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Quiz Questions # 4

I hope you have had a great Xmas! Here are the next questions to get stuck into....

Which of these appeared in the UK first – Nandos, KFC or Subway?
Carol Kane is on the of the co-founders of which online fashion retailer? They recently surpassed $1 billion in annual takings for the first time and also bought the outlets of Coast and Karen Miller, before promptly shutting 200 stores claiming the high street is dead.

What four stringed instrument takes its name from an Hawaiian word meaning “jumping flea”?

Riding a horse called Haverland, in 2019 an 18 year old female jockey made history at Goodwood racecourse, when she became the first person to win a horse race in the UK whilst wearing what?

Which long running BBC Sitcom aired its final episode in the year 2000, on the same night Judith Keppel became the first person to win the top prize on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? The sitcom in question had been running since 1990 and involved the death of the main character

Thursday, 26 December 2019

Celebrity Mastermind

In yet another Xmas special series of current TV quizzes, the latest Celebrity Mastermind appears on screens from tomorrow and runs into the new year.HERE is the information and air dates.


Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Merry Christmas

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One final word before the big day itself. I hope everyone reading has a great Xmas and best wishes for the new year!

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Christmas Gift Guide for Quizzers #10

Christmas Gift Guide for Quizzers #10

And lastly on the list is another quiz book, and one that is for the Football fan and/or quizzer in your life! Any book that has "The Mammoth" in the title is usually a sign that the book is somewhat going to be packed with filler...not this case. This is a well researched and finely crafted book full of useful information and cracking questions on football, written in a good style which means the book doesnt date as quickly as you might suspect!

The Chase Christmas Day Special

Good news TV quiz fans. Once all the frenzy of Xmas Day has died down, you will be able to settle down and enjoy another festive edition of the Chase. ITV have pencilled in the latest Xmas special for the big day itself.

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Christmas Gift Guide for Quizzers #9

Christmas Gift Guide for Quizzers #9

Depending on what quizzing you do, the NFL may rarely come up, but either way as a book of information and an enjoyable read, this is perfect for anyone in your life who loves the NFL. This year marked the 100th anniversay of the league (in a sense) and there have been a ton of books on the subject. In terms of pure facts and quiz value, I would suggest this is the best of the bunch!

Weekly News Questions - Coming in 2020

I am looking to invest some more time into the Blog in 2020 and share the quiz content I am providing at my hosted quizzes. Hence from 2020 I will be posting up a Weekly News Quiz, every Monday, based on news of the previous 7 days. Hopefully this will help you in pub quizzes and give other hosts an idea for their own rounds!

Thursday, 19 December 2019

The Guardian Quiz

Something I have really enjoyed this year  has been the weekly quiz in the Guardian. Its published online and you can see the full archive HERE. From the inventive general knowledge, to the quirky Only Connect style questions, this is a treasure trove of quiz content!

Quiz Questions # 3

Another set for you to get tucked into. Answers to follow later in the week.....


Referencing their later stage in life, what is the two word title of the sequel to the famous novel “Little Women”?

In 1805, the famous Battle of Austerlitz took place. The location of that battle is now in what European country?

 How many dots appear on the dice that forms the logo of Dominos Pizza?

What four letter male name connects a recent tv series about Anne Lister, a 1996 movie starring Robin Williams and a UK Number 1 single by the Rolling Stones?

Alec Baldwin, Harrison Ford, Chris Pine and Ben Affleck have all played which fictional CIA operative in several different movies, created by the author Tom Clancy?

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Christmas Gift Guide for Quizzers #8

 Christmas Gift Guide for Quizzers  #8

Not a book this time....but Flash Cards. Yes I know what you are thinking, you could make these alone for free, but the added informaton and the whole process of just having them, encouraged me to achieve a lifetime ambition this year (well last years ambition) to learn the periodic table.

Also this fantastic book helped alongside it....

Tuesday, 17 December 2019

Christmas University Challenge

Happy to see that the 10 episode run of Christmas University Challenge is returning from the 23rd December! Always a fun show and some interesting guests lined up this year!

Quiz Questions # 2 - Answers



Adam Lallana

Speak Multiple Languages


Monday, 16 December 2019

Only Connect Specials

Good news for fans of Only Connect! There are a wide variety of specials airing over the Xmas period. Rather than list them all here, you can find the upcoming dates HERE with a mixture of new and old episodes.

