Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Trivial Pursuit 2000s

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You may have noticed in the last few weeks, that a version Trivial Pursuit, titled "2000s" started to appear in stores. I had been looking for a new trivia board game to add to my collection and having seen a post from a fellow quizzer on Facebook, advertising that he had written questions for the game, I decided to buy it and have been playing over the weekend with a non-quizzing partner....a reluctant one at that.
I am in two minds about my opinion on this....
Firstly, the negatives are that the format is not great. Gone are the old Trivial Pursuit Rules that were simple and created longer games. This is very much a "quick fix" sort of game. Although it takes longer to set up that play sometimes!!!
The game involves the usual, collecting the wedges, and the categories are pretty much the same as the normal game. But what makes the game so quick is that not only do you collect wedges by merely passing certain squares, but there are a lot of multiple choice and true and false questions, not to mention the difficulty level is lowered. So, even with a non quizzer, some of these games were lasting a matter of mere minutes before we both nearly had full racks.
There is a whole element of seeing the category and choosing not to answer, passing onto your opponent. If they get it wrong you win a wedge...
Has there ever been a game of trivial pursuit where you can win easily by only answering one question?
There are always 2-3 good questions per card which is the one saving grace.
Taking my non quiz-fan hat off for the moment....this is probably most suited to families and casual players. My non-quizzing playing partner enjoyed it, the questions were pitched right for her and it did make for a fun few geames but I can't see myself going back to it in a rush!

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