Monday, 27 January 2020

Quiz Demon

Over the years, I have ordered many different quiz sets from many different sites. Not to use at my own pub quizzes etc, but more to see ideas of formats and test my knowledge. Especially since August when the arrival our little bundle of joy has meant by pub quiz time has been cut down!
The problem is with a lot of online sites, they tend to use the same questions over and over again that you keep hearing at every pub quiz you go to. Quiz Demon is a little different. It was obvious for the first set I bought that the questions have been written with great care, great attention to detail and with an attempt to be unique. The whole package on offer gives you everything you need for a quiz night and they are pitched at a level that means they are ideal for your audience wherever you are!
To give you a rough idea the latest offer from the site includes....
Handout Includes:-• Film Biographies
• In The News Quotes
• Royal Mail Stamps
• Word Play – Rhyme Time
Featured Question Rounds:-
• Just Three Words – Five questions, each of which has a three word answer
• Chain Letters – A round of ten questions where the second question onward begins with the last letter of the previous answer
If you are a pub landlord and you prefer buying in sets rather than hiring a quizmaster, as I know any do, then this could be a good option for you! You aren't going to get better value and quality anywhere else.
Stay tuned later in the week when I will post up an example quiz kindly sent to me by Quiz Demon!

Brain of Britain 1980

I always find it a shame that the BBC Iplayer etc doesn't give any access to the complete archive of Brain of Britain, but yesterday I did come across a YouTube Channel that contains various episodes, seemingly at rando. Attached is the link to the 1980 Final but you will find any more on that channel!

Saturday, 25 January 2020

Marvel Quiz Round #4

Last set from my Marvel Quiz is the final round which aimed to start "gettable" and move on to being tougher. This really did separate the teams...

Round 8 – General Knowledge

1.       In the name of the Law Enformcent Organisation SHIELD…What do the letters Shield stand for?
Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division)
2.       The Marvel movies are divided into three Phases….what movie is considered to be the first movie of Phase two?
Iron Man 3
3.       What is the only Marvel movie to be nominated for the Oscar for Best Picture?
Black Panther
4.       A character known as “The Ancient one” is the mentor to which Marvel Superhero?
Doctor Strange
5.       What fictional metal gives Wakandans their power and is also the substance from which Captain America’s Shield is made?
6.       Have a look at your answer  sheet and you should see a picture….name this location and for a bonus point name the movie in which it first appeared?
7.       On your answer sheet you should see several clues. The answer to each of these clues is a colour…
Klyn Prison Uniforms –  Yellow
Outer Rim of Captain America’s shield – Red
Colour of Doctor Dooms Robe - Green
Ant-Mans Gloves – Black
Name of character who evolves into Dark Phoenix – Jean Grey
Colour of Power Infinity Stone - Purple
8.      Whose tombstone is inscribed with the phrase "The path of the righteous man..." a quote from Ezekiel 25:17?
Nick Fury
9.       The company we now know as Marvel, began life as Timely Comics….in what decade of the 20th century was Timely Comics formed?
10.   What is the surname of the brothers Anthony and Joseph who have directed 4 of the Marvel movies, including Avengers Endgame?
11.   What is the name of the terrorist organisation, who feature heavily in both the comic book series and movies, that has the motto "If a head is cut off, two more shall take its place”?  Their agents often wear clothing with a a serpent.
12.   In the world of Marvel Movies  what connects Steve Jobs, Rocky, The Berlin Wall and Thai Food?
All on Captain Americans to Do List
13.   What is the relationship between the Marvel characters the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver?
Brother and Sister
14.   In 1986, which Marvel creation was the title character of the first theatrically released movie based on a Marvel character to be released in almost 40 years?
Howard The Duck
15.   Take a look at your answer sheet and you should see pictures of 4 Villans from the world of Marvel Comics. Some may have also appeared in Marvel movies….simply name all four Villans?
Kingpin, Apocalypse, Kang, Venom


That's it for the Marvel rounds! Hope you enjoyed it!

