Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Pub Quiz #1

General Knowledge

1.       Which birthday did Barbie celebrate in 2009?



2.       Which cartoon character has her own theme park located in Hampshire?

Peppa Pig


3.       What do the letters QI stand for in the name of the popular comedy quiz show?

Quite Interesting


4.       In which decade were teabags first sold commercially?



5.       What was the first item to be sold in the UK using an electronically scanned Bar Code?

Packet of Chewing Gum



1.       Olivia Coleman played Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller in which ITV Series?



2.       Lady Di, Willy, Wellard and Roly are dogs who have appeared in which TV Soap?



3.       Justin Fletcher is better known by what name in a famous Cbeebies series?

Mr Tumble


4.       Who provides the sarcastic narration on the TV show “Come Dine With Me”?

Dave Lamb


5.       In the Simpsons, what is the first name of Chief Wiggum?



1.       In which Olympic sport might you use either a recurve, a compound or a traditional piece of equipment?



2.       Who replaced Sepp Blatter as President of Fifa in 2016?

Gianni Infantino


3.       In which city do La Liga team Espanyol FC play their home matches?



4.       What sport is played by the Nottingham Panthers, Dundee Stars and Cardiff Devils?

Ice Hockey


5.       Over what distance, in metres, are Olympic and World Rowing Championships held?


Food and Drink


1.       In cooking what does the abbreviation UHT stand for?

Ultra Heat Treated


2.       Mozzarella Cheese is made from the milk of which animal?



3.       John Pemberton is credited with the invention of which popular drink?

Coca Cola


4.       What kind of food item does an Oometer measure?



5.       The name of which dish, found on a menu in Indian Restaurants, literally means “Dry Fry”?



21st Century Events

1.       Who replaced Ed Milliband as leader of the Labour Party after the 2015 election defeat?

Jeremy Corbyn


2.       What is the name of the music streaming service launched by Beyonce and Jay Z?



3.       Which non-European country competed in the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time in 2015?



4.       In which country were 33 miners trapped for 69 days in 2010, gaining the attention of the worlds media?



5.       Who is the controversial founder of WikiLeaks who became Personna non grata in the USA in 2010?

Julian Assange


1.       Which monarch was on the throne during the Gunpowder Plot?

James I


2.       In which decade was Daylight Savings Time introduced?



3.       In which modern day State of the US was Captain James Cook killed?



4.       Where did the so-called Bevin Boys work during World War II?

Coal Mines


6.       Which king erected 12 Eleanor Crosses in Memory of his wife?

Edward I


1 Questions 5 Answers

Q:  Olympics. Which five events make up a Modern Pentathlon? (Note: You only need to list the disciplines involved, not the distances)

1.       Running

2.       Shooting

3.       Horse Riding

4.       Swimming

5.       Fencing


Connection Round

1.       Which pop artist famously painted pictures of Campbells Soup Tins?

Andy Warhol


2.       Which former bass player with the Sex pistols died aged 22 in 1979?

Sid Vicious


3.       Which American writer, director and actor has produced and starred in films including Annie Hall, Hannah and her Sisters, Manhattan and The Purple Rose of Cairo?

Woody Allen


4.       Which unit of length, used by the International  Astronomical Union, measures  around 5.9 trillion miles?



5.       What is the connection between the above answers?

Toy Story (Andy is the owner of the toys, Sid is the evil neighbour, Woody the cowboy and of course, Buzz Lightyear)

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