Saturday, 4 November 2017

Pub Quiz Questions #03 - Answers

1. Football: Name the three players who have scored 5 or more goals in two World Cup Tournaments? Miroslav Klose, Thomas Muller and Teofilo Cubbillas
2. Which American author was awarded the 1993 Nobel Prize for Literature, the first black woman to receive the award? Toni Morrison
3. Which British fashion designer came second to Kian Egan on the 2013 series of “I’m a Celebrity” and currently hosts the Uk Version of “Say Yes to the Dress”? David Emmanuel
4. Who designed the famous iron suspension bridge, opened in 1826, that spans the Menai Strait? Thomas Telford
5. Other than “Sit Down”, name either of the other two singles by the band James to reach the Top 10 in the UK? “She’s a Star” and “Sound”
6. Who carried the flag for Ecuador at the 1972 Olympic Games and 24 years later was elected President of the nation? Abdala Bucaram
7. Which 1885 epic poem relates the fictional adventures of an Ojibwe warrior and his love for Minnehaha? The Song of Hiawatha
8. 38 members of the MacDonald clan were killed in which infamous event of February 1692? The Glen Coe Massacre
9. Which author 2003 debut novel “Brick Lane” was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize? Monica Ali
10. Which notorious player was the first in NFL History to rush for more than 2000 yards in a season? OJ Simpson

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