Monday, 11 May 2015

Beat the Brain BBC 2

I saw the initial contestant calls for Beat The Brain a few months back and the first episode of the series aired tonight on BBC 2. Despite being billed as a quiz show and despite John Craven using the word "quiz" at the start of the show, this is not a quiz show by any stretch of the imagination.

Its a less fun version of the Krytpon Factor testing various brain-skills such as the ability to memorise patterns, logic and observation. I am not usuall massively critical of new shows but I was fairly bored early on in this. John Craven host Beat the Brain and everything frm his style to the interaction with the computer Bain s terribly dated and the whole thing doesn't flow well at all.

Not my cup of tea at all, and even for people who like these sort of game shows, I can't see it being around for much longer than the first series.

Anyone catch this?

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