Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Top 10 - Most Useful Quiz Books 2014 #9


The Ultimate English Literature Quiz Book - David Clark

My kindle has recieved a heck of a lot of use over the past 12 months and this title is one of a selection of Kindle Only titles that will appear on the lists.

Written by David Clark (author of Life After Mastermind Blog and Mastermind Champion) the title covers all eras of English Literature. I originally bought this to aid my Brain of Britain Revision but never got chance to start it until around March. For the past year I have dipped in and out of the book and managed to finally complete it last week. The questions inside contain a mixture of the sorts you will hear at pub quizzes all around the country as well as tougher more specialist questions. Consider also the fact that it is written by a quizzer who has competed at the highest level and attended thousands of quizzes throughout the years, and you have here a very useful set of questions to improve your knowledge. 

Well worth a look for sprucing up the knowledge of English Literature! 

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