Thursday, 31 August 2017

Quiz League Set

It was my turn to set for the Sunderland League last week. The questions seemed to go down well and I have pasted set A below (Set B to follow later). These are team questions so have up to 6 brains working on them....

Sunderland Echo Quiz League

Set A

Round 1 - A

1.       In a 2006 auction of the works of Andy Warhol, portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy were sold but the portrait of which world leader sold for $17 million, a world record for the artist?
Chairman Mao
2.       Which is the only planet of the solar system whose name appears in the title of an Academy Award winner for Best Picture?
Earth (The Greatest Show on Earth)
3.       If you add together the symphony numbers of Mahler’s “Resurrection” symphony and Mozart’s “Jupiter” Symphony….what number do you get?
43 (2 and 41)
4.       Which is the third largest country in the EU by area, but only the 13th highest by Population?


Round 2- A

1.       Due to be contested in the upcoming football season, which team do Crystal Palace play in what is known as the M23 Debry?
2.       If black represents the dark past, and red represents blood shed in times of war, what does the colour Green represent on the flag of Afghanistan and several other middle eastern nations?
Islam (Accept Religion)
3.       The Booker Prize winning novel “The Life and Times of Michael K” is set during an imaginary civil war in which country?
South Africa
4.       Which of the Canary islands lies closest to mainland Africa?


Round 3 - A

1.       In which heptathlon event of the 2016 Rio Olympics did Great Britain’s Katarina Johnson-Thompson outperform the gold medallist of the individual event?
High Jump
2.       There are six types (or flavours) of quarks – Up, down, top and bottom are four. Name either of the other two?
Charm or Strange
3.       When Kevin Moran became the first player to be sent off in the FA Cup Final in 1985, which opponent, later to become a Premier League manager, did he recklessly tackle to earn the red card?
Peter Reid
4.       To within a year either way, in what year was Jeremy Corbyn born?
1949 (Accept 1948-1950)





Round 4 – A

1.       The world's fifth largest by area, which North American lake is the largest lake contained entirely within one country?
Lake Michigan
2.       The British writer and critic AA Gill was married to which prominent politician and current MP, between 1990 and 1995?
Amber Rudd
3.       Who am I? In 1970 I became the third playwright of the 20th century to be knighted. During the second world war I volunteered to run the British Propaganda office in Paris. In 1943 I was awarded an honorary Academy Award for a film I co-directed with David Lean about the naval ship the HMS Torrin.
Noel Coward
4.       Which Italian has scored the highest numbers of goals in the English Premier League with a total of 69?
Paolo Di Canio


Round 5 - A

1.       In how many official films did Roger Moore play James Bond?
2.       The Darien scheme was an ill-fated attempt by which European country in the late 17th and early 18th centuries to establish a colony on the border of present day Panama and Columbia?
3.       Occurring in the 1990s, who was the last non-European to win the Formula 1 World Championship?
Jacques Villeneuve
4.       Greece shares land borders with four countries. Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria and which other?




Round 6 - A

1.       Signed in 1916 and named after an island in the Ionian sea, what name is given to the treaty that made possible the creation of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia?
Corfu Declaration (Accept Corfu Treaty or Similar)
2.       In 1957 which nation, once home to the 18th century “Ashanti Empire”, was the first sub-Saharan African nation to become independent of European colonisation?
3.       Which specific point in London is deemed as the “Centre of the city” and is the point from which Distances from London are now measured?
Charing Cross
4.       Which UK Number 1 hit Single by Madonna shares a name with the highest grossing film of 2013?


Wednesday, 30 August 2017

Only Connect Quiz Book

I am sure many readers of the blog are fans of Only Connect and will be pleased to know that they have released an excellent quiz book recently. Well worth a look...

Latest Quiz in the North...

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Quiz Night Review - The Chesters, Sunderland (Speedquizzing)

Image result for the chesters sunderland
Venue: The Chesters, Sunderland
Tuesday Nights from 9pm
1st Tuesday of Every Month is SpeedQuzzing!
People have varied opinions on SpeedQuizzing - which is a pub quiz using your phone as the answer pad - but I defy anyone to visit the Quiz Night at the Chesters and not enjoy it!
The pub itself is not only my home for Quiz League matches, but also a nice venue just outside the City Centre with plenty of space for all. The quiz is ran by a fellow team mate from the Quiz League and is very well attended. Due to complaints from locals (mainly those who Google) about the change from paper to phone quizzes, the SpeedQuiz now only runs on the first Tuesday of the month....but its one of the highlights of the week!
The first round is General Knowledge with a mix of numbers, letters and multiple choice questions (including picture rounds). Nice mix of subjects. This is followed by a music round and the best of all is kept to last, the buzzer round. Points are awarded throughout for correct answers and fastest teams but the final round is a buzzer, you answer the questions alone with your team and the rest of the pub decides to agree or disagree.
A great night, one of the most fun quiz nights in Sunderland and the only bad thing about it is that it doesn't run every week!