Thursday, 29 June 2017

Quiz Review: Tipsy Cow

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Venue: Tipsy Cow
Location: Sunderland
Date: Tuesdays from 8.30
I stumbled into the Tipsy cow one night almost by accident. It is literally 2 minutes walk from my flat and moments before leaving a Facebook post popped up advertising a quiz for that night. Since then I have been three times and it is always a good night.
The quiz itself is ran by a professional entertainer, who makes sure everyone feels welcome. Although there are a core of regulars in the quiz, new teams are immediately made to feel welcome and its a very good environment. My biggest credit goes to the handle he has on cheating as he is constantly walking around and marking at tables etc. Plus its a small contained area. The beer is good, snacks are provided and its a very well presented and nice pub!
The quiz itself varies in begins with a 10 question picture round followed by a good, mixed General Knowledge round. It's one of the few quizzes in Sunderland not afraid to ask about classical music, arts, poetry as well as the usual array of films, tv and such like.
The third round is music the few times I have been there it has varied from an audio round, to opening lyrics, to normal trivia questions on music. This is followed by a specialist round which in my weeks there has varied from Scientific names for bones and Disney questions.
All in all its fun, well placed night and they even throw in some Card Bingo as well as a very god game of Last Man Standing.
If you are in the Sunderland are it is well worth a look (and I often can't get a team on Tuesdays so pop me a message if you need an extra team member :)

Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Quiz Like a Pro

I was alerted to this book via Facebook in the last few days. Written by Mark Labbett (aka The Beast from the Chase) and former Egghead Cj De Mooi it is a short guide on how to improve quizzing knowledge. Takes about an hour to get through and there is enough good information in there to justify the £0.99 asking price :)