Saturday, 29 February 2020

Live Quiz App

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With the demise of the likes of HQ and Cashquizz over recent years, it is fair to say that the heyday of Live Mobile Apps, on which you can win cash prizes, has well and truly gone. I know a fair few quizzers, including myself, who were able to earn some serious pocket money on these apps, but I guess the business model just was not there to make them profitable.

One app that I just started playing this week is Live Quiz,  available on both Android and Apple products. As always its 10 multiple choice questions, you answer them all and you win a share of the prizes. I have had 2 successful games this week with prizes of £2.30 and £1.80, and they also have a weekly leaderboard with cash for the top 100 players. The pay outs aren't huge and come in the form of Amazon vouchers, but if you can top the leaderboard one week...£100 is yours!

Worth taking a look!

Friday, 28 February 2020

Speed Quizzing Elite Event

I was hoping to write this report on the back of my attendance the first ever Speedquizzing Elite Event last weekend in York, but sadly circumstances meant I was unable to make it. Congratulations go out to Iain Thoms who stormed to victory in a field packed with top level quizzers, including many of the TV professionals, to win the singles event.

The feedback from fellow quizzers seems to have been great, and Speedquizzing are, as far as I a am aware, hoping to repeat the event in 2020. This time they teamed with known quizzer and Brain of Britain David Stainer to ensure the question levels were appropriate to the audience, so hopefully this could be the start of an effort for a new national circuit!

Fingers crossed!

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Atari Codebreaker

I accidentally came across the Quiz Show "Atari Codebreaker" this weekend whilst flicking through the Sky Channels. Hidden away at midnight on Discovery science, but later noticed it was widely available online, this is a quite unique Science based quiz show. The question level isn't too high, and the rounds vary from sorting out orders of elements, to categories of animals to order of inventions and so on.

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I have yet to discover when it first aired, but noticed a few known quiz faces making appearances. I have enjoyed it for the most part, but the latter levels about breaking numerical codes doesn't hold much appeal. However, if you have access to Discovery Science, or simply want to hunt online, this is well worth taking a look at!

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

New Statesman Pub Quiz Article

Click HERE for an article on the stresses of a pub quiz from the latest New Statesman!

Sunday, 23 February 2020

Pub Quiz Sunderland - Tonight from 7.30pm!

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Just a quick reminder and cheap plug for the quiz night I run each week up here in Sunderland. It takes place on Sundays, from 7.30pm, in The Albert Pub which is located on Fawcett Street. Always a fun night and a unique format to get your brain ticking over! Hope to see you there one week!

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Saturday, 22 February 2020

Contestant Call - The Hit List


The Hit List on BBC has been something of a surprise, pardon the pun, hit in recent months. Music based quiz shows are so easy to mess up but this just works. Anyway, if you have been sitting at home shouting out the answers and think you could give it a go...good news....they are now looking for contestants. The link to apply is

Friday, 21 February 2020

Very Hard Questions

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The new More 4 quiz show 'Very Hard Questions' began on Wednesday Night......and I really rather enjoyed it. The one criticism I have seen from some avenues is the pacing of the show being a bit slow. I was was watching on catch up, and skipped the breaks, and the pacing didnt seem to bad at all. The quality of both the contestants, the questions and the format was high and it was clear thought had been put into the show!

Jon Snow served well as host and all in all the hour breezed by, plenty learned, the brain cells tested and left wanting more.....a solid first epsiode!

Friday, 14 February 2020

Great North Run for Children North East

This year I will be doing the Great North Run in aid of 'Children North East'. A fantastic Charity in my local North East region helping the Kids out who need it. Becoming a Dad in August 2019 has made me realise that although I can give Molly a good start in life, others are not so fortunate and the children suffer. Children North East is there to help and I am hoping to raise as much as I can for the charity. I will post up a few links as we get closer to September but if you can find the time to donate then please do.

The donation page is HERE via Justgiving

Thanks in advance!

Very Hard Questions

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This seems to be getting plenty of promotion from Channel 4, but just in case you have missed it, a new and interesting sounding quiz show kicks off this Wednesday called "Very Hard Questions" and is hosted by Jon Snow. There are a few notable quizzers taking part and this could prove interesting! Tune in from 8pm

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Brain of Brains 1983

I mentioned a couple of days ago, that there is a cracking Youtube Channel that hosts a wide variety of old radio clips. I discovered another Gem on there today, the 1983 Brain of Brains contest between the winners of the 1981, 1982 and 1983 Brain of Britain contests. A superb edition, that I think has a very different tone from both the host and contestants than the Current Brain of Britain broadcast

Monday, 10 February 2020

Round Britain Quiz

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As you can imagine, both in my quiz hosting and online I chat to many quizzers and it always surprises me how few of them have taken the time to give Round Britain Quiz a try. Radio 4 's 3pm Monday quiz slot tends to get ignored a little, but Round Britain Quiz is up there with the finest the station has to offer. The clues are cryptic and appear daunting at first but once you get into the show, it becomes a satisfying and informative listen!

You can hear the latest series, which is up the 5th episode HERE

Sunday, 9 February 2020

The I Weekend Edition

Whenever I am talking to local quizzers, or fellow question masters, the topic of current affairs always comes up. One tip I would give anyone who is a little pushed for time, is the weekend edition of the 'i' newspaper. There is a 4-page pullout section that includes an overview of the weeks news, a good week bad week column listing short bursts of news and a very fun 10 question news quiz!

Well worth a the paper includes a 10 question GK quiz, a 10 questions Sport of the Week quiz and a very fun mammoth General Knowledge crossword

Friday, 7 February 2020

Twitter Account

If you don't already keep an eye on the Twitter account @quizaddictblog

I post questions, reviews, links and information from time to time! Including some that don't appear on the blog