Monday, 28 November 2016


10 questions to test yourself with this morning...

1.       The TV Series  “Call The Midwife” is based on the books of which British nurse and musician?


2.       The ‘Pharmaceutical Paintings’ are the first in the series of “Spot” paintings by which famous artist?


3.       Which Italian novelist is best known for his work “The Tartar Steppe”, the story of Giovanni Drogo and his life spent guarding the Bastiani Forest?


4.       Known as the sea swallow due to its slender shape as they swoop over water, which bird has the longest migration pattern known in the animal kingdom?


5.       Which Hindu Goddess is often portrayed standing or dancing on her consort, Shiva, who lies clam and prostate beneath her?


6.       Which Battle of 1859 was fought 12 miles outside of Milan between France and Austria, occurring during the second Italian War of Independence, in which the French under Napoleon III scored a decisive victory?


7.       The island of Cred and Krk and the largest in which sea?


8.       Also known as the “Goat-Antelope”, what is the national animal of Bhutan?



9.       Which British motor racing driver is the only man to have won World Championships on both two and four wheels?


10.   Who wrote the novel  “Gentleman Prefer Blondes”. Published in 1925 which Edith Wharton called it the “Great American Novel”?




1.       Jennifer Worth

2.       Damien Hirst

3.       Dino Buzzati

4.       Artic Tern (Sterna Paradisaea)

5.       Kali

6.       Magenta

7.       Adriatic Sea

8.       Takin

9.       John Surtees

10.   Anita Loos

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