Tuesday, 2 August 2011

University Challenge - Round 1 - Episode 5 - August 1st

One of the closest games in the series saw a battle between Oxford and Cambridge last night which ended in one of the tightest finishes I remember seeing in the show. I thought Homerton were going to make it back and pip Balliol at the last moment but they were beaten by the clock. Balliol spend a heck of a lot of time conferring but Murray, the captain, played a stormer and if he keeps in top form, given his apparent range of knowledge, they will be tough to beat. However I do feel that if they are chasing down a lead the excessive conferring could cost them.

Homerton will come back and come teams will be hard to beat in the next round but Newcastle are looking strong contenders at this early point of the series.

Another excellent episode with two strong teams.


Disappointed to see the Chase was a repeat last night! I was looking forward to a new series but seemingly this is a repeat of a previous one! Ah well never mind.

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