Sunday, 1 March 2015

Pub Quiz Review - Vigilant Inn South Shields

Vigilant Inn, South Shields - Thursday Nights


It has taken a while but after moving to South Shields I have eventually found a quiz that I can see myself attending on a weekly basis. It was just my happen chance that I phoned The Vigilant Inn (which if you are from the area is actually in Harton rather than South Shields) yesterday afternoon to make an enquiry about whether or not they ran a quiz night and low and behold there I was a few hours later.

I would go as bold as to say that this is perhaps one of the most enjoyable pub quizzes I have attended in the past few years. The quizmaster has the format down to a tee and its a nice venue, with a good cheat-free crowd and everything rattles along at a nice pace.

The quiz itself comprises of 40 General Knowledge Questions split into rounds of 5. After each round of 5 you hand in the sheet to prevent too much cheating and this get an ongoing idea of how well you are doing. A score update is read at half time. There is also a 10 point picture round which you get the entire first half to complete. Nice and simple. Throw into the mix two joker questions (you draw 2 numbers at random and those then become your jokers worth triple points) and you have a pretty entertaining night.

There is a half time music quiz with 15 songs and only the artist needed (separate from the quiz) with a bottle of wine up for grabs and then a nearest the pin jackpot at the end. Plenty to keep quizzers entertained.

Above all else the quality of the questions is well pitched and the way the sheets is handed in after every 5 questions keeps things flowing. When the quiz started the teams seemed to average an age of 70+ I was a little worried when the first question was about 1940s cinema, but the quiz was kept diverse and varied and overall very enjoyable.

In terms of pub quizzes in South Shields this is easily my favourite so far and in fact one of the most fun and enjoyable quiz night I have had in some time

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