Monday, 19 September 2016

North East Quizzes

When I first started this blog a number of years ago, one of my main aims was to review local quizzes and make sure people living in the north east area, who read this blog, had a rough idea of quizzes in their local area which were worth a look.

You may remember the Quiz Trek series from a few years ago for example.

In the next few weeks I am intending to embark on a similar theme of posts to really get a good collection of posts together about quizzes in the area. Often they are not very well advertised and many times I have turned up and the quiz hasn't been on as advertised.

I aim to start in a few weeks time and am looking to build together a database of quizzes to attend. Hence, if you have any quiz recommendations in the North East Area then please let me know either on here or via email at

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