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Christmas Gift Guide for Quizzers #7


I am quite a fan of "some" of Richard Osman's House of Games. Its one of those shows, a bit like Pointless, where I tend to watch on record and skip to the rounds that interest me. The book however, is much more interesting as it makes the most of the quiz-based rounds. A great gift for the quizzer and indeed a great game for some family Christmas theme quiz time!

Board Game Review -TV and Movie Quiz

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Board Game Review - The Best of TV and Movies (The Logo Game)
In amongst the usual festive favourites (Cluedo, Scrabble, Monopoly etc) I managed to squeeze in a few quiz games with family and friends over the Xmas period.
One of them was the "Best of TV and Movies" which is under the Logo Game banner. Ignore the Logo Banner for all intents and purposes as it very rarely applies. This is a straight up quiz game that is easy to play and has a good range of questions to suit all. A crowd of entertainment quizzing experts will probably get very little wrong but there is enough testing questions to entertain all.
Works really well as a family game, questions over a range of eras and genres and very easy to set up and play. Nothing to complicated which is what you need from a quiz game.
A solid 8/10 and one to look out for in the sales.
Here is the Amazon Link...

Quiz Questions #2

Second set. Answers to follow early next week....


What state of the USA shares its full name with the full name of a country in Europe?

The 8th largest in Britain, which Supermarket chain was founded by two mean with the first names Wallace and Arthur and was named after a combination of their two surnames?

Which Liverpool player scored the only goal of Sam Allardyces reign as England manager?

A Polyglot is the name given to a person who can do what?

The name of which Scottish City is also that of one of the most respected prizes awarded in the field of architecture?

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Chaplins Xmas Quiz - Sunderland - Thursday 19th December

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Chaplins, Sunderland
Thursday 19th December
Just a quick plug for the Chaplins quiz night which is ran by a good friend of mine and has its Xmas special this week. Always a packed night, jackpot is usually around the £300 mark and a fun festive night!

Grid Round - Answers

 Here are the answers from the Grid Round......This is what you should had left after eliminating the wrong answers!

Round 6
(Remember this was 2019 anniversaries)

The Queen’s wedding anniversary
Apollo 11 Moon Landing
Fall of the Berlin Wall
D-Day Landings
Birth of Queen Victoria

Bonus Round – GAMBLE GRID
(Remember this was circling the answers you were 100% sure were correct!)

Saturn now has more identified moons than any other planet in the Solar System

Karl Lagerfeld was the creative director of Chanel when he passed away in 2019
Between the 1994 and 2019 movie releases of the Lion King, the worlds Lion population has halved
Boris Johnson became Prime Minister in July

2019 Wedding Quiz - Answers

Answers to your anagrams from yesterday...

 Singer (Casper Jobling) - Ellie Goulding
Actor (Sabrina Dhowre) - Idris Elba
GOT Actress (Joe Jonas) - Sophie Turner
Footballer (Kate Wright) - Rio Ferdinand

Friday, 13 December 2019

Grid Round - December 2019

One of the features I have in my quiz is a Grid Round which takes a slightly different format every week.

For example...this weeks quiz was the review of 2019 quiz and the grid rounds are themed in that manner.

For Round 6, I presented the teams with 10 anniversaries from this year. They had to circle the 5 which were true!

Round 6

The Queen’s wedding anniversary
Last Public Performance by The Beatles
Apollo 11 Moon Landing
Fall of the Berlin Wall
The National Lottery
Alton Towers opening
D-Day Landings
Birth of Queen Victoria
TV debut of Monty Python
Release of the first Sony PlayStation

The gamble round is the last round of the Grid and involves 8 statements. Teams have to circle which ones are true. I don't tell them how many there are but the Gamble element plays a key role. If the teams circle 3, all of them are true, they score 3 points. But if they circle an incorrect answer they are wiped out and score 0 for the round. See how you get on! Answers tomorrow.
Bonus Round – GAMBLE GRID

Saturn now has more identified moons than any other planet in the Solar System

The Royal Baby Archie was born in June
Liverpool defeated Spurs in the Champions League Final in Baku
Karl Lagerfeld was the creative director of Chanel when he passed away in 2019
Eastenders celebrated its 10,000th episode this year
Between the 1994 and 2019 movie releases of the Lion King, the worlds Lion population has halved
Boris Johnson became Prime Minister in July
French Protestors who have made news throughout 2019 are known as the “Blue Vests”

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