Thursday, 2 August 2018

Quiz Review: River Bar Washington

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Location: Fatfield, Washington
Nights: Tuesday
Time: From 7pm
 Last night, for the first time in quite a while, I sampled a new quiz night in the local area due to the fact that my cousin happens to work behind the bar and alerted me to the Tuesday quiz. With over 50 players in the bar across 10-12 teams it is certainly one of the most packed quizzes Ive been to in a while. The pub itself is in a prime location, with easy parking and Tuesday nights are also 50% off food, which we of course took advantage of.
The quiz has 8 rounds of 6 questions, including a music round, as well as pictures and two "Who am I Style rounds". The questions were pretty straight forward standard pub quiz style, and the quiz rattles along at a pacey rate...all over by 9.30pm. The "Who Am I" rounds, both worth up to 10 points, do mean the quiz balances a lot on how well you do in that (which I suppose encourages different winners every week). Plenty of prizes, a jackpot round and a well run quiz all around.
Certainly worth a look!

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