Thursday, 23 January 2020

Quiz Questions #5 - Answers

Madame Tussauds
Queen Elizabeth II
Andy Scott Lee
Ordinary People

Wednesday, 22 January 2020

Marvel Quiz Round # 3

Another round from my Marvel Pub Quiz....This was the round of the quiz that started to split the teams and looked at Marvel Beyond the movies!

Round 4 – Beyond the Movies

1.       Matt Murdoch is better known as which Marvel Superhero who has appeared in a 2003 movie and is the star of a tv series that began in 2015?
2.       Which Marvel series, that first aired on Netflix in 2015, stars Krysten Ritter as a former superhero who opens her own detective agency?
Jessica Jones
3.       In what decade of the 20th Century was Captain America aka Steve Rogers….born?
4.       In the Marvel world who is older……Thor or his brother Loki?
5.       On your answer sheet you should see 4 characters from the world of Marvel Comics. Can you give me their superhero name…
Nova, Cyclops, The Thing, Rogue
6.       In the TV show Agents of Shield, what four letter female name does Agent Coulson give to his red 1962 Chevrolet Corvette?
7.       Gamble 1 – Which historical figure is seen being punched in the face by Captain America on the cover of the first Captain America comic?
Adolf Hitler
8.       Gamble 2 – The Civil War Comic Book series was first published in which year….was it 1999, 2003, 2006 or 2009?

Monday, 20 January 2020

Quiz Questions #5 - Questions

In 1980, which famous individual, who herself founded a notable chain of tourist attractions, opened Alton Towers resort in 1980?


Who was the first British Monarch to visit the Vatican?


What name is shared by a former indoor theme park in the North East of England the first novel published by Julian Barnes?


Who connects the boy band 3SL, Pop Idol Series 2 and Steps?


Which Best Picture Oscar winner concerns the disintegration of an upper-middle class family in Lake Forest, Illinois, following the accidental death of one of their two sons and the attempted suicide of the other?

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Marvel Quiz Round # 2

As promised, another Round from my Marvel Quiz which I hosted last year. This was the third round and focused on Movies that feature marvel characters but are not considered part of the MCU Universe.  As always, feel free to use and if you are using a lot of them for any reasons, feel free to add a donation in the link in the sidebar!

Movies outside the MCU

1.       Which Marvel character is played by Jennifer Garner in a 2005 movie of the same name?
2.       How does the character 'Blade' become half-vampire in the 1998 film of the same name?
His mother is bitten by a vampire
3.       In 2015 a  Marvel Movie won the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Picture, the first and thus far only Marvel movie to do so?
The Fantastic Four
4.       In X Men First class, who plays the role of Professor X?
James McAvoy
5.       I am going to give you the subtitles of two movies based on Marvel characters, all you have to do is tell me the movie series they belong to. The first one… “Trinity”…..the second on is “Spirit of Vengeance”?
Blade, Ghost Rider
6.       Adamantium is the indestructible metal that was used to fuse the skeleton of which Marvel character?
7.       What is the latest Live action cinematic movie to be released based on a Marvel character, that is neither part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or part of the Xmen series?
8.       Which of these sequels was released first….Blade II, X Men 2 or Spiderman 2?
Blade II

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Quiz Questions #4 - Answers

Neil Diamond
1659 – 1695
Solheim Cup
See Emily Play

Book Review #3 - Life and Works of Bosch

I have been collecting these "Life and Works" series for some time, mainly via them showing up in local charity shops. The most recent, and first of 2020 I have read, is about Bosch. Garden of Earthly Delights is one of my favourite works of art, but I have never really looked at much past that with Bosch....and it seems there isn't much to look at! The book itself is full, as all the series are, of great images of his works and details on his paintings. The one little problem with this book, that the others in the series don't have, is that there is so little known about Bosch's life that there is very very little in the way of biography.

If you haven't ventured into this series already, they are always worth keeping an eye out for!

Friday, 17 January 2020

How Quizzing Got Cool - BBC

As someone recently mentioned in reply to my blog post update on "New Shoots - Quizzers", there is of course another fantastic documentary on quizzing aired by the BBC a year or so ago. How Quizzing Got Cool is a superb look at the quizzing world! And may feature a brief glimpse of the blog you are currently reading!

