Friday, 28 September 2018

The Albert Quiz- This Sunday - Sunderland City Centre

20 weeks in and the Albert quiz remains strong with a great cohort of teams and different winners all the time! With rounds including pictures, news, connections, entertainment, music, alphabet rounds, Top 5's and General knowledge, in addition to our Jackpot which is now £140 ish, its a fun quiz night.

The Albert itself is a great bar in the heart of Sunderland City Centre on Fawcett Street. Ideal for transport links, great drinks and a friendly atmosphere...what more can you need?

The quiz kicks off at 7.30pm with the picture round and with a rolling jackpot, cash prizes and beer tokens to give away, you are in for a treat!

This Sunday is also the last of the month, meaning we do our special last team standing game to win a £20 beer token!

Hope to see you there one week....if you are looking for a Pub Quiz Sunderland, then The Albert is your best Sunday choice!

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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Pub Quiz in Sunderland

At the time of writing I am currently running 2 quiz nights in Sunderland City Centre with a 3rd to be added very soon. For anyone in the Sunderland area and keen on a pub quiz, here are the details...

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Sunday Nights - 7.30pm - The Albert - Fawcett Street, Sunderland City Centre

If you are looking of a pub quiz on a Sunday night in Sunderland look no further than the Albert. Only opened in December 2017, The Albert is a fabulous new bar which is perfect for the quiz. A great group get in every week, good regular competition and most teams usually end up with a prize!

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Tuesday Nights - 7.30pm - The Peacock, Sunderland City Centre

The Peacock Tuesday Night Quiz is currently in its third week and starting to build nicely. New teams every week, a nice range of prizes and a good set up in the pub itself giving us our own little area to quiz! If you are seeking a pub quiz in Sunderland on a Tuesday Night, look no further than The Peacock!

Coming Soon....

Monday Nights at Yates in Sunderland!


It has been about a month since I managed to post anything up on the blog, but with the Quiz League in full flow as well as my own new Quiz Night ventures launching across Sunderland, it has been a bit of a struggle to find the time. I do intend to post up some of the pub quizzes I have been producing on a weekly basis on the blog at some point....