Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Celtic Nations Quizzing Weekend

The following is on behalf of Brian Pendreigh. He is organising what looks like a superb event next month up in Edinburgh for Celtic quizzers. If you want any further information pop me an email to fully234@hotmail.com and Ill forward your details onto Brian. 

Celtic Nations Quizzing weekend 

Voodoo Rooms in Edinburgh, April 27-28

Everyone resident in Scotland (or anyone who is Scottish, Irish or Welsh) will be made very welcome and can take part in the solo quiz and social team quiz (with the chance for to play alongside familiar faces from TV), and can also see some of the world's top quizzers in international action.

There are now about 40 quizzers registered, with a large contingent from Ireland, two Welsh teams and Scots from as far afield as Torquay and Elgin, Winchester and Kirkcaldy... pretty much everywhere except Glasgow. The standard ranges from casual pub quizzer to familiar tv faces. 

We have the use of three rooms during the day on the Saturday and are some way off from being full up, but please do keep registrations and confirmations coming in. 

Charge for local quizzers (those from Central Scotland) is £8. Cheques to Brian Pendreigh, Agra Lodge, 223 Ferry Rd, Edinburgh EH6 4SP. No charge for those coming from farther afield. This is a non-profit-making event. 

Our thanks to sponsors the Voodoo Rooms and Matthew Clark wine merchants. 



9.45 Opening, registration

10.00 International team event Round 1 Match 1 Scotland v Ireland (Ballroom) + Scotland B v Ireland B (Speakeasy) + Scotland C v Ireland C (French Quarter)
11.30 International team event Round 1 Match 2 Wales v Ireland (French Quarter) + Wales B v Ireland B (Speakeasy). 

12.00 Matthew Clark Celebrity Quiz Challenge – Celebrity quiz team (including Barry Simmons from Eggheads and Anne Hegerty and guest star, quizzer and stand-up comedian Paul Sinha from The Chase v Local quiz contest winners 

Lunch/spectating for most people. The Voodoo Rooms does food (and drink) http://thevoodoorooms.com/ and there are carry-out places very close.

1.00 International solo event + marking This is a written quiz and is open to everyone. Top scores will count towards the overall international results. 

3.00 Short break

3.15-5.00 Social team quiz, open to everyone, with teams chosen as a mix of strong and not so strong. This is one of those rare occasions where I will be on the other side of the table, setting and posing the questions. The Brunton Shield event seemed to prove pretty popular and this will be a similar style of quick-fire questions across the full spectrum of subjects, high and low-brow, from Homer to Assassin's Creed.

5.00 Quizzing continues in the Speakeasy (capacity 40)... International team event Round 1, Match 3 Wales v Scotland

VITAL: The same questions will probably be used for the Wales B v Scotland B match at 8.30, so obviously those who will be in the B teams CANNOT WATCH THIS MATCH. It is also important that quizzers and spectators do not discuss the questions afterwards, except in private.

6.30 Kirkcaldy Quiz League Select v Ireland C 
Or curry at Khushis http://www.khushis.com/edinburgh/ or free time for most people. 
(Those involved in the Kirkcaldy challenge match will need to make their own arrangements for eating. They could make a later booking for Khushis if they want. An initial reservation for 30 at Khushis is now fully subscribed, though it should be possible to make a further booking.)

8.30 Quizzing continues in the Speakeasy... International team event Round 1, Match 3 Wales B v Scotland B.

10.30 Socialising, including social quizzing. Buzzer? 

10.00 Second series of international team matches
11.30 Second series of international team matches 
1.00 Second series of international team matches 
3.00 Finish

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