Sunday, 4 August 2013


The Sunderland Echo Quiz league involves each time having to set the questions a couple of times a season. The first phase of the season has just begun (kicking off with a Knockout Event) and it was our turn to set this past week. Over the summer I have been collating questions in anticipation of our turn and send a full set off to the Captain, who decided to use them, hence for the first time, and only a year after joining, all games in the league would be using my questions. I was rather nervous over a) an imbalance and b) the overall scores.

I actually went down to one of the venues to read them out which may have proven to be an unwise move. But after a little but of worrying, the set went down well. Each match had only a two point difference and the different teams won matches on different sets which shows there was some balance. Very relieved indeed and I actually enjoyed the whole process so hopefully I will be setting some more in the future.

Anyway, the reason I mentioned this is I have the sets saved so if any readers want a set emailed please drop me an email to Feel free to use any you like!

The reason I am not posting them up is that I am planning on using some in my next e-book, and posting the questions online will trigger off the Amazon plagiarism detector thingy and slow the whole process down.

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