Friday, 15 May 2015

MIMIR Final 2015

A great video from the MIMIR Final from the Merseyside Quiz League. I think this is akin to a "Brain of Liverpool" type event and features Egghead's Pat Gibson.  Worth a watch and more information is

Liverpool Quiz League

Little copy and paste job from Mark Kerr regarding the upcoming seasons of the Liverpool Quiz League

"The Liverpool Quiz League is looking for players to take part in the 2015/6 season, commencing in September. We would welcome all players who would like to try out league quizzing as we have several teams who are currently short of players.
As a taster we can also offer the Mersey Summer Quiz League, which is played on a much more sociable basis, all questions are conferred and it is a good, gentle introduction to competitive quizzing.
The Summer season will begin with a Grand Prix at 8pm on June 8th at Aigburth People’s Hall, and then comprise nine playing weeks of head to head matches before ending with another Grand Prix on August 17th.
If you would like to come along we would love to see you there. We can arrange to introduce you to some of the teams and you can play with them.
We hold quizzes at pubs and clubs in the centre and across the city and you can get an idea of our venues on the website.
The Summer League can be found here:
Mersey Summer Quiz League
The home of the Mersey Summer Quiz League

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

App Suggestions: triVios

I have been playing triVios for a number of weeks now on my phone and ipad and have been thoroughly enjoying it so thought its about time I mentioned the app on here. In fact, I have been emailing the developers and rather than me let you about it, I will let them...

"triVios is a trivia game where people win real, tangible prizes for their awesome trivia knowledge.  Whether you like to play alone, with your friends, or with people you've never met, there's a game mode for you."

triVios is different from other trivia/quiz apps because there are four different game modes and, in any game mode, players have the ability to win real prizes.  Users can play on their own in Single, challenge their friends or random opponents in Versus, or, in Team, players can team up with their friends and play other teams in real-time.  In each of these game modes, users accumulate Gator Bucks that are redeemed for prizes in our prize store.  Users can also play Tournaments and compete for set prizes against many players.  Prizes range from gift cards to TV's to jewelry.

Purple Gator launched triVios first and foremost because we love trivia and wanted to give people a fresh take on mobile gaming.  A trivia game where players can simply be rewarded for their trivia skills.  We believe that each and every user is so important that we want to reinvest in our players by allowing them to win prizes while playing a game they love.

triVios in 3 words: Trivia with prizes
triVios in 4 words (our tagline): Play Trivia, Win Prizes

The Purple Gator Team is based out of Chicago and we're all avid trivia fans.  Every night in Chicago there are bars/pubs that host trivia night with a live trivia host.  Tons of teams show up and compete for cool prizes.  We frequently attend these trivia events and play as a team.  It's a fun, social experience that's great to do with friends.

Something to note, we have Trivia Tuesday bonuses in triVios every week giving players the opportunity to earn more Gator Bucks and get bonuses towards gameplay and prizes.

Here's a link to our YouTube demo video:


Monday, 11 May 2015

Twiz Night

For anyone on Twitter a useful quizzing account to follow is @twiznight

Twiz Night has been running for a number of years in Ireland and is basically a twice-weekly prize quiz on Twitter. Its a clever business model in which companies offer prizes for exposure and hash tags and it all benefits the player who simply logs in and answers a few questions! The whole quiz lasts about an hour or just under and it is judged not only on your answers but also on the speed at which you answer.

Works much better than you can imagine and usually is quite a fun and active night of quizzing.

Quiz League

I am looking to feature a few profiles of quiz leagues around the country over the new few weeks. I always mention the Sunderland League in which I play but I think it might be useful to feature some profiles of leagues around the country.

So if you are in a league and have a few spare moments send me some information across to and I will feature your quiz league on the site.

Possibly information such as league size, a little on the history's the league, current seasons (when they run etc), format, website links and perhaps information for contacting league organisers. Even supplying a sample quiz would help massively!

Beat the Brain BBC 2

I saw the initial contestant calls for Beat The Brain a few months back and the first episode of the series aired tonight on BBC 2. Despite being billed as a quiz show and despite John Craven using the word "quiz" at the start of the show, this is not a quiz show by any stretch of the imagination.

Its a less fun version of the Krytpon Factor testing various brain-skills such as the ability to memorise patterns, logic and observation. I am not usuall massively critical of new shows but I was fairly bored early on in this. John Craven host Beat the Brain and everything frm his style to the interaction with the computer Bain s terribly dated and the whole thing doesn't flow well at all.

Not my cup of tea at all, and even for people who like these sort of game shows, I can't see it being around for much longer than the first series.

Anyone catch this?

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Book Suggestion

I am sure you have the odd DK book in your collection. I certainly have shelves full. They tend to present information in an easy to learn, accessible and engaging way and "The Illustrated Story of Art" is no exception. I have acquired a wide range of books in recent years to try and boost my knowledge of Art and I wish I had bought this first as its a perfect primer, ideal for revision and full of useful information. Highly recommended whether you are new to the subject or looking to top up knowledge!