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Marvel Quiz Rounds #1

As I keep mentioning, my big aim with the blog this year is to post up the content from the quizzes I host and have hosted in the past year for readers to have a go at and use themselves. I am happy with these being used for any purpose, but just ask if you use any for your own quizzes to perhaps pop a donation on the donation button as they take a lot of time to put together.

This round was entitled Round 1 - MCU, and looked at an easy-ish start to get going. Keep an eye out in the coming days for the other rounds.

1.       Voiced by Bradley Cooper in the movie versions, what is the name of the racoon who is a member of the Guardians of the Galaxy?
2.       Which character is the biological son of a King of the Frost Giants,  is abandoned shortly after his birth and taken to Asgard to be raised by Odin?
3.       Other than Stan Lee who has appeared in just about them all, can you name me the 3 actors who have appeared in the most number of movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Including post-credit scenes, they have each appeared as their character in 10 different movies.
Robert Downey Junior, Chris Evans, Samuel L Jackson
4.       The Staten Island Ferry and Washington Monument are both involved in key action scenes in which Marvel movie?
Spiderman Homecoming
5.       A toy of which popular British children’s TV character is seen multiple times, in both large and small form, in the final scenes of Ant Man?
Thomas the Tank Engine
6.       In the MCU movies,  is Nick Fury’s patch over his right or left eye?
7.       In what movie does the character Black Widow first appear?
Iron Man 2
8.       In Spiderman:Homecoming, what female name does Spiderman give to his suit – Claire, Carol or Karen?
9.       There are six infinity stones which feature in the Marvel Cinematic Universe There is a Time Stone, a Space Stone and a power stone. Can you name the other 3?
Reality Stone, , Mind Stone, Soul Stone
10.   On a list of the highest grossing movies of all time worldwide….there are 7 Marvel movies that feature in the top 20. The four Avengers movies are in there….as well as which other three Marvel movies?
The movies in question were released in 2018, 2016 and 2013.
Black Panther, Iron Man 3, Captain America: Civil war

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Quiz Questions #4 - Questions

Which singer played the lead role in the critically panned remake of the Jazz Singer and was rewarded with a Golden Raspberry award for his efforts?


Give any year in the life of the British composer Henry Purcell?


Complete the title of the Willy Russell musical “John, Paul, George, Ringo and…..”?


Which sporting event is named after Norwegian-born American golf club designer and businessman? He founded Karsten Manufacturing, a golf club maker better known by the name of PING


What was the first, and one of only two, Pink Floyd singles to reach the Top Ten of the UK Singles chart?

Book Review #2 - William I (Penguin Monarchs)

For various reason my reading has started slowly this year, but I managed to get a few books finished over the weekend so will put up a few posts mentioning them.

Somehow, this Penguin Monarch series has eluded me until I saw this edition in a Charity Shop. Similar to the Very Short Introduction Series these are short, straight to the point overviews of each Monarch since William I seemingly.

I enjoyed this, very useful for quizzing purposes and a nice easy read! I will definitely be looking more into the series!

Tuesday, 14 January 2020

Podcast Suggestion - Presidential


As I have mentioned several times on the blog over the years, I do love a good podcast and this year, over the festive period, I indulged in the excellent series "Presidential". Released in 2016, Presidential was made in the run up to the 2016 US Election, and week by week, focused on each President with discussion from experts, historians and key people involved in the times. Episodes vary between 33 minutes and 1 hour plus, and can be listened to as a series or as one-off episodes if you are keen to learn more about certain presidents.

Monday, 13 January 2020

Book Review #1 - Olympics 1984

I picked up a book on the 1984 Olympics from a local Charity shop. Its written by a Martin Tyler, not sure if its THE football commentating Martin Tyler, but either way I assumed it was a review of the 1984 Games. I am trying to improve my Olympic knowledge this year, and hence trying to study each games one at a time. However, the book itself is more of a recap of the Olympics to that point rather than a preview or review of 1984.

This makes it very useful indeed! Full of great tales, great facts and great pictures....this is a great book if you can find it. I can't seem to see it either online or any images of the front cover. It appears on goodreads but without much info and doesn't have an ISBN number.

It mentions the Daily Telegraph in the blurb so I am assuming it was some sort of book given on offer via the paper.

