Tuesday, 26 February 2019

The Hit List - Applications Close tomorrow

The Hit List

I mentioned this show a few weeks back, some form of new music based quiz show from the BBC. The applications are still open and close tomorrow. All information HERE

Monday, 18 February 2019

Podcast Suggestions - Book Cheat

In my ever growing series of podcast recommendations, the latest covers the subject of Literature and is a very useful podcast for quizzers as each week they look in detail at famous novels and authors. They use the phrase "We have read the book so you don't have to", but that does not do the podcast justice as it is perfect as both a primer to certain books, as a reflection if you have read it and ideal for quiz revision and recapping! Its available on all major podcast platforms but again I find Castbox the best to use.

The guys also have a facebook page which contains some extra information!

Sunday, 17 February 2019

Quiz Book Suggestion

David Clark, Mastermind winner and author of the fantastic Life After Mastermind blog, has released various quiz books over the years on the Amazon store. Although chiefly designed for Kindle they can be viewed on any device with the Kindle app and I have again worked m way through his superb quiz book on English Literature in the last few weeks. Concise, a good format and full of great questions and no filler, this is a book well worth spending your time with!

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Quiz Night - Sunday Night - The Albert in Sunderland

Another shameless plus for the pub quiz I run in Sunderland on a Sunday Night. The quiz has been picking up lately with more and more teams joining in. With over £200 in prizes every week there is usually something for everyone!


Friday, 15 February 2019


See the source image
IQTV (Intelligent Quiz Shows TV) has recently launched online and on mobile devices in the UK, and after a few weeks of use I thought I would give it a quick mention. I have much more to come on the blog about the service itself, including a word from the founder of the company about future plans etc, but in a nutshell IQTV is a streaming service aimed at quizzers! It contains shows including Mastermind, A Question of Genius and Only Connect thus far, and is always expanding with new content.
From what I gather, plans are to go even further back into archives which will be something I imagine quizzers are going to jump at the chance of using. At the moment content is just starting to build. There is a monthly fee, but also a free trial involved.
As I said, I will be posting plenty up about this service as an when it develops but if you are interested for now see HERE

Thursday, 14 February 2019

Sunderland Echo Quiz League

The Sunderland Echo Quiz League continues and is now half way through the season.  Newbottle lead the way and this far have yet to be troubled but the new question format may well yet have a significant role to play in deciding where the title goes.

If you live in the Sunderland area and are keen to take part in the League then add a message here or pop me an email to Daniel@thequizaddict.com. Whether you are a solo player or maybe want to enter a team, we are always looking for more players!

TEAM P W D L Total AV PTS Newbottle 9 9 0 0 374 41.6 18 Ashbrooke 9 7 0 2 339 37.7 14 The Prior 10 4 1 5 316 31.6 9 Penshaw 10 4 0 6 337 33.7 8 Navy Club 9 4 0 5 273 30.3 8 Ship Isis 9 3 1 5 289 32.1 7 Chaplins 10 1 0 9 265 26.5 2

Derren Brown - Quizzer!

Following on from a post earlier in the week regarding the Quizzers documentary, this is always another one people mention to me on Twitter (@quizaddictblog). I won't say too much if you haven't seen it....but take a look and see what you think?

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Classical Music Map of Britain

Another book I have managed to get through in the last few weeks and one well worth mentioning in regards to improving the knowledge of classical music. Easy to read, a nice range of facts to digest and a worthy attidition to your book shelves.

In fact, a lot of the Classic FM books don't get much of a mention but are all well worth a look for a quick and easy gathering of facts about the topic!

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Mastermind on the move!

A story that broke last week, but it appears that the black chair is moving to Belfast! Having tried and failed to get on the show for the best part of 5 years, I am hopeful that the "return to basics" format will help me out in finally getting on.

Full story HERE

Quizzers Documentary

Every year I like to post up a little link to this superb documentary aired on Channel 4 about 12 years ago now. It covers the European Quizzing Championships and features many of the faces you will see on TV quiz show these days. Well worth 30 minutes of your time!

This Weeks Grid Round...

The Grid round at the Albert this week was as follows. Remember the aim of the game is find the correct 5 answers on each Grid...….This week the highest score was 8.

Round 6
Can you identify the 5 advertising slogans that you would associate with Car manufacturers?

‘Intelligent Motion’
‘Connecting People’
‘Have it Your Way’
‘Grace. Space. Pace’
‘Go Beyond’
‘The Power of Dreams’
‘Let’s Go Places’
‘Ideas for Life’
‘Where Do You Want to Go Today?”
‘Think Different’


Round 7
The equator passes through which of the following countries?


Let me know how you do and remember, if you are in the Sunderland area and are looking for a quiz on a Sunday Night....The Albert is the place to be. 7.30pm start!

