Sunday, 8 September 2013

Buzzer Questions #4

A further selection of some of the Buzzer Questions set by me for the recent Lightspeed Event. You may have by now seen this in some of the videos I have been posting up.

The Broadway version came out in 1957, while the movie version was released in 1961. Two cast members won Oscars for their performances, and it retells the tale of a pair of star-crossed lovers. Which musical is set in New York City and features songs such as Tonight, and Maria.?

West Side Story

Which FTSE 250 company began life in 1979 with a single outlet in North London.? It is named after a New Zealand school teacher who told the founder that he would never make it as a businessman.  It is famous for low prices, long opening hours, championing of cask ale and supporting the smoking ban in pubs. It was founded by Tim Martin and currently has 880 outlets across Britain.

JD Wetherspoons

What name links the following….a lover of Catherin the Great who was part of the conspiracy to murder her husband Peter III, a ship anchored off Odessa on which soldiers rebelled in 1905 and the subject of a 1925 film by Sergei Eisenstein?


In 1983 Ronald Regan launched the “Strategic Defence Initiative” which proposed missiles in outer space. What name was the popular nickname given to this plan?

Star Wars

First broadcast in January 1988 and running for over 2,500 episodes, which tv show is to make a return to Channel 4 next month, hosted by Australian Comedian Adam Hills? The original host of the show was William G Stewart.

Fifteen to One

Brooke Bond launched which Product on the British Market in the 1930’s? It was original called Pre-
Gest Tee as its was intended to be drunk before meals to aid with digestion.  Advertised using the slogan “The Tea You Can Really Taste” name the brand which has been advertised by both Chimpanzees and the T Birds?

PG Tips

One of the most popular bands of the 1960’s. their music was featured prominently in the film “Easy Rider”. Album releases include “Slow Flux”, “At Your Birthday Party” and “Paradox”. Name this band, Fronted by German born singer John Kay and named after a novel by Hermann Hesse?


English Rugby Players Simon Shaw,  Nick Kennedy, Delon Armitage and Jonny Wilkinson all played club rugby last season for which Heineken Cup Winning side?


Which singer, born in 1942, recorded the 1969 hit album “Hot Buttered Soul”. He won the Academy Award in 1972 for Best Original Song for the theme song o “Shaft and provided the voice of Chef in the animated TV series South Park?

Issac Hayes

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