and starting to build nicely. New teams every week, a nice range of prizes and a good set up in the pub itself giving us our own little area to quiz! If you are seeking a pub quiz in Sunderland on a Tuesday Night, look no further than The Peacock!

Coming Soon....

Monday Nights at Yates in Sunderland!


It has been about a month since I managed to post anything up on the blog, but with the Quiz League in full flow as well as my own new Quiz Night ventures launching across Sunderland, it has been a bit of a struggle to find the time. I do intend to post up some of the pub quizzes I have been producing on a weekly basis on the blog at some point....

Thursday, 30 August 2018

My latest Quiz Venture

I will be starting my next quiz as host on Tuesday September 11th at the Peacock in the heart of Sunderland City. After getting into hosting about 16 weeks ago now, I have started looking for a few extra nights as I am finding it much more enjoyable than I imagined!

Would love to see you there....

Monday, 6 August 2018

Gaby Roslins Talking Pictures

Radio 4 Extra is a treasure trove of shows which had limited runs on radio, and one I have just discovered, that I still haven't worked out if its newly produced or a repeat, is Gaby Roslins Talking Pictures which is a fun and interesting quiz on the subject of films. Worth checking out HERE

Sunday, 5 August 2018

Sunday Nights at The Albert Sunderland

Image may contain: Darren Wood, Daniel Fullard and Galvatron Cartman, people smiling, people sitting and indoorImage may contain: nightImage may contain: 4 people, including Daniel Fullard, Gary Gamblin and Kelly Breed, people smiling, people sitting and indoor
Quiz Night - The Albert - Sunderland - Sunday at 7.30pm
My quiz night in the Albert enters its 3rd month now and continues to go from strength to strength with a great core of regular players attending, producing 6 different winners in the past 6 weeks and a jackpot prize of £175 given away recently!
If you find yourself in Sunderland on a Sunday, the pub is located just opposite Wilkos and the Post Office on Fawcett Street, and we start at 7.30pm until around 10pm!
Hope to see you there one week. We are getting busy now so if you want to ensure you have a seat, please pop me an email to and Ill get one sorted!

Saturday, 4 August 2018

Are you a pub owner in Sunderland?

Are you a pub manager in Sunderland? Do you want to fill your bar on a Wednesday night with a bunch of thirsty quizzers? Then you may want to consider adding a team into the Sunderland Echo Quiz League!

The League has been running for over 50 years and having recently taken over as league secretary, I am keen to get some new players in the league. All you need is a team of up to 6, a venue and you are set to go.

If you are keen to enter a team or indeed are an individual looking to join in some tougher, google free quizzing, then this could be a good chance to get involved. Pop me an email to

Friday, 3 August 2018

Book Suggestions

A couple of books I have been working my through lately by Mitchell Symons. 800 plus page tomes of interesting facts that are ideal for quizzers and questions masters alike. Of the few I have read, I would suggest the two to go for, and the ones with least repetition, would be the ones below!

Quiz Britain

I may have mentioned the rather excellent Quiz Britain app in the past but its certainly well worth mentioning again. The app and site is a guide to quizzing in the UK, and simply typing in your location will provide a comprehensive list of quizzes in the area.

You will find the site

Thursday, 2 August 2018

Quiz Review: River Bar Washington

See the source image

Location: Fatfield, Washington
Nights: Tuesday
Time: From 7pm
 Last night, for the first time in quite a while, I sampled a new quiz night in the local area due to the fact that my cousin happens to work behind the bar and alerted me to the Tuesday quiz. With over 50 players in the bar across 10-12 teams it is certainly one of the most packed quizzes Ive been to in a while. The pub itself is in a prime location, with easy parking and Tuesday nights are also 50% off food, which we of course took advantage of.
The quiz has 8 rounds of 6 questions, including a music round, as well as pictures and two "Who am I Style rounds". The questions were pretty straight forward standard pub quiz style, and the quiz rattles along at a pacey rate...all over by 9.30pm. The "Who Am I" rounds, both worth up to 10 points, do mean the quiz balances a lot on how well you do in that (which I suppose encourages different winners every week). Plenty of prizes, a jackpot round and a well run quiz all around.
Certainly worth a look!

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Sunderland Echo Quiz League

It is that time of year again when the Sunderland Echo Quiz League's knockout cup commences. Not quite a knockout as such, but with a new format in play it might be an interesting season. Here are the fixtures if you fancy coming along to any games. Pop me a message if you do.

Gown Scott Memorial Rounds – Knockout Rounds

Week 1
August 1st
Setters -  Ashbrooke
Free Week – Newbottle
Ship Isis vs Navy Club
Penshaw vs Prior
Week 2
August 8th
Setters -  Navy Club
Free Week – Prior
Newbottle vs Ashbrooke
Penshaw vs Ship Isis
Week 3
August 15th
Setters -  Newbottle
Free Week – Penshaw
Prior vs Navy Club
Ship Isis vs Ashbrooke
Week 4
August 22nd 
Setters -  Ship Isis
Free Week – Ashbrooke
Navy Club vs Penshaw
Prior vs Newbottle
Week 5
August 29th
Setters -  Penshaw
Free Week – Navy Club
Ashbrooke vs Prior
Newbottle vs Ship Isis
Week 6
September 5th
Setters -  Prior
Free Week – Ship Isis
Navy Club vs Newbottle
Ashbrooke vs Penshaw
Week 7
September 12th
Week 8
September 19th
Setters - TBA
Free Week – N/A
Navy Club vs Ashbrooke
Prior vs Ship Isis
Penshaw vs Newbottle
Week 9
September 26th
Semi Final
Setter: 6th Place in Knockout Group Stage
Team 1 vs Team 4
Team 2 vs Team 3
Team 1 and 2 have choice of venue. Home team must provider quiz master