Friday, 28 September 2012

David Rainford makes his Eggheads debut

I have a stack of Eggheads episodes to watch on my Sky plus but made sure to tune in last night as David Rainford made his debut. CJ left the show a few months back and his final episodes have just been screened. I am sure David will do a great job but its such a shame there was not a new new series of Are You and Egghead?.


  1. I like the look of Dave... I was disappointed that there was never a reference on the show to CJ's leaving... it was never made clear on the show when his last episode was, and on Dave's debut, they made no mention of the fact he is replacing CJ. He deserved at least a mention.

  2. I agree with you about CJ, George. He gave Eggheads good service for many years, and don't let's ignore the fact that although he may not have been the best quizzer of the bunch - well, there's no maybe about it, he wasn't - the fact is that many people tuned in just because they liked him, or disliked him , so much. I think that long term viewers would appreciate that CJ worked to get better , and has made himself into a better quizzer. That's something there's precious little visible evidence that Judith has ever done - and if that's not the case I apologise here now.

    It does make you think, though. If you're in a team when Judith is sitting out, then there's no 'beatable' Egghead left now.

    As for Are You An Egghead, Daniel - well, yes, it would have been fun. I enjoyed my three shows in 2009. But I don't think anyone could denigrate Dave's credentials to be on the show - not for nothing did we at LAM christen him the People's Choice.
    (Mind you, they probably would never have asked me, but if they had I'd have taken it like a shot ! )

  3. Maybe CJ asked it to be kept quiet... I can't imagine why though.

    I think with regards to Judith, she appears to be less bright than she actually is, because there are a few subjects she is particularly bad at, and those are the ones she gets chosen for. On the occasions when she does get through to the final round, she is generally much more impressive in the final than in the head-to-heads.

    I think the most underrated Egghead is Pat. Most of the acknowledgement the Eggheads get goes to Kevin (and no disrespect to him, because he's an excellent quizzer), but I keep a scoring system and Pat actually gets to the final round the most of all the Eggheads, with Kevin a close second. Plus, more people leave Kevin until the end, so Pat wins a considerably large number of head-to-heads.

  4. I miss CJ . It doesn't feel the same without him. He s comical However David (Will do Manchester proud I

  5. Rainford was pushed in there without holding another 'Are you an Egghead?' He wasn't even the runner up in any of the others. So why choose him? Could it be the BBC diversity police in action?