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Quiz Night Review - The Dun Cow, Sunderland

Quiz Night Review - The Dun Cow, Sunderland
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One of the members of the Sunderland Quiz League, let me know last week that he was restarting the quiz in the Dun Cow, one of Sunderland's best and most historic pubs so sure enough I was there for opening night on Thursday. The Dun Cow itself has changed hands on an almost annual basis in the last decade and quiz nights have come and gone. With the current quizmaster at the helm, there is never going to be a doubt about the quality of the quiz itself......
Indeed opening night was ram packed. Although a small pub, all of the tables were still full by 7.30am with around 8-9 teams (and around 40 people) taking part. The quiz begins at 8pm on the dot and is finished by 10pm to fit in with the show times at the nearby Empire Theatre.
The quiz begins with a varied music round of 5 questions, followed by a round of 10 questions which were 5 multiple choice questions and 5 on TV and Film. The papers are then collected in to be marked whilst the teams do a picture round, which last night was cryptic pictures of book titles. I prefer quizzes in which answer sheets are collected in after rounds and score updates are given so that's always a bonus.
Following the picture round there was a further two rounds of 20 questions with a 5 question connection element, questions on sport and then a very testing last round of 10 GK questions. Throw into the mix a True or False game for an extra prize and it is a very busy night at the Dun Cow Quiz!
In all, the strength of the quiz is the quality of the questions. Written and researched with care and effort made to produce interesting questions, unique questions and questions that really made me think....I certainly felt my brain had had a workout after the end of the final GK Round!
A superb quiz, and my new home for a Thursday Night!

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