Monday, 11 February 2019

Book Suggestion: 10,000 Things

This week I eventually got finished with the superb 10,000 things which was originally recommended to me on Facebook. Its a superb book covering all the key areas of general knowledge with detailed lists that serves good as both a primer and a grounding for further research! Knowing a little bit about each of the people featured in this book will certainly set you up in good stead!

I imagine this will feature very highly in my end of year run down of the most useful quizzing books...

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Contestant Call - The £100k Drop

The current series of The £100k Drop (formerly the Million Pound Drop) is airing on Channel 4, and by the looks of it another series is on the way as they have put out a call for contestants. I quite like the questions on the show, although its must better watching it on fast forward to skip out the chit chat!
Apply HERE

Friday, 8 February 2019

Sunderland - Pub Quiz - This Sunday

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My weekly quiz at the Albert continues this Sunday Night from 7.30pm. Located in the heart of Sunderland City Centre on Fawcett Street, we have had good crowds the first few weeks of 2019 but there is always room for more!
This week we have a five week rollover on the jackpot so if you are looking for a pub quiz in Sunderland on Sunday Night...come and join us?
If you want to make sure you get a table pop me an email to Daniel@thequizaddict.co.uk and Ill keep one for you!

Thursday, 7 February 2019

Podcast Suggestion

GoodJobBrain logo.png
Another of the quiz related podcasts I have been enjoying thus far this year is "Good Job Brain". Its hard to describe it in one word, but the podcast basically throws trivia questions at you, gives useful tips on pneumonics and general chit chat about the world of quizzing and trivia. There are over 200 episodes at present which last between 45 minutes and an hour each.
I have been using the excellent Castbox to listen but these are also available HERE on the Good Job Brain website.

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

This Weeks Jackpot Questions

The Jackpot at the Albert was on a 5 week Rollover this week and 2 players had a chance at the big one before a side prize was one.....Could you have won it?

Rugby League
Who is the most southerly English team to compete in the current season of Super League?

Food and Drink
Which wine grape has a name which comes from the French word for Blackbird?
If you are nailing these questions every week, and you are in the Sunderland area, have a go at wining the prize itself every Sunday from 7.30pm at the Albert in Sunderland!

Tuesday, 5 February 2019

Pub Quiz - Grid Handout

I have introduced a new round into my weekly pub quiz, replacing a Top 5 list style round. Its called the Grid Round and each Grid has 5 right answers and 5 wrong ones and the players must identify which is which....

This past weekend the players tackled the following...

How would you have done?

Round 6
Circle the 5 sitcoms with the most number of episodes...

My Family
Not Going Out
The Vicar of Dibley
Only Fools and Horses
The Inbetweeners
Mrs Browns Boys
Birds of a Feather
The Office
Red Dwarf


Round 7
Which 5 facts about Donald Trump are true?

Born in 1957
Middle name is John
51st President of the USA
Born in Scotland
Has a son called Donald Jr
Married 3 times
Has a degree from Havard in Communications
Appeared in the movie Home Alone 2
Released a best selling book called “The Art of the Lie”
Has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Sunday, 3 February 2019

Useful Spotify Playlist

Another key tool in my weekly quiz revision is Spotify. Certainly in terms of all the subscriptions I have (Netflix etc) this is the one that gets the most use.

There is a cracking playlist on there that contains all the UK Number 1 Singles, and its been worth its weight in gold.

Here is the link that should work.

I also find it useful flicking through the UK Top 50 chart playlist as well which as come in very handy at some recent pub quizzes.

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Podcast Suggestion: Sporting Witness

I have mentioned several times over the years on the blog that Podcasts are one of my key areas of quiz learning and I am always trying out new series and catching up with those I have missed. I have mentioned before the BBC Witness Series, which is broadcast on the World Service, and is short 10 minute episodes about historical events.

Well, there is also a Sporting Witness, along the same theme, and for those of you looking to improve your Sporting Knowledge this is superb! Available on all major podcast apps, of which I am finding Castbox to be the most useful!

See the source image

Friday, 1 February 2019

Sunderland Pub Quiz- This Sunday

The Pub Quiz I run at The Albert (in Sunderland City Centre) continues this Sunday from 7.30pm. Nobody has managed to take the jackpot in 2019 thus far meaning we are on a 4-week rollover.

All the usual rounds with this week including fictional settings of TV series and Films, a themed round on Numbers, Z musical acts and the all new Grid round!

If you are in the Sunderland area on Sunday and fancy a quiz....give it a try!

Image result for the albert sunderand pub

Book Suggestion: Britannica Guide to Russia

I have never really read any of the "Britannica Guide..." to books in the past but I have heard a number of quizzers talking positively about them. I dug this out of one of my many "to read" boxes this week and I am now a fan! This short history of Russia, about 250 pages, is perfect for quizzing purposes covering all the main details, figures, facts, culture and major events of Russian History. Very readable, doesn't waste time on too much detail and gives a great grounding into a subject which often comes up at quizzes.

I will certainly be looking at more in the series after this one...