Worth hunting down!

Interview with Graig Zethner

Over the last few weeks I have been engrossed in two quiz books, which I would perhaps rank as the most useful and most enjoyable in recent memory. I actually came across them by accident whilst browsing Facebook. They are written by Graig Zethner and are pitched at a level above your standard bar trivia. The books must have taken hours to put together and they are presented in a great format with 20 questions, then 20 answers (with facts attached) meaning you don't have to scrape through the back of the book to find answers.

Anyway, I got in touch with Graig on Facebook and he kindly gave us a few words about the books themselves which you will find below. The links to the books are below too. Well worth your time!

Tell us a little bit about yourself?
I’m a computer engineer living in San Diego, California. I grew up just outside of New York City before relocating here for work at 27. I’m now 40, happily married, and enjoying life in America’s Finest City while working for one of the world’s leading technology companies. I’m a big baseball fan, and I’m really into pop culture, including movies, music, and television. When not working on my trivia website, most of my free time is spent on these activities.
And what is your quizzing experience?
I remember being interested in random facts as far back as I can remember. I’ve always been competitive, so I’ve always been interested in quizzing, though I only recently became an active participant. My high school did not have a quiz bowl team, and my friends weren’t really interested in trivia, so my experience for most of my life was limited to watching “Jeopardy!”. I took the online test in 2009, made the cut, and appeared on the show in 2011. My game was not very difficult, but stage fright got the best of me and I finished third; it’s very different than playing at home. I then took a break from trivia for several years before finding the Trivial Warfare podcast in 2016. This brought pub trivia to my attention, after which I found a local game which my wife and I now attend. We recently finished 5th in San Diego and were certainly the smallest team in the finals.
What inspired you to write the book?
I enjoy asking trivia questions even more than answering them, and for years I’ve been coming up with interesting questions in my head, so in 2017 I started to write those questions down. I was always a bit frustrated that most trivia just provide answers without any supporting material, so I tried to make my book much more informative. Every answer comes with details, either explaining the answer or providing more background on the topic. If you come across a related question in the future, hopefully you’ll have the knowledge to answer it.
I began posting these questions/answers in a trivia group on Facebook, then created a website which people could play to which I added all sorts of trivia study games. My site was entirely free, but it took a lot of my time, so I tried to find a way to monetize it. This led me to assemble my questions into my first book, published in 2018. Even though I only sold a few dozen copies and made less than $200, I put together another book in 2019 and have seen more success, though I’ve made less than $800 and won’t be quitting my day job anytime soon. I also updated my site last fall with premium features for $3/month. I can currently count my subscribers on one hand, but this is an area I’d like to grow in 2020.
What is your favourite question from the book?
Each of my books has 1,000+ questions, so asking for my favorite is tough. I enjoy questions that can be approached from multiple angles, and those that make you raise your eyebrows when you hear the answer – either because you smack your head because you should have known the answer or because you find the it really interesting. Trying to pick one right now would be a disservice to the time and effort I put into this book… but here is an example of one that I like:
Music: According to Billboard, not including holiday songs, only two recordings have entered the Hot 100 in three separate decades. One is Prince's "1999". What is the other song to achieve this feat, charting in 1976, 1992, and again last year? (“Bohemian Rhapsody”)
How long it did it take to compose the book?
Each question/answer combo takes about 15-20 minutes to write, so for a 1,000+ question book I’d estimate I spend at least 300 hours just writing the questions and answers. Then there is probably another 50 hours of assembly, proofreading, cover design, contacting people for quotes, and promotion. It’s a labor of love more than a profitable endeavor.
I write the questions both for direct answers, as well as for multiple-choice play on my website. Often coming up with the incorrect multiple-choice answers is the most time-consuming part of the process.
Have you made any tv apperances on quiz shows?
I appeared on “Jeopardy!” in 2011, and I was cast on another show in 2019, but due to poor timing I was unable to film an episode. The show is being retooled and I am hoping to be invited back in 2020.
Are there plans for  further books?
I’m about 15% done with Volume 3, though the amount of time and effort involved has started to create a bit of stress, so this one may not be complete until 2021.