Wednesday, 28 November 2018

Podcasts of the Year - Quiz Related

Podcasts take up a lot of my time. As a big fan of radio in general, I am often spoilt for choice when looking for a new podcast series to indulge in so I will try and post a few suggestions over the next month of the ones I have found useful this year. Starting with the podcasts that are focused on asking quiz questions.....

Quiztastic 4
This podcast would just about line up to be "Best Quiz Podcast of 2018" if forced to choose. Carefully crafted, each episode lasts around 15-20 minutes and includes various rounds, which change each series, but always ending with a Specialist Subject round. The series builds to the Quiztastic 4.....Semi Finals and Final to determine the winner.

Information and links to episodes can be found HERE

Honroable mentions must go to -

Pod Quiz Again another strong year in the weekly series of probing questions. Official site HERE

Trivial Warfare Goes from strength to strength with superb guests, questions and always unique. Details HERE

Something Something Birds is also an excellent music based quiz podcast. Information HERE

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