Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Snakes and Ladders Red Tooth

A local quiz I go to runs a fairly enjoyable evening on a Monday night with various quizzes and other such like to keep the punters entertained. Last night they trailed a new quiz from Red Tooth which is called Snakes and Ladders. They did not replace the main quiz however, thankfully, and ran this as a separate quiz.

The basic premise of the quiz is simple. You get 25 questions, you need to answer straight away as the sheets are gathered in at the end of the 25th. Most of the questions are the fairly straight forward Red Tooth range with a few teasers thrown in.

On the sheet you have a snakes and ladders board. As the quizmaster tells you the answers he also tells you how many spaces to move if you got it correct, whilst obeying the rules of snakes and ladders of course. Hence you could get all 25 correct and still not win as the winner is either a) the first person to the final square or b) the highest team after 25 questions.

The idea as he explained it sounded horrible but I did enjoy some of the questions and my non-quizzing friends enjoyed it very much.I would hate this to replace the normal quiz but the pub like to add on extras to keep punters in and this is slightly better than the Fun Fortunes they do. I had my fun in it answering the questions and let the others play the "game" part of it.

Has anyone else tried this game?

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  1. Hi Dan

    Gotta be honest, but although I have never played in a snakes and ladders quiz I don't think it's for me. I didn't enjoy the bingo quiz I played in a while back, and this sounds like a similar kind of thing. The idea of the person who answers the most questions correctly possibly or even probably not winning is one that just goes against the grain with me. Each to their own.