Saturday, 20 October 2018

Pub Quizzes in Sunderland...hosted by me!

As mentioned earlier in he year, I never really saw myself as a quiz host but having jumped at the chance to host a quiz night back in May I have never looked back. I am currently running two quiz nights with a further two set to come. Here are the details of the current nights. If you are in the Sunderland area looking for a quiz.....then I'd love to see you there!

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The Albert, Sunderland
Running since May, we have a good team of regulars now at the Albert with different winners most weeks. The quiz starts at 7.30pm with a picture round, leading into a News, Entertainment, Music, Connectons, Themed Rounds, Gamble questions, Top 5s and General Knowledge rounds! In addition we have a jackpot which is growing by the week and up to around £170 this week. At the end of the month we also do a Last Team Standing game which is another chance to win!
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The Peacock
A slightly newer venture is the Peacock in the heart of Sunderland City Centre. A unique pub which is a superb setting for a quiz. Same format as above and growing every week!

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