Saturday, 6 February 2016

Sunderland Echo Quiz League Set - 3/4

Again, more from the set I put together for the Sunderland Echo Quiz League a few weeks ago. This is the first half of Set B....

Questions B

Round 1                                                                                                                        Answers

1.       Which website, the 7th most visited during last year, celebrated its 15th Birthday in January 2016?
2.       “Love or Mummy” was the title of the first episode of which 1980s sitcom?
3.       Which is the largest lake found on the course of the River Rhone?
Lake Geneva (Lac Leman)
4.       Felix Cane is a multi-time world champion of which “performance art”, a feat which earned her a permanent position in Cirque Du Soliel’s first ever “adult themed show”?
Pole dancing


Round 2

1.       What name connects a member of The Seekers, a diocese of the Church of England served by Justin Welby and the Leader of the Liberal Democrats from 1988 to 1999?
Durham  (Judith Durham, Durham,  Jeremy John Durham Ashdown
2.       What is the world’s most populous landlocked country?
3.       Which striker, now playing in the Premier League, scored even more goals than Jamie Vardy in English League Football during 2015?
(ie Premier League and/or Football League)
Odion Ighalo
4.       Which European capital city stands at the confluence of the River Sava and the River Danube?


Set B - Round 3

1.       If a British MP applies for the “Chiltern Hundreds” what is he or she doing?
2.       Which cast member of the Vicar of Dibley wrote an American number one hit single in the 1960s?
Trevor Peacock  (wrote Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter)
3.       Queen Berengia is the only Queen of England never to have lived or even visited England. Which King did she marry in 1191?
Richard I
4.       With more than four million members, which charity has the largest membership in Britain?
National Trust


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