Friday, 30 August 2013

Eggheads News - CJ Returning

Browsing through Twitter last night I came across a post from the producer of Eggheads promising some "Big News" after last nights episode that he was going to announce on Twitter. This year of course marks the tenth anniversary of the show so I was thinking along those lines, or rather more optimistically hoping for a new series of "Are You an Egghead?"

Neither was true and the announcement was that CJ is rejoining the Eggheads. The episodes will be filmed in October and screened at some point next year.


  1. When is your episode of Eggheads going to be on TV?

  2. Hi Dan,
    Well, I'm not surprised that the producers would have CJ back if he wanted to come back, but does this mean that they'll be juggling 8 Eggheads now? That's a bit much. I hope it doesn't mean that they'll be showing my mate Dave the door - that wouldn't be a very nice thing to do.

  3. December time for mine DXD.

    Hi Dave,

    As far as I know, from what the producer said on Twitter, the plan is to keep all 8