Friday, 21 July 2017

"If most people have put it, I will give you the point...."

Now, usually I don't get annoyed by these things but instead concentrate on just enjoying the quiz. When a quizmaster is wrong the two options are usually "Ill only accept the answer on the sheet" or they give in when they are shown the correct answer on google.

I encountered something different at a recent quiz. The round was based on pictures of bands and with it all being 90's - present I scooped up 15/15....or so I thought. It was one of these "swap with another team and mark" rounds and our paper came back with 14/15. A picture that was clearly Radiohead was announced as being Manic Street Preachers....I was bit worried that it wasn't contested so with us two being in a head to head race with a team of 10 for first place, I politely told the Quizmaster it was 100% Radiohead (not necessarily begging for the point but just pointing it out).

To which he said...."If most people have put it, I will give you the point".


So, if I happen to be one of only a few teams to know it, or the only one!, then I am not going to have my correct answer given whereas it everyone proves you wrong I'll get a point! Can't see the logic in that response.

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