Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Quiz Review - Board Inn, Sunderland

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Location: Board Inn, Sunderland
Night: Tuesday Night
Time: 8.30pm
For a reason I may go into in a future post, we have began the search for a new home for Tuesday Night quizzing and we began last night at The Board Inn, a few miles outside of Sunderland City Centre.
If you have read one of my quiz reviews previously, you will know that  don't necessarily like to be overtly negative about pub quizzes, after all one of the aims of the blog is to promote quizzing in the North East, but I am struggling with this one.
The quiz itself was fairly well attended with 9 teams, which is about the norm around these parts. The quiz kicks off at 8.30pm and consists of 3 General Knowledge Rounds, a Music Round, a Picture Round, a Wipe-out Round and a Jackpot.  The pub itself is in a nice location, serves up hot food at the interval and has plenty of parking....but sadly the quiz is let down by the quality of questions.
I will start with the positives....the picture round is a standard guess the famous person style round and the music round is nicely broken down into decades (2 questions on 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s) and I always like the inclusion of a Wipeout Round as it brings some tactics into play.
But far too often during the quiz last night, the questions were too obscure, too unguessable and lacking in the clues that could be worked out. There was very little to "think about" if you get my drift, it was either a case of you knew it, or there was not way you were going to guess it. The questions came from a very very narrow syllabus, with no sport and questions that seemed more tamed towards the Hosts interests than the audience in question (always a fatal flaw in quizzes). An anagram round demanded a specific answer of "Tropical Fruit" when asked what a Carambola was being the perfect example of the questions just not being up to scratch.
With 9 teams playing, and many reserved tables, the quiz is popular and if you decide to go I would suggest booking a table, but I certainly won't be returning as the quiz itself isn't worth the time and effort. 

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