Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Quiz Night Review - The Chesters, Sunderland (Speedquizzing)

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Venue: The Chesters, Sunderland
Tuesday Nights from 9pm
1st Tuesday of Every Month is SpeedQuzzing!
People have varied opinions on SpeedQuizzing - which is a pub quiz using your phone as the answer pad - but I defy anyone to visit the Quiz Night at the Chesters and not enjoy it!
The pub itself is not only my home for Quiz League matches, but also a nice venue just outside the City Centre with plenty of space for all. The quiz is ran by a fellow team mate from the Quiz League and is very well attended. Due to complaints from locals (mainly those who Google) about the change from paper to phone quizzes, the SpeedQuiz now only runs on the first Tuesday of the month....but its one of the highlights of the week!
The first round is General Knowledge with a mix of numbers, letters and multiple choice questions (including picture rounds). Nice mix of subjects. This is followed by a music round and the best of all is kept to last, the buzzer round. Points are awarded throughout for correct answers and fastest teams but the final round is a buzzer, you answer the questions alone with your team and the rest of the pub decides to agree or disagree.
A great night, one of the most fun quiz nights in Sunderland and the only bad thing about it is that it doesn't run every week!

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