Tuesday, 12 March 2019

This weeks Grid Round....

The latest Grid Round from my Weekly Quiz at the Albert in Sunderland....Remember on these there are 5 correct answers on each Grid. Round 6 is a bit different this week as its two options, you have to say which happened first. Round 7 is all  about the number 5....which of the 10 options are equivalent to the number 5!

Round 6

Prince Charles was born
Elizabeth II Becomes Queen
The first Star Wars movie is released
Jaws is released
First Subway store opens in the UK
The first Wetherspoons Opens in the UK
Charlie and Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl is published
The first Mars Bar goes on sale in the UK
Newcastle Arena Opened
Stadium of Light Opened


Round 7

Age of Prince George
BBC Radio Stations
Films in the Pirates of the Caribbean series
Rivers of the UK Longer than the Tyne
Players on a Basketball team
Singles Grand Slam titles won by Andy Murray
Stars of the Flag of China
Buildings in UK Taller than Blackpool Tower
English cities beginning with the Letter B
General elections won by Tony Blair

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