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Quiz Night Review - The Keel Row, Seaton Delaval

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The Keel Row, Seaton Delaval
Thursday Nights
For the second time this week, I found myself trying a new quiz of the first time. The Keel Row is a very popular pub in Seaton Delaval, and after a lovely meal in there last night, we settled down for the quiz at 9pm. The pub was very full, I couldn't see many spare seats. However, it is very much a night of two halves....
The actual quiz was very enjoyable. There was 15 questions picture round with a nice variety of pictures including maps of US State Capitals (identify the state) and an overall theme of Donald Trump (pictures of him meeting world leaders and people speaking at an anti Trump Rally). What I liked about this was that it didn't form part of the main quiz itself and was instead a separate contest for a bottle of wine.
The main quiz consists of 40 questions, a tad short if you ask me, but the quality was there. Plenty to thing about, plenty of debate amongst myself and my long-suffering-quiz-hostage other half and questions we both could think about. Nice mixture! At this point I was very optimistic that I had found another fun quiz night to add to the diary. Throw in a couple of bonus rounds to win free pints and I was a very happy punter at this point.
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A brief glance at my watch indicated in it was 9.50pm....
Then the wait began. It was a good 45 minutes before anything further happened. Not only does this give ample opportunity to cheat (the venue was large with basically 3 separate areas and the quiz master tucked in the corner....however I do not believe there was cheating going on! but you always risk it with a 45 minute gap)....but it was a tad dull. My preference for quiz nights is to be kept busy, not just sitting waiting around. It was a "swap and mark" quiz which prolonged things even more as the questions were read out in a very slow manner. An hour and ten minutes after the quiz had ended the scores were read out......
So as I said, a quiz of two halves. Good picture round, great questions and nice pace in the first half but what will put me off going back is that 70 minute wait to get the results. (There is a jackpot at the end which we stayed for - under heavy protest from my other half).
I suggested in the car on the way home, this would have been a better night had we left after the questions and either asked for the answers to take away or simply googled to see what we had right or wrong.

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