Thursday, 3 May 2018

Pub Quiz Review - The Chequers, Oxford

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The Chequers, Oxford
Last Friday, I took the long drive down to Oxford for a mini-weekend of Quizzing. The main focus of the trip was to attend a Buzzer quiz event (LightSpeed quiz....more on that later) but as it transpired there was a quiz happening nearby the night before which a group of us tried out. The quiz is ran by Dale Collins, of whom I had heard great things, and hence I jumped at the chance of attending.
The pub itself was pretty much full to capacity and they would have struggled to get any more teams in, so my advice if you wish to attend is to book in advance. As well as our table of keen quizzers, a Mastermind champion was in attendance and the standard throughout was very high.
The quiz differed to anything I played in the past in one key area....there is no overall winner. Every round is separate with prizes for the winners. There were picture rounds, music rounds, forward thinking (in which you got 5 bonus points if you predicted your score), entertainment and sport rounds meaning everyone could get involved, and the standard of questions was very high.
The highlight of the quiz was perhaps the final round in which Dale issues each team with a buzzer and you score 3 points for a correct answer but lose 3 if you are wrong. Considering our team consisted of regular buzzer-quiz players, I fancied our chances and sure enough we strode to victory, enabling us to play the jackpot game first. This was basically a list based game where we had to identify the top earning Sportsperson from 2017 from a given list (harder than you think).
Overall a great night, being perhaps the best team I have been a part of inside a pub quiz, making it a very unique experience. Yes, it would have been nice to have an overall points total and winner, but it hardly detracts from a very fun pub quiz experience and I would certainly urge anyone to visit a Dale Collins quiz if they are nearby (I will try and get a full list soon).

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