Friday, 15 February 2019


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IQTV (Intelligent Quiz Shows TV) has recently launched online and on mobile devices in the UK, and after a few weeks of use I thought I would give it a quick mention. I have much more to come on the blog about the service itself, including a word from the founder of the company about future plans etc, but in a nutshell IQTV is a streaming service aimed at quizzers! It contains shows including Mastermind, A Question of Genius and Only Connect thus far, and is always expanding with new content.
From what I gather, plans are to go even further back into archives which will be something I imagine quizzers are going to jump at the chance of using. At the moment content is just starting to build. There is a monthly fee, but also a free trial involved.
As I said, I will be posting plenty up about this service as an when it develops but if you are interested for now see HERE

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