Fifteen to One
Legendary quiz show Fifteen To One will return to Channel 4 this April.
The series, produced by Remedy Productions for the broadcaster, sees the pressure back on as the fifteen contestants hope they’re the fastest with the answers to become the last one standing. The new series follows a one-off special last year as part of Channel 4′s 80s night. The general public version of the show is to be hosted by Sandi Toksvig.
“I’m thrilled to be taking up the mantle of hosting Fifteen To One. It is a legendary quiz show with tough questions. I’m glad I’ll be asking not answering. I’m also delighted to be back at Channel 4.” - Sandi Toksvig
The great British public applied in droves to participate in the cult quiz known for its tough questions and demanding nerves of steel from its players. Thousands up and down the land applied to take part, including some very dedicated former contestants who had appeared in the original show. Some of the former contestants, who in many cases have been waiting for more than a decade to return, go head to head with fresh-faced hopefuls all in a bid to become the Fifteen to One Grand Final Winner and take home £40k
Twenty episodes are to air in the new daytime run of hour long episodes. The cash prize is brand new to the show but that’s not the only difference. The new generation of Fifteen To One will also herald some other key changes; Each player will now be given three chances to reach the final round of a show therefore getting the opportunity to appear on a maximum of three shows throughout the week. This allows for both Sandi to form relationships with contestants and for viewers at home to really champion their favourites.
Each hour long episode showcases Sandi’s camaraderie with the contenders as well as her firm but fair hosting style. Throughout the show, she will also offer up her near boundless knowledge on the topics that arise. - Channel 4
Played over three rounds, the Fifteen To One contestants simply have to avoid elimination. To do that they not only have to answer questions correctly but must also decide which of their opponents to nominate putting them under the question spotlight. There will also be four prime time Celebrity Fifteen To One specials hosted by Adam Hills who presented the previous special in 2013.
The original Fifteen to One was presented by former ATV producer William G Stewart from 1988 to 2003. The new run will kick off Saturday 5th April at 5:30pm and continues weekdays at 4:30pm starting Monday 7th April.