Thursday, 22 March 2018

Fifteen to One


Applications are currently open for the next series of Fifteen to One. Follow the link HERE. Having recently taken part in the latest filming blocks myself (Series 10, with Series 9 also still be aired), I can vouch for it being a fun experience with a great production team. Well worth a try....and as a side note they do seem to be taking previous contestants back as when I was up there recording (it's all done in Glasgow) there were certainly a large portion of players who were back from a second go!

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  1. Why does Sandi Toksvig have to continually refer to entertainers in general, and comedians in particular, as 'THE GENIUS'. I must have heard her say it over 100 times. It's really annoying. Her opinion on the person in question is not relevant. I doubt if any comedian EVER was actually a genius. Comedy is subjective, it's not a science. Cut it out, Sandi.