Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Quiz Book Suggestion

I imagine most of the people reading this will have at least heard, or possibly own, the above title. "The Only Quiz Book You Will Ever Need" is something that, if based on the title alone, may be something you would expect to be full of chestnuts and 10,000 pointless questions...but when you consider this is written by some of the finest quiz players in the country it changes to make this an essential quiz book. Other than maybe the likes of "On the Tip of My Tounge" which is a different style, this is perhaps my favourite quiz book in my collection. I certainly have spent more time with and learned more from this than I have with any other quiz book....It ranges from the gettable to the obscure and goes on various themes throughout. Every question is well written and its a great learning tool as well as being great for testing yourself!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Site Suggestion - Kens Quiz Site

I don't have a links section as such on the blog so tend, from time to time, to post up a few site suggestions of the most useful trivia sites on the internet. One I have been using for years is Kens Quiz Site which can be found HERE

The site is totally free with a wide range of questions available and it must take "Ken" quite some time put it together. All the quizzes are themed so whatever you fancy doing your quiz on its all easy to find with years in the archives. The General Knowledge quizzes are particularly good as they are more often than not very testing and I have much fun trooping through the archives.

Twitter Account

Just to remind any new readers that I post various links to quizzes (and especially links to my periscope music quizzes) up at my Twitter account (@quizaddictblog) so just a reminder if you use Twitter to give me a quick follow and say hi!