Friday, 15 January 2016

Quiz Tix Apps

You may have seen various QuizTix apps floating around the app stores. I have been playing them for a while and would highly recommend giving them a try. Largely, based around themes there are constantly new versions being brought out, and above all else, they are free so you have nothing to loose.

Rather than me telling you about it, these are the words of Ian Masters, the developer of the project...

Can you tell us a little bit about QuizTix?
Sure. We're a super small team based in and around London - although one of the artists is in Tokyo. As a start-up it has been important to be as lean as possible so we have no office yet but that should change in the coming months as we prepare for our biggest year yet.

How does QuizTix differ from the many thousands of Quiz Apps available?
QuizTix is a series of games all using the same connected engine. We've released 7 versions so far and this year we plan to hit monthly releases. If you're playing the Movies version and a friend is playing the Football version you'll be able to see each others scores, achievements and progress. Play the same game and it's even more social.

Another big differentiator is the fundamental game mechanic. It's original but has collection elements that people tell us are very rewarding.

Personally I like that if you get a question wrong that you can come back later and try again, eventually getting it right and learning some trivia you didn't know in the process.

What makes people keep coming back to Quiz Tix?
I think the collection element is actually key to that. Certainly, what we've managed to prove is that if people discover and like one game that they will go on to download another and another. For us this is the most exciting part as it means we can build a sustainable business, continually improving the games and creating more content for fans.

Who is Quix Tix aimed at?
Each version is aimed at the fans of that subject. Our questions are not easy so you do need some knowledge. Plus we do try to make the game as accessible to 'non-gamers' as possible. The player is dropped straight into the game and given a simple tutorial. No menus to navigate just great quizzing.

Tell us a little bit about your own quizzing experience.
I'm afraid you wouldn't want me one your team. Apart from some limited video games and musicals knowledge I struggle. Luckily we have great question writers.

If you were on Mastermind, what would your specialist subject be.
Probably something to do with sci-fi, a subject we want to tackle this year.

Finally, if anyone has enjoyed the QuizTix games and would like to see specific subjects in the future please let us know via Twitter @quizbo or via email:

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