Saturday, 14 September 2013

Brain of Britain - Success!

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I had a very positive phone interview audition for Brain of Britain and received an email this week inviting me to appear in the upcoming series. As you can well imagine I am over the moon to take part in the show. Alongside Mastermind may main ambitions in quiz are to appear on these two shows and to have the chance to appear on Brain of Britain this year is fantastic.

It may be a case, in fact it IS a case that I am trying to run before I can walk but I see no harm in giving it a try. If I embarrass myself then at least I can say I tried! There is currently a five year rule on the show meaning it will be 2018 before I can appear again. I feel the best idea is to treat this year round as something of a stepping stone, get some experience of a top level broadcast quiz and then focus on coming back when I have more quiz experience to make a real go of it.

My main aim is to enjoy the experience and try and get 3rd place in the heat. I know that doesn't sound ambitious but given the quality of this show and the quality of some of the potential opposition, aiming for anything above that is a little unrealistic at the minute.

I cant wait!

Any tips from past contestants would be much appreciated!

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  1. Hi Dan
    Congratulations! I'm sure that you'll really enjoy it. Brain of Britain is great fun.
    You know, a win really isn't out of the question. It seems to me, as a listener, that a significant number of the people who take part every year really aren't quizzers as such. Alright, so if there's a star such as Barry, last year's winner in your heat, then there's not a lot you can do, but who's to say there will be? even with a year or two's regular quizzing experience you will know old chestnuts which non quizzers won't.
    OK - a lot depends on how the questions fall for you. If you get a stopper for your first question in each round there's not a lot you can do. Chalk it down to experience, and come back in five years' time more experienced and have another go.
    I say the same thing to you, as I say to everyone. With regards to buzzing in, play the ref, not the rule. In my semi final I noticed that the guy next to me was jumping the gun on the buzzer, and getting away with it too, despite the warnings we'd been given before the show. so I started jumping the gun earlier than he was, and never got frozen out for it once.

    Above all else, enjoy it. It's fast and furious, and it goes by really quickly while you're doing it. I wish you every success.