Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Sunderland Echo Quiz League

As I have mentioned a few times on this site, for the past few months I have been playing in the Sunderland Echo Quiz League. It has been a very enjoyable experience so far and I have met some great people and played in some good quizzes!

The league is always on the lookout for new teams and players. Based on my stats I know I get a fair few North-East readers so thought I would put a general message out for anyone who may be interested in joining the league. When I joined the league, I joined without really knowing anybody. I was sorted out a team and before long I was playing! I am really glad I started playing for various reasons and would encourage anyone else with an interest in quizzing, and a free Wednesday Night, to think about getting involved.

There are currently 7 teams in the league, and although I play no part in organising anything (I just turn up and play) if you are interested pop me an email to fully234@hotmail.com and I will forward it on to the relevant people. Whether it be just yourself, you and a friend or indeed a pub interested in joining Chris, who runs the league, will get things sorted for you.

One of my main concerns before joining was a) that there would be individual questions and b) that I would not be able to contribute. Happily there are not any individual questions and I have been able to add points to the team, but like all quizzes the social element is equally as important and everyone gets on really well.

It may be the case that a new team I have put together will be playing in the league next season and I would be more than happy to have anybody as part of a team that may be based in a city centre pub. We are all friendly and would be more than happy to have anybody on board who fancies playing.

Either way, if you have any interest at all I would suggest giving the league a try. Email me at fully234@hotmail.com and your details will be passed on.

Hope to see you in the league soon!

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