Friday, 12 April 2013

Rainhill GP

It has been something of a busy two weeks and I have haven't had much time to update the blog so will try and catch up over the weekend,

Anyway, Saturday was the latest GP organised by with this months venue being in Rainhill. The venue itself was a lot smaller than some of the other venues I have been to so far on the circuit and the only one thus far not to be a pub/club. I think it was a community centre but the room was fine, food was great and of course the quizzing was fun!

This time around it was the "Norway Open", the same format but 240 questions set by Tore Dahl from Norway. Various countries around the world were taking part. The questions were a tad easier than usual although this does not always benefit me! I managed my highest score so far after attending my 5th GP in a row but not my highest placing. The questions were much more simple, many more old chestnuts, less current affairs and less British based. In general the questions were fun but I felt with the nature of the questions being much easier (reflected in the fact that more people got through the 100 barrier than usual) I should have got more. I tend to talk myself of out easy answers!

We didn't stay for the team quiz this time around but the day was enjoyable nonetheless and for anyone still in two minds the next event details can be found at

Well worth trying out an event!

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