Monday, 2 March 2015

Music Round Separation

In my quizzing I have a little dilemma in the sense that I really enjoy music rounds, but because a) I have a very narrow knowledge of certain eras and b) I usually quiz in small teams, they always end up costing us in the placings. It is a very difficult thing to improve upon and even though I have tried, and improved marginally, it is always going to be a weak area in any quiz I do.

But last week I found a quiz with a pretty perfect solution. Separate it!

At half time in the quiz I now aim to attend regularly on Thursdays, they play 15 tracks in which you have to name the artist and the winning team gets a bottle of wine. Ideal! Doesn't count for the normal quiz yet I can still play a music quiz which I enjoy.

And the evidence was greater than ever this week. Had the 15 point music round counted in the main quiz (out of 54)  lour placing would have fell dramatically.

A great idea! Gives every team a chance of winning something and keeps the main quiz as just that....a quiz!

1 comment:

  1. Redtooth do that in our local quiz at the Ring O'Bells West Kirby. Last month we happened to have a music expert with us and won the bottle of wine! But usually we are happy that the music is not included in the main quiz.