Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Answers to Sunday Night Quizzing!

1. Which British City did Hitler intended to the capital of England should the Nazi Invasion have been a success?
2. In a lonely Hearts add what does the abbreviation NUMP stand for?
No Ugly Men Please
3. What was used first in warfare...dynamite or barbed wire?
4. Name the only two Premier League Players to have played every minute of every game for their side in the league each season? The clue is that they both play for clubs in the same city
Leighton Baines (Everton) and Martin Skirtel (Liverpool)
5. In  a deck of playing cards which is the only suit in which the king does not have a mustache?
6. Which fictional character, who appears in both books and films, has the favourite drink known as a Badger?
James Bond....A badger is the name for a Vodka Martini
7. The PGA Golf Championship has taken place in Wentworth this week, which County is the course in?
8. Which Royal Wedding was the first to be televised in colour?
Princess Anne
9. Which English Football League ground is the farthest away from any other?
10. What was the nickname of Rugby League Star Martin Offiah......think about the name?
Great Balls

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